Chihuahua Toys : 12 Best Dog Toys for Chihuahuas in 2023

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds out there, and that makes them a perfect fit for anyone interested in owning a lapdog. They also tend to be rambunctious and enjoy playing around just as much as any other dog breed out there.

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The challenge is finding the right toys to fit these tiny pups. While companies make a wide variety of toys for dogs of all sizes, there tends to be a focus on the larger ones, which can make it tricky to find the right-sized toy for your chihuahua to be able to play with and enjoy.

Without toys specially designed for tiny pups, your chihuahua may not get much enjoyment from what you give them, and you could potentially cause a health risk for them in the process. Thankfully, while they are less common than some others, it’s beyond possible to find the perfect option to keep your little lapdog satisfied.

Here are twelve of the best dog toys for chihuahuas in 2023, ready for you to bring home!

Different Types of Dog Toys for Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas tend to have a lot of energy, and that means they tend to enjoy toys that have a lot of interaction involved. Toys with squeakers in them are great for chihuahuas since they can provide a lot of entertainment with the resulting noises.

Balls are also an excellent pick for this tiny breed since you can easily find these toys in a size that your chihuahua can handle and carry around. They can get lots of enjoyment playing on their own, and, of course, you can also join in for a game of fetch—perfect for getting in outside play and helping your pup get their energy out.

Just like any other breed of dog, chihuahuas can also be chewers, so any toy that allows for some gnawing is a good pick. Specifically, hyper durable chew toys that won’t break off small pieces (which can be a risk to a chihuahua’s small airways) are the best options around.

Though they can be content to be on the receiving end of pampering, chihuahuas have pretty impressive stores of energy, and any toy that lets them go wild during playtime is sure to interest your pup for as long as you need it to do so.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Chihuahuas

It’s rather simple to pick out the defining characteristics of chihuahuas at a glance: their small size belies a vast stockpile of energy if they get the chance to let it out. While they may be a breed that lends themselves well to being lapdogs and getting pampered (and they won’t argue about it, either), they still need about thirty minutes of walking a day, and the right toys can keep them active, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming overweight.

Because of their small size, you don’t want to get a chihuahua any toys that are too big for them to handle on their own. Even the most energetic pup will leave a toy behind if they can’t comfortably carry it around with them, so finding a suitable sized plaything is critical.

Chihuahua toys also need to be exceptionally durable. This breed may not have as destructive a bite as some larger ones, but they do have small mouths and airways. A broken-off piece of toy that a different dog may swallow could turn into a choking hazard for your chihuahua. To keep your pup safe, any toys you get should be as durable as possible. Stuffed toys are a fantastic alternative to plastic ones!

Our advice would be to trust the majority. There is some natural difference between animals, but the best foods are preferred by a significantly higher proportion than poor quality products. The top picks are miles ahead of the rest, and in this guide, we will help to push you in the right direction.

Once you’ve picked out a quality toy that’s suitable for your chihuahua, all you need to do is find one in your price range. Thankfully, since chihuahua toys are small, they tend not to be as expensive as some of their larger counterparts, so you should have no issues finding a perfect match for your pup!

2023 Best Toys for Chihuahuas

Whether you have an active Chihuahua pup or an older dog who occasionally likes to chew, check out some of our top picks.

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Dog Toy

Best Overall

Fetch is the classic dog game without a doubt, and chihuahuas can have fun playing, too—so long as they have something they can carry on their own. Chuckit!’s rubber ball offers are just the right size for toy-sized dog breeds, plus they’re durable, which not only means that they’ll last you longer, but also that they’re safe for your chihuahua to enjoy chewing on.

The multiple colors on the design make them engaging for your pup to see, and you might find them playing with these balls even when fetch-time is over for the day. The multiple textures also make them perfect for any chi that’s regularly interested in chewing, and the pack they come in has two balls, so you always have a ready substitute in case one goes missing!

KONG X-Small Classic Dog Toy

Best for Aggressive Chewers

Chihuahuas may be small, but they can chew like nobody’s business when they want to. If your tiny pup is an aggressive chewer, KONG’s Classic Dog Toy can withstand whatever your dog wants to put it through—and while there are multiple sizes, the XS and S options are excellent for chihuahuas who love to work their teeth.

All the materials in this toy are safe for dogs to gnaw on and enjoy during observed play. There’s also an area for you to stuff it with snacks like peanut butter and treat paste, which will encourage play and keep your chihuahua satisfied while on the go or even while at home. And since this toy comes with satisfied customer reviews and the endorsement of vets, you know it’s worth the hype.

KONG Tires Dog Toy

Most Durable Dog Toy

KONG already has a top toy on our list for aggressive chewers, but what if you want the ultimate performer in terms of durability? Their Tires Dog Toy comes in both small and large sizes, the former of which is naturally a contender for chihuahua owners, plus the construction is ready to go through the paces that will come from your pup’s teeth.

While sturdy, the elastic build and materials make it enjoyable for dogs to chew on, plus it can fit treats inside for playtime. For some people, having this much durability may seem like a bit much for a chihuahua, but you’ll get your use out of it before you need to get another toy to swap out for it.

Trixie Mini Mover Interactive Dog Toy Level Three

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

While plenty of toys encourage playtime between owner and fur baby, sometimes you may need to keep your chihuahua occupied while you handle other tasks—and puzzle toys are the solution. This interactive dog toy from Trixie is excellent for providing entertainment that only involves some casual supervision, plus it’s a suitable size for chihuahuas to handle on their own.

There are three different “games” all on one board, and you can hide treats in separate compartments for a fresh experience every time. This toy is also dishwasher safe, making it simple to clean. Overall, an excellent match for any chihuahuas who have some previous experience with problem-solving.

Chuckit! Junior Launcher

Best Dog Launcher

Dog launcher toys have multiple uses in that they making tossing balls for fetch less of a strain on your arm while also making it possible to pick up what your chihuahua brings back without needing to get a handful of slobber in the process. While simple in design, they are effective—and if you have less stress about playing fetch, your chi has more opportunities to enjoy the game.

Another common feature of dog launcher toys is that they help you toss balls farther, but you likely won’t need as much distance when playing with a chihuahua. The junior launcher is on the smaller size, able to handle balls that your dog can carry, while also not overshooting the distance if you want to keep your furry friend readily in sight when outside.

Mammoth Mini Cottonblend Three Knot Rope

Best Rope Toy

Rope toys make for a fun addition to any chihuahua’s toybox, especially if you challenge them to tug of war (letting them win of course). Chis happen to like the challenge, and being victorious after a bit of a struggle makes them excited to play another round! If you have more than one toy-sized dog, having a rope toy around can inspire friendly competition with each other.

Mammoth’s offering comes in a mini size that chihuahuas can easily handle, and the fibers of the rope can help floss teeth and maintain dental health. Additionally, this toy has enough durability to help teething puppies and excited chewers alike. If it needs cleaning, you can easily take care of this by wetting the toy without soap and drying it in the microwave for easy maintenance.

Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-A-Lot Toy

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

Chihuahuas can get along with treat dispenser toys since they have tasty encouragement inside, plus they allow for interactive play. Starmark’s Bob-A-Lot toy has your pup pushing the toy around to try and get the treats or kibble come out of the side, and the toy will move around making for a fun challenge that’s sure to excite your chi.

You can adjust the difficulty level, which can help control the pacing of how often your pup is eating. When you want to refill, all you need to do is screw off the top, put in the amount of food you want, and then reassemble, and the Bob-A-Lot is ready for playtime with your dog.

Gnawsome Squeak & Light LED Ball

Best Squeaky Toy

If you want to try another ball option, but regular ones haven’t entirely captured your chi’s attention yet, try out Gnawsome’s product. This ball no doubt falls into the squeaky category, as it makes noise as your dog chews on it and otherwise knocks the ball around. These sounds can be extra engaging, which will make your chi want to keep playing.

Of course, the squeaker isn’t the only engaging part of this ball, and it also has an LED light that flashes during play as well, with both of these features sure to start to excite your chi. Also, if your dog is in the mood to chew, the thermoplastic rubber will last through regular use, while the textured spikes massage your chihuahua’s gums for an additional benefit.

Benebone Mini Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Made in the USA

When it comes to looking for quality toys, you can’t beat ones made in the USA, and Benebone’s chew toys have some excellent options for toy-sized breeds like chihuahuas. In particular, their bacon-flavored wishbone brings together nylon for durability with real bacon for an all-natural flavor that’s sure to give your dog a good time.

Benebone also puts thought into the exact shape of their wishbone toy to ensure your dog can get in a sound bite, which is essential when you’re trying to engage the small chihuahua. While this product won’t stand up to the demands of highly aggressive chewers, it will do the job for most dogs—and all Benebone purchases have a portion proceeds donated to animal support organizations!

Best Dog Toys for Chihuahua Puppies

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier Toy

Best for Teething

You want to teach your chihuahua puppy healthy chewing habits, but younger dogs don’t have permanent teeth, so they can’t handle the same chew toys that they can in their later years. Additionally, puppies go through teething pains, and they need something to soothe their pain.

This toy can handle both of those issues. Nylabone has made their puppy pacifier to have two separate pieces attached to one ring, using materials suitable for non-permanent teeth. Additionally, you can freeze the toy in advance to provide a soothing cooldown, and this vet-recommended toy also can help clean their teeth in the process!

KONG X-Small Puppy Dog Toy

Another Great Teething Toy

If you’re worried about durability when it comes to your puppy’s teething time, the durable KONG brand is around to help. Their popular chew toy comes in a model appropriate for toy-sized breeds like chihuahuas, and the materials won’t damage your chi’s baby teeth—while also being durable enough to last you quite a while.

If you fill the interior with treat spray, you’ll interest your puppy and encourage them to have proper chewing habits for the rest of their life. The toy is also suitable for tossing around a bit and playing other types of games aside from just gnawing the days away.

Hartz Tiny Dog Jungle Plush Dog Toy

Best Plush Toy

And to wrap up our list, we have a plush toy recommendation that even the tiniest of chihuahua puppies can handle. They’re lightweight while also being cuddly, which is sure to make your pup want to keep their new stuffed animal pal around.

There’s also a squeaker inside, which piques the interest level a bit more, and these toys are durable enough to go through regular play without a fuss. What more could a puppy ask to have?

Tips for Playing With Your Chihuahua

Chihuahua toys can be an excellent addition to your dog’s life because these pups have plenty of energy stored up in their small bodies. Engaging toys that this small breed can enjoy on their own is also essential for helping them get plenty of exercise—a must-do since this breed can be prone to overheating due to their commonly pampered lifestyle.

If you want to help your chihuahua stay active and have fun, then:

  1. Give them a structured walk/playtime so they don’t become hyperactive when it’s inconvenient for you.
  2. Play tug-of-war and let them win, so they feel powerful and enjoy playing with toys.
  3. Make sure they have multi-textured, chewable toys to engage them.
  4. Give them multiple games to play, so they always have something fun to anticipate.
  5. With the right effort on your part, your chihuahua will always look forward to playtime, making life more enjoyable for you both!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does age impact what toys my dog will like?

While it varies with breed, your dog’s age can determine what they might enjoy. When it comes to chihuahuas, they’re even smaller when puppies, so you have to stay extra vigilant about the size of toys you’re allowing around them—especially because you want that teether to be useful when the urge to chew hits. On the other hand, an older chihuahua who’s been around awhile may not care much for toys at all.

Is there a guaranteed toy I can get that will work?

Just like people, dogs have their own sets of preferences, and playthings are one of those areas. So while you can pick out recommended toys for your dog’s breed, you never know what will stick. In time, your chihuahua will pick its preferences by playing with certain toys more, though, so you’ll have a clue of what to get them in the future.

What toys should you avoid for chihuahuas or other small breeds?

As mentioned, anything that has a risk of breaking off a piece and getting stuck in your pup’s throat is a no-go, especially when there are so many ready alternatives out there. For this reason, chihuahuas won’t get along with sticks, either, since the bark can chip off after much chewing. While plush toys are much less risky for tiny dogs, make sure you avoid any that have small and detachable parts, such as beads for eyes, etc.

Where can I check if I’m not sure that a toy is safe for my chihuahua?

While we’ve recommended some of the best chihuahua toys around, you may end up seeing something that catches your eye while shopping. Generally, if a toy has an indicator that it’s suitable for tiny dogs, you can rely on it, but it’s also helpful to ask your vet for their opinion. You should also check the materials used in the toy. When in doubt, it’s best to leave the toy on the shelf instead of letting it potentially cause any issues down the line.


Between all the squeaking, tug-of-war, and chew toys out there, you can keep your chihuahua both engaged and safe during their playtime. All of the products on this list have high ratings, so you know that owners and pups alike have been satisfied with them. All that’s left is for you to find the one that works best for your dog!

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