6 Best Harnesses for Huskies

Siberian Huskies are a breed of great endurance, preferring an active lifestyle. These family dogs thrive in an environment where they have a job to do and a pack to protect. Huskies have been most recently recognized for their vocal attitudes and mischievous demeanor.

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Because they were originally bred to pull heavy loads across frozen tundras, Huskies have a tendency to want to move quickly, with consistency and force. These friendly dogs are a working breed that will easily own up to the task of chasing nearby prey or accompanying their human on a run.

Since Huskies have speed and exercise on their minds, they can be difficult to take on a low-stress walk. A good dog harness can help make your daily walks, jogs and outings a more enjoyable experience. We have comprised a list of the best harnesses for Huskies that we feel will be effective for a variety of outdoor activities.

What to Look for in a Good Harness for Huskies

Huskies only weigh about 60lbs at their heaviest, but they are strong dogs who are athletically inclined. When choosing a good harness for a Husky, you will want one made from heavy-duty materials that can match your dog’s strength. Flimsy fabric harnesses can easily rip and fray when competing with a dog who is always trying to get one step ahead. When purchasing a new dog harness for your Husky, we suggest choosing one made from reinforced nylon, leather, or military-grade materials.

Many dog harnesses come outfitted with steel or metal buckles and leash attachments. We highly recommend choosing a harness with these options since they can handle the force of your Husky pulling on the leash. Steel buckle systems are often engineered with the same properties as rock climbing ropes for humans, so you know that they are trustworthy.

Depending on your Huskies preferred exercise or work lifestyle, you may want to buy a dog harness that has unique features. Some good Husky harnesses come with the ability to hold storage pockets for holding some items. Pouches are great for working dogs or Huskies who enjoy hiking. Other special features include safety benefits like a lighting system, reflective straps or attachments to pull a sled.

Does you Husky like to wriggle free of their harness? You want to choose a harness that is fully adjustable so it doesn’t come loose. Dog harnesses with multiple adjustment options offer a custom-like fit that will be cozy and secure. A dog harness featuring a belly strap will also be helpful for your Houdini, as that design makes it much more difficult for a dog to escape.

Of course it’s absolutely imperative that your Husky is comfortable in their harness. A stiff, cheap harness may cause irritation and chafing. If your Husky doesn’t feel great while wearing their harness, they could begin to act out or refuse to wear it. Ideally your Husky won’t even notice that they have a harness on, and that’s where ultimate comfort comes into play.

Different Types of Harnesses for Huskies

Huskies are athletic dogs who will run at every chance they get. These quick dogs will take any opportunity to exercise at high speeds, which is where a no-pull dog harness will come in handy. No-pull dog harnesses are built to control and steer even the strongest of dogs. If you have a difficult time keeping up with your Husky during walk time, a no-pull harness will create a more enjoyable experience. They can also be great training tools to assist in teaching Huskies how to walk properly on a leash.

Huskies are happiest when they are performing a job. It’s common for Huskies to partake in tasks such as pulling a sled or wagon of sorts. If your Husky falls under this category, we suggest a utility harness that you can attach to large objects for moving or pulling. But don’t worry – these harnesses are built for comfort and security. They are typically adjustable at several points, and can also be used as an everyday walking or running harness.

Since Huskies are northern breed dogs who love snow and cool weather, you may want to purchase a harness made for extended outdoor wear. These types of harnesses are made from weather-resistant material with heavy-duty buckles and other elements. Often times these dog harnesses boast outstanding safety features and durability to last in the roughest of weather.

Tactical dog harnesses are a good choice for Huskies who are working dogs. Generally made from military-grade materials, these types of service vests come equipped with water-resistant fabric and adjustable chest and neck straps. Tactical dog harnesses often feature Velcro and bungee-type cord to allow for removable storage pouches. You can also attach ADA service dog patches or other badges to these types of harnesses for Huskies.

If your Husky likes to partake in adventures outside of the home, you may consider purchasing a car safety harness. Vehicle restraint harnesses will keep your Husky safe and protected in the car, while you drive distraction free. For these types of car harnesses, you’ll want to be sure that your choice is crash-tested and built from heavy-duty materials.

Overall Best Husky Harness

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Leash

Our favorite dog harness for Huskies is the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness. Two leash connection rings – one on the chest piece and one on the back – can be used to steer your Husky when they begin to pull or jump. Four points on this dog harness can be adjusted for the perfect fit, and the heavy-duty nylon material is strong and durable. This dog harness also includes a double connection leash so you can have ultimate control of your Husky during walks or any outdoor activity. The 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness is made in the USA, and it will work well for Huskies of all sizes.

5 More High Rated Harnesses for Huskies

Ultra Paws One Adjustable Pulling Dog Harness

This high rated pick is a fantastic multi-use dog harness. It’s built for any dog who needs a well-fitting, comfortable dog harness. The neck and chest straps are padded for premium comfort, and several adjustment points help the harness fit your Husky like a glove. We like that this harness is designed with a belly strap which is helpful if your Husky likes to wriggle out of their harness. It also ensures an extra cozy fit. If you have a dog who pulls a sled, bike or wagon of sorts, this Ultra Paws dog harness comes with attachment rings for those activities. This is by far the best Husky sled harness.

Noxgear LightHound LED Illuminated & Reflective Dog Harness

For ultimate visibility, we suggest this dog harness for your Husky. Complete with micro-USB rechargeable LED lights, this harness is made from military-grade fabric. This Noxgear dog harness is weatherproof for Huskies who will be wearing it in snow or wet weather. And don’t worry about getting it dirty – this harness is machine washable! We like that this utility dog harness has several different light modes, making your Husky visible from every angle. Although this harness seems high-tech, it’s still comfortable, lightweight and fully adjustable.

OneTigris Tactical Service Vest Dog Harness

For Huskies with a job, or for those who like rugged outdoor adventures, we recommend this tactical dog harness. The outer shell is water-resistant, with a soft padded inner lining. The entire harness is durable and fully adjustable. What makes this dog harness unique is that you can attach appropriate storage pouches to it, great for carrying items in a variety of situations.

Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Dog Harness With Seat Belt Loop

If your Husky likes car rides and invigorating outdoor experiences, we suggest this car safety harness from Kurgo. The V-neck design is secure and comfortable for the car while keeping your Husky feeling great during adventures. The entire harness is lightweight but it comes equipped with heavy-duty steel buckles for additional strength. This is a no-pull harness that will also allow you to maintain a distraction-free car while on your way to your next rugged activity.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

This no-pull dog harness from PetSafe may look simple, but it offers maximum control for dogs who like pull on the leash. The chest strap keeps strain off your dog’s neck and throat when they attempt to forcefully pull, and a belly strap will keep escape artists securely in the harness. You can steer your Husky in the proper direction and slow them down by way of the front leash attachment. Four adjustment options help this dog harness fit snug and comfortably. This Easy Walk Harness is a great tool for teaching your Husky to walk well on the leash, and it’s ideal for dogs who simply enjoy taking control of walk time.

Tips for Getting Your Husky Accustomed to a Harness

Is your Husky unsure of their new dog harness? Are they learning how to wear a harness and walk on it properly? Training a Husky can require extra patience, but we’ve developed some tips for effectively getting your dog accustomed to a harness.

  1. Huskies can have an overwhelming urge to run and socialize, so it’s important to approach training with patience and positive. Positive reinforcement training is a fun, effective way to teach your Husky how to appreciate their new dog harness. Gather your dog’s favorite treats and get ready!
  2. Slowly introduce the new harness by allowing your Husky to sniff it and become acquainted. Offer them treats in the process so they associate the harness with a positive experience.
  3. The next step is to put the harness on your Husky and adjust it to fit. While you are doing so, continue to treat your pup. If your Husky is fighting against the harness, don’t force the issue. Give them a break, and keep training sessions to a couple of minutes long.
  4. Once you’ve successfully put the new dog harness on your Husky, have them wear it around the house for a few minutes so you can observe. You’ll want to make sure the harness doesn’t fit too loosely or too tight. A harness that is restricting your Husky’s movement can potentially cause injury.
  5. Now it’s time for your first walk with the new harness! Start with a short walk or jog to ensure the harness is working well and it is fitting properly. It’s a good idea to bring treats on the walk as to continuously reinforce your Huskies good behavior on the harness and leash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the appropriate size harness for my Husky? – One size does not fit all when it comes to a good dog harness. A large size of one brand can vary greatly from a large of a different brand. This is why it’s important to measure your Husky and choose a size based on those measurements. There is typically a sizing guide to reference when purchasing a dog harness online. Measure your Huskie’s neck, girth and body length, then compare it to the size chart. Choose a harness based on your findings.

What is the best combination anti-pull and walking harness for a Husky? – Our top pick for the best anti-pull walking harness for Huskies is the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness. It’s simple, sleek design is effective for Huskies who continuously pull on the leash. We like the double leash connection capabilities, and multiple adjustment points. Ultimately this harness is built to steer your Husky when they become unruly.


Huskies are dignified dogs that are happiest with a job to do and plenty of exercise. Since they are prone to moving quickly and chasing small animals, a good dog harness is a crucial tool for keeping your Husky safe and out of trouble. Walks can be frustrating if your dog is always pulling, which is why the dog harnesses that we recommend are built for no-pull situations. We’re confident that with our list of recommend Husky harnesses, you’ll be on your way to enjoyable, stress-free outdoor adventures.

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