12 Best Star Wars Dog Toys in 2024

May the force be with you! Your dog is your priority, but you also want to rep your favorite movie. Toys are a critical part of your dog’s life, but they offer a lot of enrichment. It’s essential to keep a variety of toys around to address your dog’s unique needs. You don’t need to get toys that look like everyone else’s, however.

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Star Wars toys can be fun for you but still offer your dog plenty of enrichment. They’re a great way to show your love for your favorite movie while making sure your dog is full of fun and life. You get to bond, and your dog gets to play with a super cool toy.

The variety of toys help your dog to feel content and happy. Our Star Wars toys are durable and offer plenty of fun without you having to worry about their construction. You can brag to your friends that your dog has the best toys on the planet and you’d be right.

It’s wonderful that you can find toys that express your personality but still offer your dog its own piece of the Star Wars universe. We’ve got a list of our favorite Star Wars and Star Wars inspired toys to get you started. Let’s take a look.

Different Types of Star Wars Dog Toys

There are lots of different types of toys, and they all serve a different purpose. A variety of toys can give your dog a chance to get out energy, learn new things, and practice critical thinking skills, all while having a little fun. Here are a few different types.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are great to get out any excess energy. Directing your dog’s chewing tendencies towards something safe and acceptable can keep your shoes safe and your dog in your good graces.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are excellent for stretching your dog’s brain. You can hide treats inside and allow your dogs to practice critical thinking skills and stay engaged. They’re also good for keeping boredom at bay when you need a few minutes to do something else.

Action Toys

Getting energy out can be difficult with some breeds of dog. Having balls or frisbees can be an excellent way for your dog to get enough exercise without having to run yourself ragged.

Soft toys

Comfort toys are great for dogs that need some extra bonding or may be sensitive. They aren’t as durable as some on the list, but they can provide an excellent way to provide your dog comfort and good feelings.

What to Look for in a Good Star Wars Toy

Star Wars toys aren’t any different than regular toys. You need a lot of durable materials plus safe things that won’t affect your dog if played with for a while. Materials can sometimes have materials that aren’t trustworthy, so make sure you have something you can rely on.

Durable rubbers are an excellent idea for heavy chewers, and woven fabrics like nylon help stay clean. Seaming should be reinforced to help keep pieces together.

You should also be able to keep your toys clean, so any delicate fabrics that can’t handle some cleaning wouldn’t work for your dog.

Also, consider the function of your toys. Your dogs need a variety of toys to perform healthy behaviors. They can get them whether they’re Star Wars toys or not. You can still use Star Wars as a theme to get the toys your dog needs to practice vital skills. As long as you keep an eye on the materials and don’t get swayed by how cute things are, you’ve got a lot of options.

Best Star Wars Dog Toys

Our list of toys offers both function and form. They use the classic Star Wars designs or Star Wars inspired designs while getting your dog everything it needs to be happy and healthy. Let’s take a look.

Fetch for Pets Star Wars Storm Trooper

Best Overall

This classic toy uses the Stormtrooper made famous by the movie as an adorable addition to your dog’s collection. It’s perfect for cuddle sessions and for enticing your dog in a game of fetch. The squeaker on the inside helps keep it engaging for most dogs, and it’s a great size for a variety of dog breeds.

The toy uses safe materials, and it has quality stitching to help keep the stuffing in. It has plenty of purpose and can be just an adorable addition to your dog’s collection. You can clean it gently, and it’s an officially licensed Star Wars product.

Fetch for Pets Chewbacca

Best for Aggressive Chewers

The Fetch for Pets Chewbacca is an enjoyable option for dogs that are more aggressive chewers. It’s an excellent option because the rope surrounding the Chewbacca provides interest and can help massage itchy or irritated gums. The Star Wars theme continues with a fuzzy toy in the middle that also offers comfort.

Ropes are great for aggressive chewers because they keep dogs happy and content trying to unravel the rope. It’s made of durable yet safe materials and should keep a dog happy for a long time. Plus, it even doubles as a throw toy for when you want to play indoors.

Kong QuestStar Pods

Most Durable Kong Toy

It’s not precisely Star Wars, but it’s Star Wars inspired. This kong toy uses a series of disk shapes to help keep your dog’s interest and withstand some aggressive chewing. You can put treats in the middle of the holes to make it even more enjoyable.

Kong uses a safe rubber material to help dogs with chewing instincts. It massages gums and helps scrape teeth of plaque and bacteria in between cleanings. It’s easy to clean itself and should stand up to a lot of play. It comes in a few different colors for variety and offers the same durability as a classic kong toy.

Star Wars Stuffer Toy Chewbacca

Best Puzzle Toy

This stuffer uses a simple design that can help keep dogs entertained for a long time. It features a Chewbacca that you can stuff down into a Millenium Falcon to allow your dog to dig out. You can also add treats into the stuffer portion to make things more interesting.

The Chewbacca has a squeaky component to it to keep dogs interested. You can clean it gently, but be sure to inspect the toy regularly for signs of wear and tear. You don’t want your dog swallowing stuffing. Your dog may enjoy playing with the pieces separately or together, so there are many combinations for creating games for this one.

Chuck It Ultra Ring Launcher

Best Launcher Toy

The ring launcher may not be specifically star wars, but it does use a great design that mimics some of the classic ships in the movie. It’s circular, so when it launches, it bounces erratically. Your dog spends so much time chasing things around that it can get out a lot of energy. You can also buy replacement rings for it.

It’s bright colors so that you can find it easily in the grass and it can withstand some chewing. It also can withstand some pretty serious chewing. It has a spacey vibe to it and should offer you and your dog hours of fun for little effort on your part. Just make sure you don’t lose it in tall grass and that your dog chases it where you can see the destination.

Fetch for Pets Rope Toy

Best Rope Toy

The Chewbacca inspired rope toy features Chewbacca’s fur and famous shoulder belt. It has a rope toy hanging on the edges with knots perfect for chewing. The materials are safe and easy to clean, offering your pet the chance at both comfort and some chewing distraction.

Rope toys can help scrape teeth in between cleanings, and they’re entertaining for dogs to unravel. It’s made well, so that won’t happen any time soon, however, giving you plenty of time with it. It’s suitable for comfort at the end of the day and as a fun tug of war toy. Always fun and a great nod to one of the most famous characters of the movie.

Pet IQ Treat Dispenser Toy

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

Remember the Death Star? This toy takes inspiration from that, but instead of doling out death, it gives your dog fun treats. The Pet IQ dispenser gives little treats as your dog kicks it around, and gets your dog moving with the promise of reward. You can take it completely apart to clean, and it offers lots of fun.

The treat dispenser comes in two different sizes. Make sure you account for the extra calories in the treats or reserve a bit of your dog’s meal to serve in the ball. Your dog gets fun treats and has plenty of fun while eating.

Chewbacca Flattie Toy

Best Squeaky Toy

This Chewbacca toy has no stuffing on the inside, so there’s nothing to get in the way of your dog and the squeaker. It features a Chewbacca soft toy with lots of fur and an interesting belt. It doesn’t have any stuffing that can get in your dog’s mouth or find its way onto your floor.

It’s easy to clean and can be exceptionally comforting for dogs that have anxiety issues. It’s fun to play with and makes a great noise to keep your dog engaged. It’s embroidered and uses a polyester material that’s good for moderate chewers or lighter.

Planet Dog Tough Tug

Made In The USA

This ultra-modern bone toy uses a decidedly futuristic approach to the dog toy. It’s a hollow bone, but it uses a durable material for a safe and non-toxic play material for your dog. It’s highly safe and BPA free but sturdy enough for strong chewers.

You can play a lot of different games with your dog or keep your dog content for hours. You can get an excellent grip for tug of war or toss it for a great game of fetch. It’s a perfect toy and a striking design that’s fun for your dog alone or with friends.

Best Star Wars Dog Toys for Puppies

Puppies need toys too! Let’s take a look at some things your puppy can have to get in on the Star Wars action.

Everlasting Treat Bento Ball

Best for Teething

In another Star Wars inspired toy, this bento ball toy allows you to place a more substantial treat in the middle so your dog can chew and satisfy that urge. It’s made of virtually indestructible material and can go in the dishwasher for cleaning after a treat.

It looks like a mini ship and can be used with everlasting treats, portions of your dogs meal to cut down on daily calories, or just alone for a fun chew toy. It’s brightly colored, and the texture helps to massage irritated gums and soothe itchiness as puppies teeth. Check with your vet before introducing treats, and be sure to include any calories from an everlasting treat into your puppy’s overall daily count.

Nylabone Durachew Textured Toy

Another Great Teething Toy

This Nylabone looks like an X-wing from the resistance and offers a long-lasting flavor and texture to keep puppies entertained for hours. It has textured sections to help soothe any irritation and massage gums as your puppy’s teeth grow. The material is safe for your puppy’s teeth, and it won’t crack or splinter the way other toys will.

It’s beef flavored and should keep your puppy interested for a long time. It won’t stain flooring or carpets and shouldn’t have a strong smell the way other bone chews do. It can even keep your puppy’s teeth cleaner in between brushing sessions to help ensure healthy teeth and gums for life.

Star Wars Yoda Plush Ball

Best Plush Toy

Our final puppy toy does double duty as a plush toy and a ball. It’s a soft, sweet Yoda face in the shape of a ball so it will bounce and make a great indoors fetch toy. When the puppy is ready to sleep, it’s super cuddly for lots of comfort.

The ball is made for light to medium chewers and includes Yoda’s conspicuous tufts of hair. It’s an officially licensed Star Wars product, and you can clean it with gentle soap and little water. Make sure you check the toy periodically for signs of stuffing or wear and tear.

Tips for Playing with Your Dog

Toys are great for your dog and an essential part of their learning process. If you want to make the best of playing and help your dog develop critical skills, good toys are part of that. Let’s take a look at some things that can help.

  1. Toys that can do different types of things are suitable for dogs. For example, if you can throw and use a toy as comfort, it’s going to keep your dog interested. Also, toys that you can play with your dog are great choices to keep your dog bonded and happy.
  2. Toys can help you train your dog to handle new things. The toys help your dog with critical thinking and motor skills. Fetch teaches balance and coordination. Puzzle toys help with brain development. Tug of war builds vital bonds with you or other dogs.
  3. Make sure to check for signs of exhaustion and fatigue. Even highly energetic dogs could be in danger of over-exhaustion with too many activities. There should be plenty of water and lots of chances to rest.
  4. Even the best Star Wars fans go a little overboard sometimes. Not all toys are going to stand up to aggressive chewers, so make sure you check your dog’s toys periodically for signs of wear and tear. Discard any toys that start to crack or fall apart (no matter how much your dog loves it.
  5. Only use toys that are made for dogs. That adorable Star Wars plush that your friend gave you might look like a great dog toy, but in reality, human toys can’t always stand up to vigorous chewing or dog energy. A toy that’s made for dogs is safe to go in the mouth and can withstand more power overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What toys are best for dogs?

You can get Star Wars toys in all shapes and forms, so it’s best to keep a variety of toys to satisfy a variety of needs. Some toys will alleviate the urge to chew. Some will challenge thinking skills. Some will get your dog up and moving. Access to a variety, even a small one, can help your dog be more well rounded and content.

What toys are best for puppies?

Puppies enjoy the same things their adult counterparts do, but they’re also learning how the world works. Not all adult dogs need comfort toys, for example, but if you’ve got a new puppy who is away from its family for the first time. It may also need training toys to help learn tricks and good behavior.

Can toys alleviate chewing?

Ultimately, your dog wants to spend time with you. If it’s chewing because it’s bored, all the toys in the world won’t help. Interaction with you will. However, teething puppies and dogs with personalities that like to chew should have plenty of outlets for that.

How do I keep my dog safe during playtime?

Supervise your dog with other dogs around to prevent jealousy over toys and make sure to check for signs of exhaustion. Also, dogs tend to hide when they’re hurt, so look for sudden disinterest in playing or the need to lay down. Favoring a paw over another could also be a sign of injury. You know your dog best, so pay attention.


Getting your best pal in on the action with your favorite movie is easy once you know where to look. Star Wars toys are a fun addition to any toy collection, and they can still provide hours of entertainment, just like other toys. Even toys that aren’t specifically Star Wars can always be a part of the fun if you know how to look for those classic shapes.

Your dog needs plenty of toys to have a content life and learn a few things about the world. Toys provide your dog with a way to bond with you and have plenty of quality time to learn what to do and to blow off steam. Finding the right collection of Star Wars toys is a wonderful way to get things on track and have a little fun yourself.

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