8 Best Dog Collars for Whippets in 2024

Sighthounds are a striking breed with their gentle personalities and sleek, graceful frames. Whippets are an excellent example of this type of breed with their distinctive S-curve chests. They’re very quiet, rare barkers great for city dwellers, and they love to curl up with their owners and chill.

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Don’t be fooled, however. Whippets may look fragile, but they’re a hardy breed. They do need plenty of exercise to satisfy their desire to run, so the right collar could help make the experience great for both of you.

A collar should be everyday wear anyway. It contains all your dog’s information, so it’s vital in emergencies. If your Whippet takes off running the collar could be the only thing that helps get your dog back safely.

If you aren’t sure what collar would be best for your Whippet, we’ve got you covered. Our collars are designed to fit your Whippet’s unique body shape and provide durable safety day in and day out. Let’s take a look.

What to look for when buying a collar for your Whippet

Whippets have a highly unique body shape, so you must measure carefully to get the right fit. You should be able to slip two fingers between your dog’s collar and its fur. If you can fit any more fingers, your Whippet could be able to slip out of the collar. Any less, and it may put uncomfortable pressure on your Whippet’s airway.

Collars are everyday wear so they should be made of durable materials. Woven nylon, leather, and some plastics are good options, but be mindful of how heavy and breathable the material is. Whippets aren’t big dogs, and they don’t have thick coats, so heavy collars could chafe the skin.

Hardware must be rust-resistant and reinforced so that leash points or tags don’t come unattached. Make sure your collar has multiple adjustment points so that you can get a customized fit each time.

Puppies will need a collar that fits and not one “to grow into.” You may not be able to adjust the collar enough to fit a puppy like that, so use a small one for the first few months. Seniors can often wear the same type of collar that they did when they were younger, but take into account any changes in body weight or existing pain.

Your everyday collar should be simple, easy to attach, and have a place to attach tags. If you don’t like the sound of tags jingling, you can find embroidered collars or other options. Other types of collars could provide better control on a walk, but everyday collars should be simple.

Different Types of Dog Collars for Whippets

There are different types of collars for various purposes. Some are great for your Whippet but others we wouldn’t recommend. Let’s take a look at a few different kinds to see if one might be a good fit.

Flat (Everyday) Collars

These are the classic flat design, typically with a buckle or snap closure. They’re designed to fit easily around the dog’s neck and hold some sort of identification. For quick trips outdoors, they also have D-rings for leash attachments.

No-Slip (Martingale Collars)

If your dog has trouble heeling when on walks, sometimes a Martingale collar can help prevent pulling. Use it with a harness or for training. It should always have a safety mechanism to prevent it from closing all the way.

Smart Collars

Smart collars use technology to track activity, health, location, and a number of other factors. They’re a more significant investment, but if you want to know more about your dog’s health or you have a frequent escaper, they could be an excellent choice.

Chock/Prong Collars

We don’t recommend either of these collars for Whippets because they don’t typically show aggression and they have a very delicate neck area. Collars like this are meant for genuinely aggressive dogs and are only for experienced handlers. You risk permanent and serious damage using one of these.

Best Dog Collars for Whippet Dog Breed

Let’s take a look at our favorite collar for this particular breed. It’s comfortable and great for everyday wear.

Frisco Patterned Dog Collar 

Best for Everyday Use

For everyday use, you can’t go wrong with this style collar. It uses a tough, woven polyester for durable wear that won’t fray and it comes in two different bright patterns. It has a quick snap closure with a D-ring attachment for tags or a leash, and it can be spot cleaned to keep the colors bright.

It comes in four different sizes and has multiple adjustment points so that you can get the right fit. It’s breathable and lightweight, so no chafing or discomfort with everyday use. It can be coordinated with leashes and other products and has been tested for durability.

8 More Highly Rated Dog Collars for Whippets

For other situations, these collars could be a better fit. They’re durable as well and contain some features that could make them a better choice for your particular situation.

Pet Trainer Remote Dog Training Collar

Best Electronic Training Collar

While getting a Whippet to stop barking is pretty easy, if you have one that runs for the front door every time it opens, you may need a training collar. Training collars are great for dogs that need a little extra in their training routines to eliminate undesirable or potentially dangerous behavior. This one uses a simple remote system to beep or shock, and the shock has up to 100 levels of intensity.

The collar is simple plastic with the receiver box attached. It has multiple adjustment points, so one size fits all. It may not be suitable for everyday use, but as a training companion when nothing else seems to be working, it’s a pretty good option. It has a range of 900 feet and is water-resistant to help prevent accidents from killing the receiver.

PetSafe Quick Snap Martingale

Best No Slip Martingale Collar

PetSafe’s Martingale collar is a simple to use option when you need a little more control over your dog. It uses woven nylon in several fun colors and a quick-snap closure to make getting it on and off easier. D-ring attachments are convenient for leash points, and it can also hold tags if needed.

It has a safety mechanism to make sure you don’t hurt your dog, and it fits more like a flat collar than some other no-slip collar types. Several sizes plus adjustment points ensure you have the right fit, and it doesn’t become uncomfortable.

Red Dingo Martingale Classic Collar

Best No Slip Martingale Collar

This more classic style of Martingale is a lightweight version of the one above. It uses woven nylon to provide durability and breathability. It also has simple, easy clip closure and a D-ring leash attachment.

It’s suitable for everyday wear if your Whippet tends to try to back out of all collars. The safety attachment prevents the collar from closing all the way and causing damage while multiple adjustment points and sizes allow you to get just the right fit. It also comes in a few fun colors so you can match your Whippet’s personality.

GoTags Personalized Reflective Collar

Best Reflective Collar

This collar pulls double duty as both a safety feature and a cool way to display your dog’s information. It uses a highly reflective material around the collar to help with visibility at night or other low light conditions. It uses durable woven material to prevent fraying, and you can spot clean it to keep it bright.

You can also have your dog’s information embroidered onto the collar itself to prevent noise from tags or other attachments. It has plenty of adjustment points and comes in a few different sizes and colors for a great, customized fit.

Illumiseen Rechargeable LED Collar

Best Light Up LED Collar

Many light-up collars are cheap plastic collars that fall apart, but this one uses a durable woven material as a backing for the LED. It’s rechargeable with a USB and bright enough for better safety at night or low light conditions. It uses a simple snap to get on and can be worn as a regular collar if needed.

It comes in several different colors and sizes. Multiple adjustment points ensure the right fit. D-ring hardware is durable and rust-resistant and can attach a leash if needed. You can gently spot clean the collar to keep it looking fresh.

Soft Touch Two Tone Collar

Best Leather Collar

Leather collars can sometimes be uncomfortable, but this one uses a soft sheep leather to keep things comfortable. The exterior is a fine grain leather in a slightly different color to provide a two-tone effect. Brass style hardware goes excellent with the look, and it all has reinforced seaming to prevent tears and frays even with everyday use.

It uses a buckle closure for security and provides durable hardware for leashes or tags. It comes in several different colors to suit your Whippet’s personality. Plus, four different sizes ensure precisely the right fit with four different adjustment points to customize it.

Link GPS Smart Collar

Best GPS Collar

The Link smart collar is a highly stylish collar with a lot of functionality. It uses AT&T’s network for GPS positioning, something you’ll be glad to have if your Whippet is an escape artist. It also has other smart features designed to help you track your dog’s health and wellbeing. You can recharge the battery, and the receiver molds to your dog’s neck.

It provides activity monitoring, and you can store health records with the app. A remote LED gives you a little more safety at night. The leather collar is beautiful and looks great without the bulky style of some GPS collars. You’ll need to set up a device subscription through AT&T, but it could be completely worth it to always know where your dog is.

GoTags Personalized Nylon Collar

Best for Whippet Puppies

While you’re training your puppy to wear a collar, you’ll need something comfortable and lightweight. GoTag’s personalized collars eliminate the need for the identification tag, so your puppy has less dangling from the collar. A snap closure makes getting it on and off super easy while the D-ring is useful for a leash attachment.

You can clean it to keep the colors fresh, and it’s available in several different ones. A few different sizes plus multiple adjustment points give your puppy a customized fit, but be sure to follow the sizing guide and measure carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should my collar be for an adult Whippet?

Whippets are graceful, medium-sized dogs, so their collars aren’t usually very big. It’s important to measure carefully and follow all sizing guides closely to find the right fit in your dog’s collar.

What size collar should I buy for my Whippet puppy?

Puppies need a well-fitting collar, not one they can grow into. Make sure you buy the size your puppy is now, or the collar could end up being uncomfortable and difficult to wear.

Is it a legal requirement for a dog to wear a collar?

You should check with your local authorities for the laws in your area, but in many places, you must use a collar if your dog is out of your house. Even if it isn’t a requirement, however, you should still be using a collar with identification for safety purposes.

Your Whippet is fast and can easily get lost. A collar could be the key to bringing your dog back safely.

Is it safe to attach the leash to the collar?

For a short trip outdoors for a bathroom break, it’s okay, but longer walks could be tricky. A collar puts a lot of pressure on your dog’s airway, which could cause discomfort or damage if your dog happens to pull too hard. The best option is to use a harness designed for your dog for longer walks so that weight is distributed well.

Why can’t I use a prong or choke collar?

These collars are a last resort. They can cause a lot of damage if you don’t know what you’re doing and they’re typically very uncomfortable. Professionals use them when a dog is a danger to itself and others, so it’s best to leave that style in the hands of those that truly need it before you cause severe harm to your Whippet.


Collars are an essential part of your dog’s everyday life, so making sure you have the right one is step one. Our list of collars offer durable and robust use for every day and can be trusted to keep your dog in the right place.

A collar is your dog’s only way to tell the world where it belongs, so make sure you get used to having a collar on in general. It’s going to give you peace of mind and help make up for your dog’s lack of communication should it ever find itself lost. As long as your dog has a collar with up to date information, you have a much better chance of finding it.

For real escape artists, there are even smart collars that can help wrangle that energy. Whether you choose a simple collar or one with a million bells and whistles, make sure it’s the first thing you get for your dog once you’ve added your Whippet to your family.

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