7 Best Brushes for Boxers with 5 Simple Brushing Tips

Boxers have remained one of the country’s most popular breeds for decades, and it’s easy to see why!

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Friendly, intelligent, and extremely protective of their loved ones, Boxers make excellent family pets. They’re gentle around kids, vigilant towards dangers, easy to train, and loads of fun. Even better, they’re low maintenance and easy to care for.

Muscular and graceful, Boxers stand about 24 inches tall and weighs around 70 pounds. They have short and shiny single-layer coats categorized by one of three color patterns: the light-brown fawn, the darker-striped brindle, and white. However, color differences are only superficial, requiring no alterations in care.

The American Kennel Club rates their shedding as occasional. However, brushing still plays an essential role in keeping your dog beautiful, comfortable, and healthy. You’ll want to brush your Boxer about once a week. If he spends lots of time outside getting dirty, you might want to brush him more frequently. However, generally, daily brushing isn’t required.

Even though Boxers have short hair, they still shed. They’re year-round shedders, so you’ll always deal with some hair in your home, although regular brushing helps minimize the mess. Plus, brushing helps spread natural oils throughout your dog’s coat, creating a beautiful, natural shine. Finally, brushing helps remove dirt to help keep your dog clean and fresh smelling.

Brushing has emotional benefits, too. Spending quiet time brushing your pet is a bonding experience for both. Teaching your dog to sit quietly for brushing helps them stay calm during nail trimming, hair trimming, and other grooming. Additionally, removing tangles and mats helps keep your pet comfortable.

Selecting the right type of brush is key to the dog’s health and comfort. A brush designed for dogs with double coats will likely feel too harsh against a Boxer’s skin. Also, it’s rare to find an all-in-one Boxer brush. You’ll probably need one to manage shedding, a different brush to help with body oil dispersal, and maybe a third to remove mats.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which brush is best for your Boxer. The following article contains not only our seven favorite Boxer brushes but also a complete guide on how to brush your dog safely and effectively. Here’s a closer look at what every Boxer owner needs to know:

What is the Best Brush for a Boxer?

Do you need to brush your Boxer right away? If you don’t have time to read the entire article at the moment, here’s a quick breakdown of our seven favorites:

Different Types of Popular Boxer Brushes

Boxers don’t require elaborate grooming, but you can’t choose just any dog brush. Instead, you need to select a brush designed for their short, close coat. Here are a few types:

Shedding Brush

First, you’ll need a shedding brush. The term “shedding brush” is often used fairly generally to mean any brush that helps remove old and damaged hair. Even though Boxers have short hair, they still shed all year long. Regular brushing not only helps control hair build-up around the house but also promotes healthy coat turnover.

Note that a shedding brush is different than a de-shedder, which is a type of rake. (Details on the rake brush are below.)

Bristle Brush

Bristle brushes are the most common type of shedding brush. They have bristles made from boar hair, nylon, natural fibers, or a combination. The bristles are packed together in tight clusters. The brush itself is made from wood, plastic, or, occasionally, metal.

Bristles brushes are the best choice for dogs with short, single-layered coats, like Boxers. Regular bristle brushing not only collects old hair but also stimulates the dog’s skin to help increase hair growth and blood flow. Also, bristle brushes effectively spread the dog’s natural oils across their hair evenly.

Pin Brush

Pin brushes are an excellent choice for adding a flush to your dog’s coat. They also help control shedding, although they’re not as effective at removing old hair as a bristle brush. Most people use them for quick brushing after a more thorough bristle brushing.

These oval brushes have flexible wires with pins on the ends. They have a loose arrangement in the brush to help prevent painful pulling when tackling tangles. Generally, dogs find pin brushes comfortably. They’re the right choice if your Boxer has sensitive skin or remarkably short hair.

One useful option is a two-in-one brush with bristles on one side and pins on the other.

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes have two main purposes. For dogs with longer hair, a slicker brush tackles tangles. Fortunately, this isn’t a significant issue with Boxers. However, slicker brushes also do an excellent job of removing dirt and debris. They’re an excellent option for keeping your Boxer clean after a day spent outdoors.

Slicker brushes are available in a variety of styles but always have a few common features. They have a broad head with stiff, closely-packed wire bristles. Generally, the bristles are slick to help make detangling pain-free. When selecting a slicker brush for a Boxer, choose one with angled bristles, which help protect your dog’s skin from irritation.


Rakes are wide brushes with long teeth used to remove tangles and debris from a dog’s undercoat. They’re made to penetrate the topcoat to reach the thicker coat underneath.

You shouldn’t use a rake on a Boxer or any other short-haired breed. They’re designed for long-haired dogs only; they won’t remove mats on a Boxer. More importantly, the sharp teeth can accidentally hurt your dog, too.

Overall Best Brush for a Boxer

Check out our favorite brush for Boxers.

Kong Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Our number one pick for brushing your Boxer is a bit different than the others on our list, but it’s a soft, effective way to brush a Boxer’s short coat.

The Kong ZoomGroom combines hair removal with massage to manage shedding while also stimulating both blood flow and natural oil production. The unique ridge design acts as a hair magnet to collect every loose strand.

It’s made from the same flexible, durable material as the classic Kong toys. Instead of bristles, the brush has large, rubber cones that won’t scratch or pull. Instead, they gently but firmly remove old hair.

Is it the most thorough brush on the market? Probably not, as bristle and slicker brushes will likely remove more hair than the Kong. However, the Kong brush is the most dog-friendly option. It’s not only soft against short hair and skin, but it provides a comfortable massage your pooch is sure to love.

6 More Top-Rated Boxer Brushes

Want a few more choices? Check out our other top-rated picks.

Safari Combo Brush for Dogs

Simple and effective, this combo brush from Safari is an excellent choice if you want multiple brushing options but don’t want to own numerous brushes. One side has bristles while the other has pins.

Use the bristle side for primary brushing. The firm bristles remove loose hair, dirt, and debris. Additionally, they distribute natural oils throughout the coat.

Next, flip the brush over to remove even more loose hair. The pins help keep your dog’s coat shiny, clean, and silky. Together, the two sides remove mats while also improving the dog’s overall appearance.

The brush is made from durable, solid plastic. It has an ergonomic handle with three raised sections for a secure, comfortable grip. Note that earlier models had a wooden handle, but the company recently switched to plastic. However, plastic is more durable and lightweight option.

Wags & Wiggles Dual-Sided Bristle and Pin Brush

What if you didn’t have to leave home for a professional-quality grooming session? This dual-sided brush from Wags & Wiggles is a cheaper, easier alternative to paying a dog groomer.

It features a bristle brush on one side and a pin brush on the other. The bristle side removes debris and loose hair, while the wire side tackles mats and unravels tangles. With a Boxer, you’ll likely use the bristle side for most brushing, while the wire side acts as a finisher.

Also, this brush certainly stands out from the crowd. It has a contoured handle made from durable plastic with an ergonomic grip and a wide, diamond-shaped brush head.

The brush is specifically designed for dogs with short coats. It removes loose hair and tangles without scratching or irritating the skin.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Dog Brush

Slicker brushes use stiff, dense bristles to remove debris and loose hair, especially from the undercoat. However, only certain types of slicker brushes are suitable for short-haired breeds. If you’re looking for a slicker brush for your Boxer, check out Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker brush.

The main concern when using a slicker brush on a short-haired dog is irritating the dog’s skin. But that won’t happen here because the bristle tips have a soft coating. They remain gentle against the Boxer’s skin even when pulling at tough mats.

Not only is it easy on your dog’s skin, but it’s easy on your hands, too. The handle has a contoured design with a rubberized grip for ergonomic comfort and control. You’ll likely have no problem brushing your dog’s chest, back, legs, and underside while sitting comfortably next to your dog.

JW Pet Gripsoft Bristle Brush

JW Pet’s bristle brush is a reliable classic. It’s a single-sided bristle brush that effectively helps control shedding while also improving coat health and appearance.

Why do you want this brush in particular for your Boxer? The bristles are soft and short, so they’ll brush through the hair without irritating the skin. Because Boxers have a single coat, you don’t want a brush with long, stiff bristles.

As long as you’re gentle and your dog remains calm, the bristles are soft enough that you can use this brush on your dog’s face and neck.

Another compelling feature here is the handle. It uses JW Pet’s Gripsoft technology to create an ergonomic, no-slip grip. Your hand and wrist remain comfortable when holding the brush.

The brush is large enough for quick grooming but still easy to control. Its total dimensions are 11” long by 5” inches wide by 2” high.

True Touch Five Finger Pet Deshedding Glove

Does your Boxer recoil at the touch of a brush? Although most Boxers handle brushing without an issue, some dogs don’t like brushing sensation. If you’re looking for an alternative to a bristle or pin brush, check out this deshedding glove from True Touch (it’s a popular “As Seen on TV” item).

It’s a silicone five-finger glove that fits on your hand. You brush by petting your dog. It’s usually a far calmer and less anxious experience because your dog can feel your hand directly on his body.

The glove has a whopping 175 grooming tips. They’re soft and flexible to avoid skin irritation. These tips press through the topcoat to lift away loose hair and dirt. At the same time, they also gently massage your dog’s skin. Stimulating the skin increases blood flow, which, in turn, helps promote healthy hair growth.

Shedding gloves aren’t as effective as a traditional brush. However, if your dog strongly resists a traditional brush, gloves are your best alternative.

BioSilk Double-Sided Dog Pin and Bristle Brush

Treat your pup to luxury style with this double-sided pin and bristle brush from BioSilk. If you’re not familiar with the BioSilk brand, it was originally a line of salon products designed for humans, and they’ve now expanded into pet products.

The double-sided brush has bristles on one side and pins on the other. For Boxers, you’ll want to use the bristle side first. It removes loose hair and dirt. The pin side is used as a finisher to add silkiness to your dog’s coat.

A double-sided brush is also useful if your dog has sensitive areas on his body. The pin side is far gentler than the bristled side, so you can use it on your dog’s face, stomach, or other areas where the bristles cause discomfort.

The brush is durable and lightweight with molded plastic construction. If you ever have any problems or questions, you can contact the company directly by phone or email. Their excellent customer service is a side bonus due to BioSilk’s primarily human customer base.

5 Simple Tips to Properly Brush a Boxer

Check out these tips for making brushing you Boxer a pleasant experience.

  1. Introduce the brush slowly. Let your dog sniff the brush and otherwise check it out. Do this before every brushing session, so the dog feels comfortable around the brush.
  2. Keep it consistent. Dogs crave a predictable, daily routine. Brush them once a week, not just on the same day, but roughly at the same time, too. Also, brush them in a quiet, comfortable part of the house away from distractions.
  3. Brush thoroughly and gently. Place the brush against the skin, then move it upwards and away. Work in sections. Brush the back, chest, belly, legs, and even the tail. Don’t go too fast or pull too hard. Total grooming should take around 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Keep the brush clean. Although hair trapped in a brush might not seem like a big deal, it’s often filled with dirt and bacteria. To avoid reapplying any gunk back on your dog, make sure the brush is thoroughly cleaned before grooming.
  5. Finish with a pin brush. Once you’re brushed your Boxer with a bristle brush, give him a quick once-over with a pin brush. You’re not removing loose hair. Instead, the pin brush adds fullness to your dog’s coat.

Boxers usually take to brushing without many problems, but try to introduce grooming slowly and gently so your dog doesn’t feel overwhelmed.


FAQ Regarding Boxer Brushing/Grooming

Do you have questions about Boxer care? We’ve got answers.

How Often Should You Brush a Boxer?

Generally, you want to brush them about once a week. You might need to brush twice a week occasionally during seasons when his coat is thicker. Also, you might want to brush him if he’s dirty after spending time outside.

Do Boxers Shed?

Absolutely! Even though they have short hair, and shed relatively less than most other breeds, Boxer hair will accumulate in your home. Except for a few hairless breeds, all dogs shed. You can only manage shedding, not prevent it completely. It’s just a fact of life of dog ownership.

What’s the Best Type of Brush for a Boxer?

You want a shedding brush made for dogs with a single coat. Generally, bristle and pin brushes are your best options. Bristle brushes remove old, loose hair while pin brushes help add fluff to the coat. For tangles, you can use a slicker brush.

Can You Overbrush a Boxer?

You can, but it’s relatively easy to prevent. Unless you have a specific reason to do so, don’t brush more than once a week. Also, when brushing, never brush the same section more than three times.

What are the Benefits of Regular Brushing?

While it doesn’t stop your dog from shedding, regular brushing does help contain the loose hair, so it doesn’t end up all over your house. Also, brushing helps your dog feel bonded with you.

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