6 Best Muzzles for Boxers in 2023

Loving, loyal, and smart, Boxers dogs thrive when being social with humans and other dogs. It is vital for the health and happiness of your Boxer to take them out and exercise them often, rather than leaving them home alone too frequently. Boxers don’t do well in scorching temperatures, so it is critical to take measures to ensure they don’t get too overheated.

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Boxers are powerful and muscular animals, with males growing to heights up to 25 inches and weighing anywhere from 65 to 80 pounds once they reach full maturity. Female boxers are typically between 21 and 25 inches in height and can weigh up to 65 pounds once they’ve grown fully.

A boxer’s head is its most distinguishing feature, with square dimensions, an undershot jaw, and a blunt muzzle. Boxers have a large chest and short but brawny back. These dogs have folded ears and high tails, with arched toes.

What Is the Best Muzzle for a Boxer?

Whether you need to stop your Boxer from chewing at pebbles or biting out of fear, choosing the best muzzle for a Boxer is critical to ensure the safety of your pet and those around them. Many other types of breeds can wear a wide variety of muzzles, but the short, flat face of a Boxer makes your options more limited.

Check out our top 6 picks for the best Boxer muzzle, and keep scrolling to find out what makes each product an excellent buy for your faithful friend.

Owners of Boxers don’t need to worry about excessive shedding, as the breed has a short coat that produces mild shedding. Boxer coats range from fawn to brindle hues, with a black face and often markings on the face, paws, and chest. Boxers have high amounts of energy and love to stay active and play. They love spending time with their owners and will vehemently protect their home and family.

Descendents of the now extinct Bullenbaiser, breeders crossed the Bullenbaiser with a bulldog, mastiff, and potentially terriers and Great Danes. Boxers originated in the 1800s in Germany, and first served bull baiters before owners used them to manage cattle sent to the slaughterhouse. Boxers are working animals and were one of the first police dogs. They also make fantastic seeing-eye dogs, along with guard and companion dogs.

Boxers are the most beloved as faithful family pets. As part of being a responsible pet owner, there may come a time where you must muzzle your dog, whether due to local laws or to prepare your Boxer for the groomer’s salon. Choosing the best Boxer muzzle is essential, as you must select particular types of muzzles due to this breed’s short snout. Keep reading for the top 6 best Boxer muzzles, our review of each, and helpful tips all Boxer owners need to know.

Different Types of Muzzles for Boxers

If the image of a muzzle brings to mind aggressive dogs, you’re not alone. However, the idea that you should only muzzle your dog only if they pose a threat to others is not entirely accurate. There are a wide variety of reasons why you may need to restrain your Boxer, from helping them recover from an injury to keeping them restrained around unfamiliar people to get them geared up for a visit to the vet.

Let’s take a closer look at the primary types of muzzles you’ll want to consider for your Boxer.

Basket Muzzle

While a basket muzzle might look like a harsh option at first glance, it can actually provide your Boxer with more room to pant and drink than other types offer. Wire basket muzzles are an excellent choice to inhibit bites, but plastic basket muzzles are also durable to provide the same flexibility.

You don’t want a muzzle that keeps your Boxer’s mouth shut, as this could inhibit them from getting sufficient air, which is why basket muzzles are among the most popular variety.

Nylon/Mesh Muzzle

If you require a muzzle for shorter periods such as taking your Boxer for a walk or transporting them to and from the vet, a nylon/mesh muzzle is another fantastic choice. The breathable nylon materials are durable and sturdy and are an ideal choice that won’t impede your pet’s breathing or sight. Nylon muzzles are more attractive aesthetically than basket muzzles but will help prevent your Boxer from overeating, biting, grabbing at wounds, and barking.

Soft Leather Muzzle

Leather muzzles are another type of soft muzzle similar to the nylon/mesh variety. Leather muzzles are very comfortable and feature a snout-shaped design that won’t chafe the skin on your dog’s snout. They are useful for everything from preventing your Boxer from re-injuring wounds to snapping at others to eating in excess. The soft leather design is gentle on the skin and features durable neck straps that prevent the muzzle from falling off.

When and Why Would a Boxer Need a Muzzle?

If you’re still on the fence as to why your Boxer would even need a muzzle in the first place, here are some common reasons to help you identify how a muzzle could benefit both you and your beloved pet.

To Protect Your Pet and Others

The most obvious reason that comes to mind as to why you would need a muzzle is to protect your pet and others. While this is certainly not the only reason you might need to consider purchasing a muzzle for your Boxer, it is an important point to touch upon. You should never wait until the point where it is necessary to buy a muzzle to add one to your pet care arsenal.

Whether your dog gets anxious when you take them to the vet or has shown a hint of aggression towards humans or pets, it is crucial to start training your dog to handle a muzzle now. If your dog tends towards nervousness and gets jittery in new situations or around different people, avoid a bite incident with your Boxer before it can even happen by investing in a quality muzzle.

Sports and Playtime

Whether you’re a fan of dog racing or love to run with your Boxer, game and sports time with your pet is an excellent time to have your muzzle handy. With dog racing, muzzles are mandatory. You can even use your muzzle as a food toy for your Boxer to learn how to access tasty treats inside or enjoy in the front of a soft muzzle.

When you plan on taking your Boxer out to play with other dogs, ensure no unexpected incident spoils your game time by putting a muzzle on your pet. They can still frolic and play to their heart’s content, but you won’t have to worry about any unexpected incidents along the way.

Making New Friends

Remember how we said that Boxers are social animals? If your Boxer tends to be reactive, a muzzle will keep your pet, other dogs, and fellow pet owners safe when your dog crosses new territory and makes new doggie friends.

Whether you are introducing new dogs to your Boxer or have decided to travel abroad with your faithful companion, training your pet to wear and love a muzzle is a must. Many countries make it mandatory for dogs of certain breeds or weights to wear a muzzle, not to mention particular cities right here in the U.S. that require particular types of dogs to wear muzzles in public.

Overall Best Muzzles for a Boxer

Check out our pick for the number one best Boxer muzzle for your pet.

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

We scoured the internet and reviewed dozens of boxer muzzles before landing on our top pick. Here’s what you need to know.

Best Overall

The Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle stands in a class of its own to simplify your life when your Boxer gets a little too excited or agitated. Featuring an adjustable fit that is ideal for the flat Boxer nose, it sports a small opening at the front so your pet can still eat, drink, and pant with ease when the muzzle is on.

We loved the ergonomic straps on the Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle with dual security attachments to you won’t have to worry about the device falling off during a strenuous playtime session. We were also impressed by the fact that you can remove the over-head strap if you want to and insert your Boxer’s collar through the handy bottom loop.

5 More Top-Rated Boxer Muzzles

Keep scrolling for 5 more top-rated boxer muzzles that could be the ideal choice for your pet.

Dogs My Love Metal Wire Basket Muzzle 

The Dogs My Love Metal Wire Basket Muzzle is another winner in our book for its lightweight design that won’t feel too heavy on your Boxer’s nose. It offers excellent ventilation for panting and plenty of room for your pet to stay hydrated.

From grooming to walking without a leash, this metal wire basket muzzle is a great option to keep your pet safe and comfortable. If your Boxer has never worn a muzzle before, the muzzle’s spacious breathing area will make your training process considerably more straightforward.

Aucanus Short Snout Dog Muzzle

The Aucanus Short Snout Dog Muzzle made it to our list of the best Boxer muzzles for its comfortable mesh and nylon design specifically geared towards short snout breeds. If you are concerned about stopping your Boxer from screaming and overeating, this muzzle could be the ideal match. The adjustable slider straps caught our eye to make the breathable muzzle very easy to slide on and off.

Because of the perforated nylon design, your Boxer won’t just have plenty of breathing room and ventilation, but enjoy a clear sight. From playtime to leash-free walks, the Aucanus Short Snout Dog Muzzle can vastly simplify your life as a Boxer dog owner.

Didog Genuine Leather Dog Muzzle

The soft leather Didog Muzzle is not only incredibly comfortable but light on the skin, so you won’t have to worry about the product irritating your Boxer’s nose when you first start training them to wear it. The Didog Genuine Leather Dog Muzzle is a quality choice whether your dog shows signs of aggression or agitation in new environments or you need to stop your eager pet from chowing down on leftovers.

We also liked this best Boxer muzzle because it sports a connecting neck strap that won’t chafe your dog’s skin but will help ensure the device doesn’t pop off during heavy-duty playtime.

Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle

The name of our next choice for the best Boxer muzzle says it all, featuring breathable nylon and mesh that is not only comfortable for your dog to wear but offers superior airflow for panting. When it’s time to take off the muzzle for a treat, activate the side release buckle to slide the device off with ease.

You can adjust the muzzle as needed to fit your Boxer, plush the cushioned bumpers on the mesh will keep the fabric from rubbing or irritating your dog’s eyes. You should only use the Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle as a temporary form of restraint. If you’re going to be out or traveling for lengthier periods, you may prefer a basket muzzle instead.

ICC Silicone Plastic Dog Muzzle

Our final pick for the Best Boxer Muzzle features a silicone basket design that you can easily adjust as needed. From trips to the vet to playtime in new environments to keeping your pet from eating street leftovers on walks, the ICC Silicone Plastic Dog Muzzle is a versatile choice.

The silicone material is gentle enough that it won’t rub or irritate your dog’s nose, while the basket design is sufficiently flexible for panting and drinking. The durable but highly rubberized design makes this muzzle a gentle option for training your dog to wear the device and ensures it’s comfortable to wear for long periods.

5 Tips to Properly Use a Muzzle with a Boxer

  1. Give your dog a chance to smell the muzzle before putting it on, then give your pet a treat. Repeat this step several times.
  2. Touch the muzzle to your Boxer’s nose, then give your pet a treat. Keep repeating until your dog appears interested in the muzzle.
  3. Grasp the muzzle with one hand and keep the treat in the other, so your Boxer has to insert his nose inside the device to access the treat. Keep repeating until this process is natural and your dog obliges without trouble.
  4. Carefully slide the muzzle onto your Boxer’s nose and offer another treat. Remove your muzzle right away and repeat.
  5. Slip the muzzle on again, secure it, and count to five. Offer a treat and remove the muzzle before repeating, slowly increasing how long the muzzle stays on each time.

You should easily be able to complete these steps in minutes, and potentially get your Boxer accustomed to the muzzle in under a day.

FAQ’s Regarding Muzzles for Boxers

Is It Safe for a Boxer to Wear a Muzzle for a Long Period?

Provided your dog is out of their crate and wearing the correct type of muzzle. Basket muzzle designs are ideal for boxers to wear for long periods while still being able to enjoy treats, drink water, and pant. It is not recommended to use mesh/nylon muzzles for anything but temporary use, as your Boxer can’t eat or drink with these on.

Does My Boxer Need a Muzzle?

If nothing else, a muzzle is a responsible precautionary measure for any dog owner. If your Boxer has already indicated signs of aggression, fear, or mistrust around new people and situations, keep your pet and other animals and owners safe by using a muzzle. For different scenarios like trips to the vet and play, a muzzle will ensure that you won’t have to deal with any unwelcome incidents.

Can a Muzzle Make my Boxer More Aggressive?

Not if you use the muzzle correctly and select the right type for your muzzle. To help make the transition to a muzzle as smooth and seamless as possible, follow the tips outlined above and ensure you measure your boxer’s nose correctly so that the size and fit of the device are comfortable.

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