Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Gear: Must-Have Team Jerseys, Collars, Bandanas & Leashes For Your Dog

Although many loyal fans may dress up before the big game, not all of them are willing to go the extra mile and deck out their pup. It might take a little bit more effort, but the next time you’re at a game or party, nobody will second-guess who has the most team spirit.

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Even if your dog isn’t willing to wear an Alabama Crimson Tide t-shirt or jersey, there are still other ways you can help them show team pride. A bandana with the Crimson Tide logo or colors can be just as eye-catching, but a lot less low-hassle. Even collars or leashes won’t cause your dog to throw a fit, but can still loudly proclaim which team you’re loyal to.

However, before you purchase any kind of Crimson Tide merchandise, it’s always important to make sure the apparel is officially licensed by the NFL. This ensures the company has permission to use the Crimson Tide’s logo, and won’t try to pass off a knock-off as the real deal.

Knowing where to start can feel intimidating, but you don’t go it alone—we’ve already compiled a list of our favorite Crimson Tide jerseys, collars, bandanas, and leashes for you.

The Best Crimson Tide Dog Gear: Our Top Picks

Crimson Tide Dog Jerseys

The best way to help your pup showcase their team spirit is with a Crimson Tide jersey. Here are our top picks:

Pets First NCAA Dog Mesh Jersey

Before you head out to the big game, don’t forget to dress your dog up in the Pets First NCAA Dog Mesh Jersey first. Made with a satin and poly blend, this dog jersey won’t just look authentic—it will feel like a professional uniform too.

The polyester mesh material helps the jersey conform to your dog’s body while also keeping them comfortable too. There’s even an NCAA “Property of” tag on the back of the garment so that you can add a touch of personalization if you want to.

If you’re worried about your pet getting it dirty, there’s no reason to be—you can just pop the outfit in the washing machine.

Little Earth NCAA Crimson Tide Jersey

For a jersey that won’t let anyone forget that your pup is an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, the Little Earth NCAA Pet Jersey may just be an ideal choice. This uniform uses 100% polyester that can help keep your dog comfortable if they attend an actual Crimson Tide game.

This officially licensed jersey has the Alabama logo is printed on the back and both sleeves and features the Crimson Tide’s signature colors. When your pup is done wearing the uniform, cleaning it is as painless as popping it in the washing machine and letting it air-dry.

Keep in mind that the sizes range from extra small to extra large. Before ordering, it’s crucial to measure your dog’s body length, neck, and chest.

Sporty K9 NCAA Pet Jersey

Although some brands may try and pass off low-quality items without being officially licensed, that isn’t a concern for the Sporty K9 NCAA Pet Jersey. Not only is the uniform officially licensed by the NCAA, but they also have included the unmistakable Alabama Crimson Tide logo on the back as well.

Since the jersey is a polyester and mesh blend, it may be less likely to irritate your pup’s skin or cause them discomfort (especially in extreme conditions). Along with the stretchy v-neck opening, the sleeves of the uniform are elastic enough to stretch over the legs of any breed.

Crimson Tide Dog Collars

If you can’t wrangle your dog into a jersey, you can still at least get them to wear a Crimson Tide collar. Here are our favorites:

Pets First NCAA Crimson Tide Dog Collar

For a collar that nobody will be able to miss, the Pets First NCAA Crimson Tide Dog Collar may be just what you’re looking for. Along with the Crimson Tide’s signature white and red colors, Pets First has also included the team name and their logo as well.

The collar is made with nylon webbing and is completely adjustable. There’s also a silver metal D-ring that you can attach to a harness or matching Crimson Tide leash too.

Although the collar is adjustable, it’s still important to make sure you measure your pup’s neck beforehand so that you can get the right size.

All Star Dogs Crimson Tide Dog Collar

If you’re looking for a collar that can help show off your team pride but is also durable enough to withstand whatever adventures you go on, the All Star Dogs Crimson Tide Dog Collar may be the perfect option.

The team’s logo is printed on grosgrain ribbon and then sewn into sturdy nylon webbing so that nobody will be able to mistake your favorite team. To adjust the size of the collar, you can use the plastic black buckle, and then attach it to a matching leash with the silver ring.

Since there aren’t any standard sizes for dog collars, All Star recommends that you measure your dog’s neck first and refer to their sizing chart before ordering. However, if you end up having questions, they’ve also specified that they’re available for contact and ready to help.

ZEP-PRO Crimson Tide Dog Collar

Many sports collars tend to be made with nylon webbing, but nothing can beat the comfort or durability of a genuine leather collar like the ZEP-PRO Crimson Tide Dog Collar. Not only may it be more comfortable for your pup to wear, but it still includes the Alabama logo on two sides in silver.

It’s worth noting this product was made in the USA and is officially licensed by the NCAA as well. Before you order anything, it’s important to measure your pup’s neck first. If you have friends that have already bought their own Crimson Tide collars, purchasing this one may help you stand out from the pack.

Crimson Tide Dog Bandanas

If you’re into collars or jerseys, you might appreciate these eye-catching Crimson Tide Bandanas too. Here are some of our favorite picks:

Pets First NCAA Crimson Tide Bandana

Initially, your pet may not be too fond of wearing a bandana. However, not all hope is lost—you may be able to trick your dog into wearing one by presenting it as a collar. The Pets First NCAA Crimson Tide Bandana makes this easy since it doubles as a collar too.

Officially licensed by the NCAA, this bandana includes the Crimson Tide’s signature colors and embroidered logo. The polyester and cotton blend will be soft against your pup’s skin, but also durable enough that it won’t tear or rip easily.

If you enjoy taking your dog out at night, you may also find the reflective strip on the collar to be useful too. Not only can the reflective material keep you visible to drivers and pedestrians, but may be able to help you locate your dog if they wander off too.

Little Earth NCAA Pet Bandana

For a bandana that can stand out amongst the rest, the Little Earth NCAA Pet Bandana may be perfect. Along with including Alabama Crimson Tide’s team colors, there’s also their logo and “Furocious Bama Fan” written along the top. At any tailgating events or games, everyone is sure to know exactly where your loyalties lie.

The bandana is also reversible, so if you feel like mixing it up, you can always switch sides. While different, both sides do contain the Alabama logo on them.

Keep in mind that there are five different sizes to pick from, so measuring your dog’s neck beforehand can prevent you from purchasing the wrong size.

Barking Bad Crimson Tide Dog Bandana

One of the tricky things about putting a bandana on your dog is finding a convenient way to also put the collar on. Fortunately, the Barking Bad Crimson Tide Dog Bandana avoids this issue by adding a built-in sleeve for you to feed the collar through.

This is also a “no-tie” bandana so that, instead of trying to hassle with untying and retying knots, you can simply use the back of the collar to buckle things into place. Once you’re finished, the entire ensemble will look like only one piece. For uncooperative or fidgety dogs, this may be an ideal choice.

Keep in mind that there are six sizes available, and it’s a good idea to measure your pup’s neck beforehand rather than just try and guess which size might fit.

Crimson Tide Dog Leashes

If you’re going to buy a Crimson Tide collar or bandana, you might as well invest in a matching Crimson Tide leash. Here are our top picks:

Pets First NCAA Dog Leash

For a leash that proudly displays which team you’re rooting for, it’s hard to find a better choice than the Pets First NCAA Dog Leash. Designed with heavy-duty webbing that won’t tear or rip just because your dog pulls on the lead, this leash is durable enough to handle any adventures you might take your pup on.

In addition to the nylon webbing, the sturdy spring hooks will easily attach to any collar—especially if it’s a matching one. Since it’s NCAA licensed, you won’t need to worry about getting a knock-off or low-quality product.

The next time you’re at a game, party, or tailgating event, everyone will be able to tell which team you and your pup are fans of.

All Star Dogs Crimson Tide Leash

At five feet long, the All Star Dogs Crimson Tide Leash may seem short, but it might be a more appropriate length than you’d think. At real Crimson Tide games or tailgating events, you’ll want to keep your pup nearby. This leash will give your dog some slack, but it will also ensure that you can reel your dog in when you need to.

Any other Bama fan will be able to spot this leash from a mile away: with bright red nylon webbing and the Alabama logo sewn on, your loyalties to the Crimson Tide will be unmistakable.

In addition to the heavy-duty stitching, the silver hardware is also sturdy enough that it won’t break or tear regardless of how hard your dog pulls on it.

Sporty K9 Crimson Tide Dog Leash

Officially licensed by the NCAA, the Sporty K9 Crimson Tide Dog Leash is all about durability. Not only does it use high-tensile webbing that’s resistant to breaks or tears, but the Alabama logo is made with woven ribbon and sewn on the leash.

At six feet long, many owners consider this to be the perfect length. While it still provides their dog enough freedom to move around, they can easily grab or pull them along at crowded events like parties or games.

The silver-toned hardware is also designed to last, and will easily match the silver ring on a collar.

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Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to show your dedication to your favorite team, but dressing your dog up may just be the best. Although you can invest in a jersey if you want to, you can also show your pride by purchasing your dog an NCAA-licensed collar, leash or bandana as well.

When you begin shopping, you might not know where to start, but the good news is that we’ve got you covered—instead of trying to guess which products might be high-quality, feel free to try one of our recommended products above.

One thing is for sure: when you parade your pup around in their Alabama Crimson Tide gear, everyone will know who you’re rooting for.

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