8 Best Dog Collars for Chihuahuas in 2024

Chihuahuas are little spitfires with tons of personality packed into small bodies. Their primary mode of operation seems to be “intimidate first and ask questions later.” They’re fiercely loyal to a handful of people they consider family and are not ones to back down from a fight, at least in theory.

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A chihuahua is small enough to escape even some of the most secure fences, so a collar is a must for this breed. Even though they’re small, choosing a lightweight collar helps keep them safe by providing critical information that can get them returned to you if they end up lost.

Finding extra small collars that are comfortable for your Chihuahua to wear isn’t as difficult as you think. We can help guide you through what to look for and a few fantastic options to get you started.

Our list of best collars for Chihuahuas gives you a place to start. They’re durable, comfortable, and many offer features you don’t find on a typical collar. Let’s take a look so that you can find the perfect one for your little bundle.

What to look for in Good Collar for your Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are so small that they’ll need collars made specifically for small breed varieties. The material should be lightweight, and the overall design needs to be slim to avoid chafing or discomfort. They may have big personalities, but their bodies won’t support wide, heavy collars like some larger breed dogs.

That said, the materials should be woven to prevent tearing or fraying with everyday use. Leather is also a good option provided that the width is narrow enough to be comfortable. Hardware should be rust-resistant and hold a leash attachment and information tags. If possible, you should also be able to spot clean the collar if not toss it in the wash to keep it fresh.

Puppies need to wear collars, but having a small enough fit is critical. You may have to look for collars specifically for small breed puppies to find something appropriate. Seniors can continue to wear the same collars provided they haven’t gained a lot of weight or have issues with pain in their shoulder joints. Consider the weather as well and where your Chihuahua will be during the day for breathability issues.

Make the collar a priority from the beginning so that your Chihuahua doesn’t reject it later on. Even if you plan to make your Chihuahua a carry-only sort of dog, a collar is necessary and even a legal requirement in some areas.

Different Types of Dog Collars for Chihuahuas

Various collars are useful for different reasons, so you may need to consider a specific type to align with your goals. Let’s take a look at some common options that could offer solutions for the problem or need that you have.

Flat Collars

Everyday collars are typically flat collars. They use a style that sits flush against your Chihuahua’s neck to make it as comfortable as possible. They’re great for storing information in the form of tags and for everyday wear.

Martingale Collars

If you’ve ever had a chihuahua that was a master of backing out of a collar, you know the value of a reliable no-slip collar. The fancy name is Martingale collar. The design prevents dogs from escaping the collar by tightening around the neck as a dog pulls. A safety mechanism prevents it from tightening enough to be dangerous, and it also helps redirect pulling on a leash.

Smart and Electronic Collars

Smart collars offer features to help track activity, health, and other metrics that help you take care of your dog. Electronic collars are suitable for training purposes or for tracking your dog through GPS. Some even do both.

Choke or Prong Collars

If your Chihuahua is particularly aggressive, you may be tempted to look for one of these options, but don’t. First, you may never find one that’s small enough for your chihuahua. Second, they’re dangerous when used by someone who doesn’t have extensive training. Stay away.

Best Dog Collars for Chihuahuas

Our favorite dog collar uses a fresh design and a durable material to create a comfortable everyday collar. Let’s see how it can be a great all-around option for your Chihuahua.

Blueberry Pet Spring Prints Collar

Best for Everyday Use

Blueberry Pet produces durable, lightweight collars that are easy to clean and fasten. This particular option has a woven fabric that won’t tear or fray and discourages your dog from trying to scratch at it. The snap closure is secure and easy to get on and off while attachment points for leashes and tags are reinforced.

It comes in a variety of prints and includes an extra small size with adjustment points for a great fit. It’s narrow enough to fit comfortably around your Chihuahua’s neck, and it won’t chafe or pull at your Chihuahua’s fur. Plus, you can spot clean it to keep the colors bright.

8 More Highly Rated Dog Collars for Chihuahuas

The rest of our list could be more suitable depending on our unique situation. We’ve compiled a list of collars that will work great in different circumstances, so let’s see if one hits the spot with your Chihuahua.

Pet Trainer Electronic Training Collar

Best Electronic Training Collar

It’s tough to find an electronic training collar that won’t overwhelm your Chihuahua. This one is suitable for larger Chihuahuas temporarily to help discourage barking and stop jumping or growling. It won’t be comfortable long term, but it works in a pinch.

It features a signal and a shock option with adjustable strengths. We don’t recommend this for teacup Chihuahuas or puppies, but standard sized dogs on the larger side of the spectrum should be fine. It’s rechargeable and has a durable collar that won’t chafe.

Frisco Solid Martingale Collar

Best No Slip Martingale Collar

Frisco’s classic Martingale collar uses a no-slip design to help keep your escapee in place. It has a safety mechanism to prevent injury but gently closes more tightly as your Chihuahua pulls. It lays flat, so it can be used as an everyday collar and is light enough to be very comfortable.

It features a simple snap closure and hardware for a leash and information tags. Woven material is breathable and won’t fray or tear. Plus, it won’t catch hair and cause discomfort. It comes in petite sizes and a few different colors to suit your Chihuahua’s personality.

Red Dingo Classic Martingale Collar

Best No Slip Martingale Collar

Red Dingo’s option is an even smaller version of the Martingale collar. For tiny chihuahuas, it offers a narrow band that fits well around an extra small neck, and it uses a lightweight material to avoid putting stress on the neck and shoulders. Woven materials offer plenty of breathability while avoiding the worst of typical wear and tear.

The adjustable slip-on style is secure, and a safety mechanism allows the collar to tighten without ever causing injury. Leash and tag attachment points are convenient and will enable you to use this as everyday wear. It comes in several different colors and sizes.

Pawtitas Extra Small Reflective Collar

Best Reflective Collar

The Pawtitas reflective collar is a teeny version of some of the bigger reflectors. It has bright seaming that allows you to increase visibility at night or in low light conditions and woven material for durable, everyday wear. The snap closure is fast and secure, while attachment points allow you to use a leash and dog tags.

Ripstop nylon can stand up to some chewing and scratching, but it’s so lightweight your Chihuahua may forget about it altogether. It comes in a variety of colors and several different sizes, and multiple adjustment points allow you to get a customized, comfortable fit.

Illumaseen LED Collar

Best Light Up LED Collar

Illumaseen’s collar weaves LED lights directly into the collar itself for bright visibility even in the darkest conditions. The light is rechargeable with a USB, and the collar comes as small as extra-extra small for even the tiniest Chihuahuas.

It has a simple snap closure that ensures security, and you can attach a leash to the D-ring. It comes in several different colors and allows you to make finer adjustments for a perfect fit. You’re able to choose a steady light or a fast or slow setting for flashing. The light lasts for about five hours total and takes around an hour to charge back up again.

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

Best Leather Collar

Perri’s dog collar uses a simple design with a comfortable, soft leather to give your Chihuahua a sleek collar. It has a buckle closure with lots of adjustment points, and it comes in quite a few colors to suit your dog’s personality.

It uses stainless steel hardware and has leash attachments and tag information points. You can spot clean it to keep it fresh, and it comes in a thin, extra small size for a great fit. You can get a customized, comfortable fit that’s a little more refined than your average nylon collar.

Link GPS Collar

Best GPS Collar

Your escape artist may give you a heart attack every time you can’t find it, but a GPS collar could help keep that under control. This smart collar uses a cellular network (subscription required) to track your dog’s location, and a smart app allows you to monitor health and activity details.

It uses a soft leather collar with a curved receiver to fit more comfortably. The receiver is waterproof and also has a remote-controlled light and beep function for training. It’s a wonderful way to get your Chihuahua home in an emergency, and it comes in both small and extra small for just the right fit.

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

Best for Chihuahua Puppies

GoTags eliminates the need for noisy tag jingling and the extra weight. It features a woven nylon exterior with your dog’s information woven right into it to cut down on tags and uses a simple snap closure with plenty of security and a place to attach a leash.

You can wash the collar to keep it fresh, and the material won’t fray or tear. It features reinforced hardware, and it comes in a variety of colors. Different sizes and lots of adjustment points allow you to customize the fit for your little Chihuahua, and it’s comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should my collar be for an adult Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are so small that you’ll need to measure their necks carefully to get the right size collar. Most Chihuahuas won’t be able to wear a regular collar, so follow sizing requirements carefully when choosing.

You’ll need to be able to fit a finger underneath the collar to allow room to breathe, but make sure you can’t wiggle it too freely. Also, watch for signs of breathing issues or chafing to make sure it isn’t too tight.

What size collar should I buy for my Chihuahua puppy?

You must measure carefully for your puppy, but also consider width. If a collar is too broad, it won’t fit properly even if it’s the right length, which could cause your puppy to reject wearing it altogether. The regular part of the collar should fall neatly between the neck and shoulder blades and not be too heavy.

Is it a legal requirement for a dog to wear a collar?

You’ll have to check in your particular jurisdiction, but yes, in many places it is a legal requirement. However, even if you don’t have that requirement, your chihuahua needs to get used to wearing a collar every day for safety purposes. Without a collar, your dog has no way to tell anyone where it belongs in an emergency.

Can I walk my dog on a leash attached to a collar?

Chihuahuas don’t have a lot of pull power, but consistent pulling on a collar can cause potential damage to the airway. The best solution is to use a harness for longer walks and use a collar for a short trip outside to use the bathroom. Otherwise, you could cause pain and injury if your Chihuahua suddenly lunges or if you get the leash caught around your feet and pull too hard.

My Chihuahua goes in my purse and my Chihuahua is microchipped. Do I still need a collar?

You never know when your Chihuahua might escape. A microchip doesn’t tell anyone anything unless they know to check and it certainly doesn’t make it easy to get your dog back. A collar is still the most obvious way to show someone that the Chihuahua isn’t a stray.


Chihuahuas may be small, but they have formidable personalities. A collar helps identify your dog and give you a sense of security that even in an emergency, your little love has an excellent chance to return to you. Finding the right one should be at the top of your list.

Our collars give you plenty of durability while considering your Chihuahua’s small size. They’re all lightweight and comfortable enough that your Chihuahua won’t put up too much of a fuss, hopefully. The options are great if you want to find a collar to solve a problem or need one for everyday use. As long as your Chihuahua is safe and full of love, it should provide years of fun-loving, curious companionship in a tiny body.

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