Dalmatian Toys : 12 Best Dog Toys for Dalmatians in 2023 

With their white coat and black spots, Dalmatians are one of the most recognizable breeds in the dog world. They’re a popular choice amongst dog owners for their photographic looks, but many first-time owners of this breed do not realize the amount of work it takes to train a Dalmatian.

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This breed rarely, if ever, outgrows their tendency to bite and chew. Headstrong by nature, it takes consistent training throughout their lifetime to keep unwanted behaviors at bay. However, this breed is incredibly intelligent. Satisfying their mental capacity is vital to owning a Dalmatian.

Aside from their mental state, Dalmatians are a highly active breed that requires daily physical exercise. Combining these two into playtime is a surefire way to help strengthen the relationship between you and your companion while curbing the negative and often unfairly stereotyped behaviors associated with this breed. What better way to do that than with toys?

Based on their need for physical and mental stimulation, Dalmatian toys need to fit a set list of criteria. This breed also takes pack mentality to the extreme, which means strong social aides are vital to their development. Here are the top Dalmation toys available in 2023

Different Types of Dog Toys for Dalmatians

Mental, physical, and social elements are essential to a Dalmatian’s playtime. Finding a toy that meets all three requirements is challenging, but the right combination of toys works wonders on your dog’s temperament as well as your ability to train them.

If your dog is a puppy, then teething toys are vital to curbing their negative behaviors before they manifest into something worse. Remember, Dalmatians are strong-headed and stubborn once they’re set in their ways. Using teething toys allows you to teach appropriate chewing and biting behaviors off the bat.

As they grow older, they continue to require chewing toys. These could be bones, rawhide, or rubber toys designed for aggressive chewers. Whatever you choose, it needs to withstand their gnashing teeth and powerful jaws.

Tug toys, specifically ropes, are also highly recommended. They offer a superb way to release excess energy while allowing you and your dog to engage in co-op activity. Both aspects help to train any breed, but the Dalmatians intense pack mentality makes these elements imperative to their development.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a fetch toy. Balls provide an excellent way for them to get in a cardio exercise while also allowing your dog to sink their teeth into something. Avoid sticks or anything easily breakable under the pressure of their jaw and opt for something more durable.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Dalmatians

First and foremost, owning a Dalmatian means owning a dog with an intense desire to chew. This breed’s need to chomp down on something starts with teething and never goes away. Their snipping and biting are notorious, but not uncontrollable.

Training them to curb this behavior early on is vital to avoiding potentially dangerous situation later in life. Keep in mind that, once learned, a Dalmatians behavior pattern is nearly impossible to un-learn. So, the first thing to look for in any Dalmatian toy is something that lets them chew until their heart is content.

The idea is to allow them to chew a tough toy or bone, teaching them that chewing is allowed only at specific times and with certain items. While their desire to chew is based entirely on instinct, it also comes from boredom.

That makes the second aspect to look for the ability to provide your dog with mental stimulation. Despite popular belief, Dalmatians remain one of the most intelligent breeds on the planet. If they don’t have the mental stimulation they need, however, they’ll find more devious ways to entertain their brains.

Third, their desire to chew also comes from an excess of pent-up energy. As a highly active breed, the Dalmatian requires daily exercise and a lot of it. Playing fetch provides them with an exceptional cardio workout, while tug-of-war helps them alleviate stress. Both activities allow them to bond with you, which is essential to maintaining a pack leader position.

Combined, these elements help curb unwanted behavior that is synonymous with the breed while helping you stay in a dominant position as you train them. Dalmatians take pack mentality to the extreme, which means you have to remain in charge or they’ll take their place as the pack leader in your home.

Best Dog Toys for Dalmatians in 2023

Ready to keep your Dalmatian happily occupied and save your furniture? Check out some of our best picks for Dalmatian toys.

Kong Jumbler Ball

Best Overall

The Kong Jumbler Ball features a tough-as-nails exterior with a loud squeak that entices any dog to play. Inside, there’s another tennis ball that rattles around to add to the excitement. This is one you’re your Dalmatian will have a tough time destroying.

Handles on each side allow your dog to pick this toy up and furiously shake it about (which Dalmatians love to do) and create an erratic bouncing pattern for added fun. Meanwhile, the nearly impossible goal of releasing the tennis ball inside keeps their brain focused on the activity at hand.

USA Bones & Chews Elk Antler

Best for Aggressive Chewers

This elk antler is 100% natural, non-allergenic, and filled with essential nutrients. As your dog vigorously chews this bone, it receives an exceptional supply of calcium and phosphorus while cleaning their teeth. Plus, this product is made entirely in the USA.

Bones like these are specifically designed for aggressive chewers, something the Dalmatian breed is known for. With this trusty elk antler, they can gnaw and bite until their heart is content. Your shoes, furniture, and other belongings will thank you.

Kong Squeezz Ball

Most Durable Dog Toy

Kong makes some of the most durable toys on the market, which is great news for Dalmatian owners. Your dog can do their best to destroy this ball, but owners know that a Kong product can withstand even the toughest of jaws and sharpest of teeth.

The loud squeak created by the Squeezz ball entices your dog to play, while the exterior texture creates an erratic bounce that keeps them interested. Even when your dog punctures one squeaker, several others inside the ball remain to keep the fun going.

This is also a toy that grows with your dog. There are multiple sizes to choose from, allowing your Dalmatian to play with this toy from its puppy years all the way to adulthood. Plus, this ball provides the type of cardio this breed needs every week.

Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel Puzzle Toy

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

Picking out a stuffed plush toy might seem counterintuitive to the Dalmatian breed’s playstyle, but this puzzle toy from Outward Hound is designed with tough chewers in mind. Six squirrels, each with a squeaker, hide inside a durable log as your dog uses their snout to rip them out of their hiding spots.

The hide-and-seek action of this toy engages your Dalmatian’s brain by playing toward their natural hunting instincts. The trunk and squeakers also create an array of sounds while providing various textures, which keep your dog interested in the experience.

While these are durable, keep in mind that your Dalmatian will inevitably destroy their new squirrel friends. Replacement squirrels are available, allowing you to keep the trunk as long as possible. Regardless, this is one toy your Dalmatian is sure to go crazy over.

Chuckit! Classic Launcher

Best Dog Launcher

Fetch is a top-rated game amongst any breed, but Dalmatians thrive on the cardio exercise it provides. Relieving that pent-up energy and stress is something they can do for hours on end, but it takes its toll on your throwing arm. That’s what makes the Chuckit! Classic such an excellent option.

The throwing arm offers an ergonomic handle and bendable yet firm arm that can send any 2.5-inch ball soaring through the air. The scooped end ensures you don’t have to touch slobber, too. With one highly durable ball included, you can give your dog the workout they’re looking for.

Mammoth Cotton Blend 5-Knot Rope

Best Rope Toy

Dalmatians adore tug-of-war, and this rope is designed to handle their often-intense style of play. Designed from 100% natural cotton, the fibers of the rope floss your dog’s teeth while remaining durable enough to handle their thrashing and chewing.

Multiple knots create textured variety, keeping your dog interested, while the co-op style of play that tug-of-war provides secures the bond you share with your dog. That co-op play also helps you assert dominance, keeping you in the ever-important pack leader position.

Kong Extreme Goodie Bone

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

Treat dispensing toys are an excellent way to engage your dog’s brain while offering them a wonderfully delicious reward. Unfortunately, your Dalmatian would crush most varieties. That’s where the Kong Extreme Goodie Bone comes in handy.

Made from Kong’s extreme, ultra-durable rubber, this toy is durable enough to withstand a Dalmatian’s intense chewing while remaining soft enough for their gums and teeth. Treats are placed at either end of the bone, giving your dog something to work at while still enjoying the ability to gnaw at the middle section.

ZippyPaws Loopy Hedgehog

Best Squeaky Toy

Chasing down smaller animals is nothing new to the Dalmatian breed, making this adorable hedgehog an excellent choice off the bat. Inside its circle-shaped body rests six oversized squeakers to keep your dog stimulated and give them something fun to destroy.

There’s no stuffing inside the hedgehog, which means no unnecessary clean up after your dog eliminates their new toy. While this product is a durable one, your Dalmatian will probably make mincemeat of it in a few days. Regardless, they’ll enjoy the multiple squeakers in the meantime.

USA Bones & Chews Deer Antler

Made in the USA

Like the elk antler in this list, USA Bones & Chews’ deer antler provides an excellent way for your Dalmatian to gnaw and chew until their heart is content. Made entirely in the USA, this bone is 100% natural and free of added chemical ingredients.

Unlike the elk antler, this deer antler is completely fat-free. It also provides an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, among other nutrients. Not only is this a healthy product, but bones like these provide the ultimate chewing experience for aggressive biters like the Dalmatian.

Best Dog Toys for Dalmatian Puppies

Best Dog Toys for Pug Puppies

Puppies benefit from toys for mental and physical stimulation. Check out our top picks.

USA Bones & Chews Roasted Marrow Bone

Best for Teething

Every dog experiences teething when they’re a puppy, but Dalmatians are considered some of the worst teethers around. Picking up a proper teething toy helps curb this behavior while reinforcing what can be chewed on and what cannot.

Just like the elk and deer antlers above, this product features all the same benefits as being made entirely in the USA, lacking preservatives, and being 100% natural. All of those vitamins and minerals are excellent for your pup’s development, but their ability to chew this bone to the core is one better spent on this toy than your furniture.

This bone contains natural marrow inside, providing a rich and meaty flavor that entices your puppy to chew. That marrow makes this an excellent training toy that doubles as a soothing agent to their growing teeth.

Nylabone Durachew Dental Dinosaur

Another Great Teething Toy

Nylabone’s Durachew line is designed for the aggressive chewer. While your Dalmatian may only be a puppy, their propensity to chew and strength in their jaw makes them a force to be reckoned with. Made from long-lasting non-edible material, this toy can handle the challenge.

A nubbed surface creates a texture that dogs enjoy but also cleans their teeth in the play process. The material is nylon, which is recommended by veterinarians as an alternative to rubbers usually found in this type of teether.

If you’re worried about your Dalmatian chewing on your belongings, or if it’s already happening, then this dinosaur-shaped toy is ready to come to the rescue. As long as your pet can work out their need to chew on a toy like this, you can curb their behavior.

Frisco Skinny Plush Squeaking Dog Toy

Best Plush Toy

With a nylon lining, this is one of the more durable plush toys on the market. Built-in squeakers make playtime a blast, while the cuddly nature of the faux fur makes this an excellent cuddle buddy for your puppy.

Dalmatians aren’t prone to companion toys, but they can help curb nipping and biting. Companions teach dogs to care for something else (namely their imaginary friend), which goes a long way in helping raise Dalmatians around children when coupled with proper training. If nothing else, your dog will love tearing this fox to shreds.

7 Tips for Entertaining Your Dalmatian

Playing with your Dalmatian is as much about fun as it is exercise. This highly active breed requires near-constant stimulation when they aren’t napping or lounging, which means you need to keep up with them during their puppy years and beyond. Here are a few tips to make playtime more enjoyable for both of you:

  1. Dalmatians need to run at least 30 minutes each day as a puppy. This timeframe grows as they reach adulthood, which means a morning run or a fenced-in yard is ideal.
  2. One run is never enough. Try to fit in at least a 15-minute walk each day as well.
  3. Fetch is one of their favorite games. You can use larger sticks, balls, or even a bone.
  4. Allow your dog to play with others early on. This social interaction helps curb negative behavior, especially biting.
  5. Dalmatians play hard, even too hard at times. Always supervise interactions with bones, ropes, and other toys to prevent gum damage.
  6. Don’t fret over destroyed toys. If your dog loves to tear up a plush, then find a cheap standby with the least amount of fluff possible so they can destroy it again and again.
  7. You are going to tire before your dog does. Find a mix of running, walking, and games you can play while sitting to keep them happy without overexerting yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the size of my dog’s toy matter?

Yes, absolutely! Pay close attention to sizing options when purchasing any toy for your dog. Something too small could pose a choking hazard, while anything too large can potentially hurt your dog’s jaw. Since Dalmatians are a medium to a large-sized animal, opting for a larger toy is a smarter choice.

Do puzzle toys help with training and behavior?

The answer to this is yes as well. Breeds like the Dalmatian require a higher level of mental stimulation to stay happy. While obedience and trick training help, these toys are an added bonus. There are multiple difficulty levels, as well, allowing you to up the intensity of the mental workout once your dog outsmarts their latest game.

My dog doesn’t seem interested in playing. What can I do?

There are multiple reasons why a dog refuses to engage in play. First, take your pet to the vet to rule out any medical reasons. Next, take past trauma or any occurrences in your home that might make them feel unsafe (multiple loud electronics, yelling, etc.).

Once those are ruled out, you may find that your dog’s personality is simply lazy. This is rare for Dalmatians, but not impossible. If this is the case, try a treat dispenser. These toys encourage play with a delicious reward.

Are indestructible toys really indestructible?

No. Your dog will eventually find a way to destroy them. Dalmatians are powerhouses capable of ripping apart meat and flesh, which means they can wear down even the toughest of bones or Kong toys. These options are still excellent choices to curb your Dalmatian’s chewing, however.


Mental and physical exercise is vital to the happiness of your Dalmatian, as well as social interaction to solidify yourself as the leader of the pack. Finding the right combination of toys to entertain all three aspects is not only essential but ideal for your dog’s development and health.

You’ll spend the rest of your dog’s life proving that you’re the leader of the pack and working to keep their chewing habits at bay. It’s a small price to pay for owning one of the most loyal, unique, and all-around beautiful dogs on the planet.

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