Pomeranian Shampoo: Our 6 Picks for the Best Shampoo For Pomeranians

Pomeranians are known for their beautiful coats, so choosing the right shampoo is a vital part of that process. Whether your Pom is a beloved pet or a show dog making the rounds, you need fluff without the heaviness.

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Shampoos should bring out the natural sheen and health of your Pomeranian’s coat without adding a weight that can ruin their natural crown. The right shampoo conditions the skin and creates precisely the right conditions for your Pom’s coat while maintaining softness and shine. We’ve put together a list of our favorite shampoos for your Pomeranian plus answered some questions you may have about how to choose and how to care for your Pom’s coat altogether.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Top-Rated Pomeranian Shampoo

Pomeranians are a double coated breed with a soft undercoat that helps insulate and a rougher outer coat that keeps away dirt and debris. Your dog shampoo should care for both fur types to be a comprehensive solution. Here are a few essentials.

  • Natural Ingredients – Pomeranians have sensitive skin, so shampoos should have natural ingredients that help condition the skin without all those harsh cleaners. Ingredients like oatmeal help soothe skin irritations to prevent itchiness and dandruff that can cause the undercoat to shed faster than necessary.
    Other natural ingredients include vitamin E, which is very soothing for the skin and helps it repair itself as well as strengthen the root of the hair follicle. Aloe can also help heal and soothe any skin irritations. Almond is a good source of topical protein for a strong coat as well.
  • Light Conditioners – Your Pomeranian’s coat needs conditioners for sure, but they must be light, or you’ll end up weighing the hair down. They should be integral to the shampoo and easy to wash out without leaving any kind of residue. Often just an aloe or vitamin E additive in addition to ingredients like avocado provide just enough conditioning to keep the hair soft without adding weight.
  • Gentle Cleansers – Your Pomeranian’s coat can attract a lot of dirt and grime. Oils on the skin and coat help keep it supple, but sometimes those oils can go into overdrive if the skin is irritated. The harsher cleaners you use, the more irritated the skin becomes, producing more oil in response. It’s a vicious cycle. Your shampoo should remove excess grime but never strip the hair of all its natural oils. Only when the skin is balanced with enough oil to maintain health will the coat grow healthy.

The 3 Best Dog Shampoos for Pomeranians

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Dog Shampoo

Best Overall – Earthbath uses gentle ingredients to cleanse the skin and coat without stripping it of its protective oils. It’s soap free and made specifically for irritated, sensitive skin. Aloe and oatmeal help soothe skin inflammation and reduce itchiness so that the skin and coat retain their supple qualities.

The formula uses vanilla and almond to naturally combat odors while a 100% phosphate and paraben free formula prevents allergic reactions and promotes healthy growth. It’s ph balanced specifically for your dog’s skin and should wash clean.

All Earthbath’s formulas are gentle enough to handle most Pomeranian needs and to preserve your own skin without causing irritation to either of you. It’s got a good lather despite its organic formula so it should be easier to get the shampoo evenly distributed.


  • vanilla and almond for odor control
  • paraben and phosphate free
  • aloe and oatmeal keep skin inflammation and itch-free


  • not formulated for dandruff
  • the scent doesn’t last

4-Legger Hypoallergenic Lemongrass and Aloe shampoo

Runner Up – 4-Legger uses no synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals in their formula. Lemongrass is a natural cleanser, helping break up oils and grime for a gentle clean. It’s naturally antibacterial as well. Aloe soothes irritated skin and over time helps improve the texture of the skin.

The formula is paraben and phosphate free. Plus, ingredients are sourced from sustainable resources and the formula is gluten-free. It’s not tested on other animals and contains no preservatives or other ingredients that can contaminate groundwater.

It’s concentrated for more extended use and won’t wash away topical flea and tick treatments. You can use it for all life stages including puppies, and the mild formula is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Also, if you find yourself reacting poorly to other types of dog shampoos, this one could help save your skin as well.


  • natural lemongrass cleanser
  • Aloe for repairing skin
  • naturally antibacterial


  • one bottle size
  • consistency is watery

Particular Paws Oatmeal Shampoo

Best For Irritated Skin – The Particular Paws formula is made for Poms with damaged coats from skin irritation. It helps heal that damage with oatmeal and aloe plus gentle cleansers to remove irritating dirt and grime. Regular use may help bring back your Pomeranian’s coat thickness, and it certainly helps calm inflamed skin.

It uses chamomile plus rosemary and honey to soothe skin and heal hot spots. The natural scent is good for those with sensitive noses. The formula helps your Pomeranian retain the natural oils of the coat without stripping it or weighing it down.

The shampoo is made in facilities in Arizona from 100% safely sourced ingredients and uses veterinarian guidance in each recipe. It’s safe for your Pom’s sensitive, irritated skin and should help you get over irritations caused by harsh soaps in the past or just general skin irritations.


  • shea butter and aloe for soft coat
  • chamomile for soothing irritated skin
  • made in the United States


  • the scent isn’t very strong
  • only one size bottle available

3 More Top Rated Shampoos for Pomeranians

Your Pomeranian may have some specific issues that require a different type of shampoo. Let’s take a look at some shampoos that may be better suited to your Pomeranian’s particular needs.

Adams Flea And Tick Shampoo

Best For Flea Infestations – If your Pomeranian has stumbled into a flea nest and needs some immediate help, Adams Flea and Tick shampoo can help get rid of those unwanted pests until your Pomeranian is protected again. It features a botanically derived insecticide that gets rid of fleas and ticks while leaving behind a pleasant citrus scent. It washes completely clean and helps deodorize and condition the coat. It can quickly penetrate the double coat, getting down to the skin where insects hide and kill them efficiently.


  • good for double coats
  • pleasant citrus scent
  • botanically derived insecticide


  • doesn’t protect long term
  • may cause headaches

Dermagic Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Best For Black Skin Disease – Pomeranians are susceptible to a condition known as Black Skin Disease, or a severe skin irritation that causes flakiness and loss of coat. Dermagic’s formula is meant to get to the root of your Pom’s irritated skin, healing and sanitizing hot spots with Tea Tree Oil and soothes skin with a mix of chamomile, lavender, and rose hip extract. It can nourish severely irritated skin and help restore softness. Wheat protein and aloe vera strengthen the hair follicle to encourage strong, healthy coat growth. It’s safe for all life stages and smells fresh.


  • helps with severe skin allergies
  • strengthens coat
  • reduces itchiness and sanitizes skin


  • some Poms may not like the smell
  • lather is light

Isle of Dogs Tearless Puppy Shampoo

Best For Puppies and Washing Faces – Puppies are particularly sensitive to shampoos. Isle of Dogs is especially hypoallergenic and good for the delicate skin of puppies. It conditions both the skin and the coat, reaching through the double coat to help restore shine and strength. It’s paraben and sulfate free to avoid allergic responses.

You could also keep this one on hand for gently rinsing your adult or senior Pom’s facial area. The shampoo is tear free and less likely to irritate the eyes than even most sensitive skin shampoos.


  • extra sensitive
  • suitable for puppies
  • fresh scent


  • not very strong
  • weak lather

3 Tips for Bathing A Pomeranian

Pomeranians may be little, but their coats are complex. People frequently have trouble cleaning double coated breeds because it’s just tricky to get down to the root of the coat. Let’s look at a few things you can do to make this process easier.

  1. Soak – One of the most significant issues with double coated breeds is that people don’t allow the coat to soak thoroughly before putting on shampoo. Shampoo isn’t nearly as effective on dry areas, so make sure you’re soaking your Pomeranian thoroughly before applying the shampoo.
    The coat is designed to repel water, so to ease the process, draw a bath and allow your Pomeranian to fully immerse for a few minutes while you gently fluff the coat under the water. Add a small bit of shampoo underneath the running water to help get the process started with shampooing.
    Once the coat is sufficiently soaked, it’s time to add shampoo. Work it in and allow it to lather and sit in the skin for a minute or two. Drain the tub and fill it up again, fluffing your Pom’s hair to release all the shampoo. Do this a few times until the water runs clear.
  2. Condition – Add gentle conditioners to the ends of the coat to keep dryness at bay. If you’ve got a spray that works with the skin, now is an excellent time to apply since wet fur allows you to reach the root and the skin more easily. Avoid going overboard with conditioners, so you don’t weigh down the coat.
  3. Repeat – Dogs aren’t quite like people. The oils from their coat help repel water and grime, so washing too often can strip the coat and irritate the skin. Aim for once a month to six weeks to repeat bathing unless your Pomeranian gets into something that requires an immediate bath. Do keep a simple spray on hand to help condition the coat and make brushing easier.


Let’s take a look at some common questions Pomeranian owners have. Considering the unique needs of your small companion is essential.

  • Can I Use Human Shampoo? – It may be tempting to use your expensive, beloved shampoo on your Pomeranian because of all the benefits you receive, but don’t. Human shampoos are the wrong pH level for your dog and can cause severe itchiness as well as strip the coat of oils essential for skin and coat health.
    Your shampoo is designed for the specific oil composition of your hair, which is vastly different than your Pomeranian’s. It’s not possible to use human shampoo, even if yours is all natural and formulated to be very gentle. Long term use of human shampoo can cause hot spots, dry fur, and flaky skin. You may even see a thinning of the coat.
  • What If My Pomeranian Hates Baths? – Helping your Pomeranian adjust to bathing can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Starting with small baths where you wet your Pomeranian’s feet while feeding a beloved treat is a good start.
    Find a treat that your Pomeranian loves and designate it only for bath use. Pomeranians are smart and can quickly figure out that the only time that treat is available is during a bath. Begin by soaking just the feet and gradually increase the water level over time until your Pomeranian is content to soak.

The first few times you train your Pom, don’t use shampoo because over washing the coat can cause irritation. You’re training your Pom to get used to the water. If your Pomeranian just does not accept baths, it may be better to invest in professional grooming from an experienced groomer who can handle both your Pom and their unique coats.

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