Chicago Cubs Dog Gear: Must-Have Team Jerseys, Collars, Bandanas & Leashes For Your Dog

Whether you’re rooting for the Chicago Cubs from the stands or watching the game on TV, the best way to show your team spirit is by dressing up. Not only can you proudly display your favorite team like a badge of honor, but dressing up can help you spot other loyal fans too.

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What you may find, however, is that the most dedicated fans don’t just wear jerseys—they go the extra mile and deck their dog out in Chicago Cubs apparel. At the next game day, your pup can join in on the fun by wearing a Cubs jersey, bandana, collar, or even just a leash.

That being said, shopping for the right Chicago Cubs apparel can be more of a challenge than you might think. Not only can it be difficult to find merchandise that supports your team, but you also want to ensure that it’s high-quality too.

The good news is that you don’t need to shop alone—we’ve created a list of our favorite Chicago Cubs jerseys, collars, leashes and bandanas for you to dress your pup in. Keep reading for a closer look at the recommended products that are sure to be a home run.

The Best Chicago Cubs Dog Gear: Our Top Picks

Chicago Cubs Dog Jerseys

Nothing says team spirit more than a dog-sized Chicago Cubs jersey. Here are our top three picks:

Pets First MLB Dog Jersey

Known for producing high-quality sports apparel for dogs, Pets First is a reputable company—and their MLB Chicago Cubs Dog Jersey just may be their best work. Unlike some choices, this jersey looks like a real uniform and even includes the Cubs name on the back and the logo on the front.

To add authenticity, the entire uniform is made with polyester, which can help keep your dog comfortable on hot summer days. Slipping the jersey on is effortless too: all you need to do is snap the fuzzy fastener strap in place, and your pup is ready to go. When you’re done with the costume, there’s no time-consuming cleaning process: you just have to stick in the washing machine.

MLBPA Kris Bryant Chicago Cubs Dog Jersey

You may love the Chicago Cubs, but it’s only natural to have a favorite player—and Kris Bryant remains a fan favorite. There’s no better way to dress your pup up than by letting them wear the number of one of the Cubs’ record-breaking players.

The uniform is made with durable mesh that’s also breathable so that your dog can be comfortable while they attend the big game with you. Dogs of all sizes and breeds can enjoy this product too: there are over seven sizes to choose from, and they range from extra small to extra large.

Sporty K9 MLB Baseball Small Dog Jersey

If you’ve got a small dog, especially one that may be a toy breed like the chihuahua or pug, finding a jersey that fits right can be a challenge. Fortunately, the Sporty K9 MLB Baseball Small Dog Jersey may be just what you need.

Not only is the Cubs logo printed on the back of the uniform, but the entire outfit is made with comfortable polyester and mesh. Regardless of where you take your dog in this get-up, you won’t have to worry about them being uncomfortable.

Unlike some outfits, fitting this jersey onto your dog is as easy using the velcro closure—you don’t need to hassle with any buttons, straps or zippers.

Chicago Cubs Dog Collars

With your Chicago Cubs jersey, it’s only natural that your pup will also need a matching collar. Here are our favorites:

Pets First MLB Chicago Cubs Dog Collar

One of the most important features in a collar is durability, and the Pets First MLB Chicago Cubs Dog Collar provides just that. Since it’s designed with resistant nylon webbing, it’s unlikely to unravel or tear (even with frequent use).

The silver hardware adds extra durability to the collar, and will easily snap onto a matching leash or harness. If you need to change the size, you can use the adjuster, and then snap it in place with the plastic buckle when you’re ready to go. Before purchasing, however, it’s important to measure your pup’s neck so you can pick the right size.

The Cubs logo and signature colors are even included on the collar so that you and your pup can show team pride wherever you’re at.

Rico Industries MLB Chicago Cubs Pet Collar

For a collar that truly proclaims your status as a Chicago Cubs fan, there’s no better option than the Rico Industries MLB Chicago Cubs Pet Collar. In addition to including the logo and signature colors, the collar even has the name too so that nobody can mistake where your loyalties lie.

Changing the size of this collar is painless: all you need to do is move the adjuster. Once you’ve got the perfect fit, you can use the buckle to snap it on, and even attach the leash to the silver ring too.

When shopping for sports apparel, it’s crucial to make sure the gear has been licensed, and the company has permission to use the team’s logo and name. Some brands may try to pass off low-quality gear without being licensed.

Fortunately, Rico Industries isn’t one of them—they’ve taken the extra step and licensed their high-quality collars.

Mini Chicago Cubs Logo Dog Collar

For high-quality, durable collar that makes a subtle statement about your favorite team, the Mini Chicago Cubs Logo Dog Collar may be an ideal choice. While you might not be able to identify the logo from a distance, anyone who gets close will be able to tell you’re a Cubs fan.

Since its made with nylon webbing, you don’t need to worry about this collar wearing out with frequent use. Before you place your order for this handmade item, be sure to measure your dog’s neck correctly (the seller has included instructions for doing so).

However, if you do have any questions about the collar, the seller has specified that they’re available for contact.

Chicago Cubs Dog Bandanas

If you’re looking to keep things simple, a stylish bandana can help you demonstrate your team pride.

Pets First MLB Dog Bandana with Collar

Getting your dog to wear a bandana may be a challenge, but Pets First MLB Dog Bandana makes it easier by attaching a collar as well. Your dog may think they’re only wearing a collar, but everyone else will be able to see the bandana with the Cubs logo.

Speaking of the logo, it’s embroidered on 100% cotton material. The team color webbing even has a reflective stripe so that you can bring your pup out at night.

For even more durability, you can clip the silver ring onto a leash or harness and adjust the size so that you get a comfortable fit.

Sporty K9 MLB Chicago Cubs Dog Bandana

If you’re looking for a bandana that’s sure to catch everyone’s eyes, the Sporty K9 MLB Chicago Cubs Dog Bandana might be the perfect option. Not only is it officially licensed, but it includes the Cubs’ signature colors as well as a pattern of their logo.

The soft poly-cotton blend is unlikely to irritate your pet’s skin, and may even keep them more comfortable in extreme temperatures. Since the bandana is already knotted, you don’t need to worry about trying to tie it around your dog’s neck—you only need to slip it on.

If you’re looking to add a little extra team spirit, the Sporty K9 bandana pairs well with a jersey, collar, or other decorative apparel.

MLBPA Reversible Kris Bryant Chicago Cubs Bandana

Although the Chicago Cubs is full of plenty of great players, Kris Bryant’s record-breaking history really stands out. Now, you can show your pride by letting your pup wear Kris Bryant’s number.

One of the most interesting features of this bandana is that it’s also reversible. One side uses the team’s signature colors in a mesh material while the other is made with a poly-cotton blend meant to resemble a uniform.

Although the bandana may be able to fit most dogs, it does come in two separate sizes (which you can choose based on your dog’s size). Even if you aren’t attending a Cubs game, this bandana is still ideal for parties, tailgating, or just hanging out at home.

Chicago Cubs Dog Leashes

If you’re going to buy a Chicago Cubs collar or bandana, why not also grab a matching leash too? Here are our top picks:

Pets First MLB Chicago Cubs Dog Leash

Whether you’re headed to the big game or just a relaxing afternoon walk, the Pets First MLB Chicago Cubs Dog Leash is perfect for every occasion. The leash contains durable nylon webbing that’s resistant to scratches and tears as well as extra-sturdy silver hardware.

When you’re out and about with this leash, nobody will be able to miss it: along with the team colors and name, the signature logo is even woven into the leash as well. Although it will complement any collar you have, the Pets First MLB Leash may look best when you pair it with a matching collar or bandana.

Sporty K9 MLB Chicago Cubs Leash

For a leash that’s durable enough to withstand whatever adventures you and your pup go on, the Sporty K9 MLB Chicago Cubs Leash may be the right choice. At ⅝ of an inch wide, the leash is both sturdy and wide enough to display your team pride.

In addition to the Chicago Cubs’ bright team colors, you’ll also find team logo woven into the material. You might not be able to spot it from a distance, but anyone who interacts with your dog will know exactly who your favorite team is. The leash is also six feet long so that you can provide your dog with plenty of freedom, but still reign them in when you need to.

If you frequently take your dog out at night, you might want to consider the reflective version of this leash—not only will it help keep you visible to other dogs, but you may be able to locate your pup easier if they wander off.

Chicago Cubs Pet Leash

With a logo pattern and bright blue durable fabric, it’ll be hard to miss this Chicago Cubs Pet Leash. Unlike some leashes, which may use hardware that easily snaps off, this seller only uses top-of-the-line nickel square eye hooks that are meant to last.

While the leash is around 5 and ½ inches, it’s still long enough to give your dog the freedom the move around, but not lengthy enough that you won’t be able to reel them in if you need to. You may also notice that the hooks are the exact width of the leash so that the material doesn’t bunch near it.

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Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a Chicago Cubs game or just watching it on TV with some friends—you can show team spirit by dressing your dog up with you. Apparel like jerseys and bandanas are perfect to wear it at games, parties, and tailgating events.

However, you don’t need to limit your team spirit to special occasions: by purchasing a Chicago Cubs leash or collar, your pup can proudly look like a true fan any day of the year. Not only will they turn heads, but you never know what other loyal fans may be around you!

If you aren’t sure where to find high-quality Cubs apparel for your dog, feel free to try one of our recommendations above.

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