Jedi Dog Costumes: Where to Find Them Plus DIY Tips and Dress-Up Ideas

How can you make your own adult Star Wars costume more epic and memorable? By having your favorite dog-companion dressed as a Jedi, of course!

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So, if you and your dog want to cause an awesome surprise, shock all your friends, and have a ton of fun at the same time, then you should read every word of this guide! We’re about to reveal how you can find the best Jedi dog costume that you, your dog and your friends will have a ton of fun with.

If you’re looking for a cool Halloween dog costume idea or if you agree that any day is a good day to have a lot of fun alongside your dog, then you’re going to love this guide. Because you love the idea of shocking your colleagues with a hilarious Jedi dog costume but trying to find the perfect Jedi costume can seem like a nightmare.

The best part about these Jedi dog costume ideas is that they’re perfect for any light-hearted social gathering. If your colleagues appreciate a good time, and if they have a sense of humor, then everyone is going to enjoy the cosplay shenanigans and fun that these Jedi dog costumes provide!

What are the best Jedi costumes for dogs?

Our Top Picks for Jedi Dog Costumes

Check out our top picks for dog Jedi costumes!

Rubie’s Costume Company Darth Vader Dog & Cat Costume

Never forget that before Darth Vader was lord of the dark, he was a prominent Jedi and the one promised to bring balance to the force! Showcase your admiration for the dark side of the force, or otherwise, show a contrast to your Jedi tendencies with this fantastic Darth Vader dog costume.

This costume can be a part of the perfect “light side vs. dark side” theme or can be a fun way to enhance your Star Wars theme one way or the other.

You’ll be delighted to learn that this costume comes in a whopping 6 total sizes, so if your dog is funnily shaped then this costume has you and your dog covered, literally. As always, keep your eyes on the size chart that’s on the product page for a better idea of what size might fit your dog the best.

Around 29% of reviewers on rate this costume as a 5-star costume, so you can be confident that the quality is on target. Some of those users write how adorable and awesome the costume is! Overall, 93% of reviewers recommended this awesome costume!

Main Features:

  • Will make you, your friends, and strangers alike laugh with giddy Star Wars nerdiness!
  • Show your dog’s allegiance to the dark side of the force in a cute way.
  • Costume includes fastener so your dog can quickly wear this costume without fuss.
  • Costume includes 3-pieces, black foam, armor, and an epic Darth Vader belt.

Le Star Wars Inspired Jedi Robe Costumes for Cats or Dogs

Two things are going to happen when you see this Jedi dog costume for the first time. First, you’ll crack a massive smile because it’s adorable, hilarious, yet efficient. Your dog will also love the positive attention that they receive whenever they wear this! If you want the perfect Jedi look for your dog, while still maintaining an aura of simplicity, then this Jedi dog costume deserves a look.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a Jedi costume that’s more exceptional and adorable than this Jedi robe! The Jedi robe is also handmade to order, so you can be sure that the fit is going to be perfect according to your dog’s demands. Be sure to measure your dog and use the chart available on the product page for the best results.

The seller on Etsy who makes this Jedi costume by hand has many excellent reviews, so you can be confident that the quality rocks and that your dog (or cat) will love this epic Jedi robe!

Main Features:

  • You’re virtually guaranteed to crack a huge smile the first time you see this adorably epic Jedi costume!
  • 100% handmade item, so you can be proud that your Jedi costume is unique!
  • Made from cotton and polyester.
  • Your dog will be the coolest Jedi in the room when they sport this Jedi costume.

Yoda Inspired Dog Snood / Hood / Hat

Few other Jedi have the fame, reputation, and goodwill that Yoda possesses. Showcase your allegiance to the Jedi with this adorable handmade Yoda hat that you and your dog will love. For 800 years has Yoda trained Jedi, but you won’t have to wait that long to have the best-looking Yoda dog costume in the area! (Or Galaxy for that matter.)

This is a unique and relatively rare Yoda costume for dogs that will accompany any Jedi or Star Wars themed cosplay or adult Halloween costume beautifully. This costume is also handmade to order, so you can be sure that this costume will be new to your friends and strangers alike.

If you’re curious as to how your dog will fit in this costume, then keep in mind that this hood is designed for relatively small dogs. For more information about sizing, please see the product page for this costume.

The creator of this Jedi costume is very highly rated on Etsy, so you can be sure that the quality is rock solid and that your dog will be proud to wear this awesome Star Wars hat!

Main Features:

  • Unique Yoda costume that’s handmade with love.
  • Only contains a slip-on piece, so it’s easy on you and your dog.
  • Also acts as a hat to keep your cuddly friend’s ears nice and warm!
  • Very fun and easy-going Jedi costume option that won’t stress your dog.

Yoda Inspired Hat for Dogs

Your dog’s allegiance to the Jedi order will be clear for all to see in this adorable Yoda inspired hat for dogs. If you want to showcase your dog’s lightheartedness, then just look at this adorable Yoda hat! This hat goes perfectly along with any light (or dark) force companions, so whether you’re a servant of the light or dark then this hat will make the perfect costume!

The best part about this Yoda inspired hat is that it’s 100% custom made to order and is handmade so you can be confident that you’ll get the exact fit that your dog needs. A size chart can be found on the product page; however, the costume designer also states that they accept custom orders, which is a huge relief if you have a uniquely shaped dog.

You’ll also be relieved to learn that the creator of this Yoda costume has very positive reviews on Etsy, so you can be confident that the quality of this costume is going to rock your galaxy.

Main Features:

  • Handmade using acrylic knitting needles.
  • Made from wool-free yarn.
  • Will instantly turn virtually any dog into an adorable, loveable Jedi companion!
  • A single-piece costume so it’s relatively easy to put on your dog.

4 Accessories to Complete the Jedi Look

If you’re looking for some adorable accessories to help complete your dog’s Jedi look, then consider these recommendations.

Fetch for Pets Star Wars Storm Trooper Plush Dog Toy

Why not have a blast with your dog while showing this stormtrooper toy who’s boss?

Not only is this plush stormtrooper toy going to match your Star Wars costume theme perfectly, but your dog’s going to have an absolute blast playing with this! This toy is an officially licensed Star Wars product, so it looks authentic to Star Wars. The toy also includes a squeaker so that your dog will have a ton of fun chewing and playing.

If you want to give your dog a fun toy, while also supporting your overall Star Wars theme cosplay, then this stormtrooper plush is a lot of fun and worth checking out.

Fetch for Pets Star Wars Retro Logo Dog Tee

If you and your favorite dogs are retro Star Wars fans, then you’re going to love this awesome dog shirt. This Star Wars dog tee features an “old school” looking Millennium Falcon zooming in space followed by a vibrant essence of red, orange, yellow, and white. If you’ve loved Star Wars since you were a kid, then this cool shirt will give you nostalgic flashbacks!

This shirt is an item that’s perfect to use any time, especially if you’re around friends who love lighthearted fun, dogs, and Star Wars!

If you want your dog to be the coolest one at the party, then definitely have a look at this shirt. The shirt itself is officially licensed by Star Wars and will be the envy of your Star Wars loving friends and strangers alike!

Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter Rope Dog Toy

Even the mightiest of Jedi needs an excellent mode of transportation! Whether you’re in Luke’s home world of Tatooine or flying in wild space, this X-Wing rope dog toy will impress. The best part about this fun looking toy is that your dog’s going to have a great time playing with it as well.

If you love to have a good tug of war match with your dog, or if you just want to provide a noteworthy prize for being well behaved, then this X-Wing fighter is perfect! The best part is that this awesome spacecraft is going to fit flawlessly with your Jedi cosplay and dog costume ideas.

Disney Star Wars Darth Vader Mask Pet ID Tag for Dogs & Cats

If you want the perfect dog tag to go along with your dog’s Jedi costume, then you might love this idea. This Darth Vader ID tag is customized with your dog’s name and your phone number, so it serves a practical use, and it also prominently features the dark lord Vader himself.

This tag will be the perfect low-key complement to your Star Wars theme. The black and red design of the tag itself offers a very powerful contrast, which is clear for all to see.

Use this nifty Star Wars Darth Vader ID to reveal your dog’s hidden allegiance to the dark side, or to otherwise, impress your nerdy Star Wars colleagues all the same.

DIY Jedi Costume. How to Make It at Home Yourself

Let’s look at a simple Jedi handmade DIY dog costume idea that is very easy to create and will also be a creative way to spice up any Star Wars theme.

If you want a very easy and simple yet cool homemade Jedi costume idea, then one of the easiest things to do is to customize a Jedi-themed bandana. Creating an awesome bandana as your Jedi dog costume is very easy, it’s quick, and it’s also low profile so your dog won’t protest!

Materials needed:


  • Approximately 1 square yard of light brown, or tan colored heavy cotton-based fabric.
  • Approximately 1 square foot of heavy cotton-based fabric of a high-contrasting color such as white, yellow, or black.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Sewing needle and thread.
  • Optional but recommended: Star Wars patches, Jedi patches, or Jedi stickers.

Step # 1 – Measure Your Dog’s Neck and Decide on the Ideal Sized Bandana

Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck so you can see approximately how large you should make your bandana. The standard bandana is usually a square of roughly 22 inches by 22 inches. However, you can make the bandana as large or as small as you wish, based upon the size of your dog.

Before you cut your bandana, make sure that the proposed shape is roughly a square! Once you decide on the perfect bandana size, carefully cut your bandana from your cloth.

Step # 2 – Create Large Letters That Spell “JEDI” Using the High-Contrast Colored Cloth

Try to design and then cut large letters that spell out “JEDI” from your high contrast cloth. A contrasting colored cloth such as white, black, or yellow is probably best, depending upon the exact color of your bandana.

Try your best to make the letters large and bold so that they are easy to read!

After you cut out your letters, carefully sew them to the bandana. Now your dog has a very cool and unique look, while at the same time giving homage to the Jedi order or even your favorite Jedi!

Step # 3 – Loosely Place Your Epic Jedi Bandana on Your Dog

After you fold your bandana in half, it should form a triangle. You can then gently tie it around your dog’s neck. Your dog can sport the bandana sideways, backward, or forwards. There are many different customizable options. Now no matter where your epic dog goes wearing this handmade bandana, everyone will know that that they’re truly strong in the force!

Step # 4 – Optionally, Apply Your Favorite Jedi Patch or Sticker to Your Bandana

The best part about creating your Star Wars styled bandana is that you can easily apply your favorite Jedi-based stickers or patches to your bandana. There are infinite ways that you can get creative and make this Jedi bandana worthy of your awesome dog!

Jedi Dog Costume Ideas from Around the Internet


More Ideas for Multi-Dog Families

What if you have one or more dogs who also would love to wear a nifty Star Wars costume? The good news is that Jedi Knights often travel in packs! So, it would be cool and appropriate to have multiple Jedi costumes for different dogs! Imagine the hilarity (and fun) of a pack of dogs all dressed in Jedi costumes!

Want more ideas? Here are some perfect Star Wars related dog costume ideas for your other dogs:

  • C-3PO
  • Princess Leia
  • Yoda
  • Dark Jedi

Final Thoughts

One of the best and coolest ways to have fun and celebrate the life of your dog is by including them with your cosplay and Halloween party ideas! Hopefully, you agree that dressing up with a Star Wars Jedi theme can be an excellent way to have a ton of fun with your dog, while also showcasing your adoration for everything Star Wars!

That’s why it was such an honor to publish this guide, and we hope that you had a ton of fun reading!

The next time you’re trying to figure out the best possible Jedi dog costume for your party or cosplay plans, keep these ideas in mind.

Finally, please remember that the safety of your amazing dog is of the utmost importance! So please never let your dog use any costume or cosplay material of any type when they are unattended. Please also make sure to follow the instructions of each costume manufacturer for best results.

Thank you so much for reading this guide!

And may the force be with you.

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