7 Best Giant Dog Toys for Large & XL Dogs in 2023

No matter how big a dog may get, they can still be our fur babies. Some large pups even tend to forget their size and act like lap dogs from time to time! Even so, there are some areas of dog care where we can’t forget the size we’re dealing with—and picking toys is one of them!

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Dog toys can make an excellent addition to your furry friend’s playtime. Some toys will make for exciting games of fetch, others will satiate the urge to chew, and others still will provide mental stimulation to keep your dog engaged. For owners, passing a toy to your pup means that you can encourage playtime and exercise and give them something to distract their attention when necessary.

Large and XL dogs can come in all sorts of temperaments and personalities, which means a variety of toys are potential picks. In general, though, you’ll still want to make sure a toy is a safe size for your pup to use, not to mention checking that it’s durable enough to stand up to regular play. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered on both fronts!

We’ve built a comprehensive guide to the best giant dog toys for large and XL sized dogs. Here you’ll find an overview of our top picks, along with reviews to give you the details on why we love each choice. Still have questions about how to shop for dog toys or ways to play? We have the answers ready and waiting.

Without further ado, let’s give a quick overview of our top picks!

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Large & XL Dogs

Across larger sized dogs, there are a variety of temperaments and playing habits that you can encounter. Even so, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you can’t look for when considering what to buy your big pup. First up, you should think about the toy’s durability.

While not all large and XL sized dogs are aggressive chewers, their jaws do tend to be more robust than their smaller counterparts. Toys that break apart easily can cause health complications if swallowed, plus they’re not the most budget-friendly thanks to regularly picking up replacements. Some breeds with particularly strong jaws also aren’t a good match for plush toys.

Instead, specially designed chew toys make an excellent choice. Some simply provide the enjoyment of chewing, while others allow for treats to be inside, adding some incentive for your dog to pick it up and play. Animal bone-based chew toys provide similar benefits.

You should also think about the size of a toy. Larger breeds will have no problem picking up toys of any size in their mouths, so you won’t need to worry about weight. However, toys meant for smaller sized dogs are easily swallowable by larger breeds. For extra safety, you should check to make sure that the toys you pick are safe for your pup to chew.

Finally, you should always do a little extra research into what kinds of toys are suitable for your dog’s breed. Some enjoy having interactive toys, while others need tougher chew toys for their strong jaws. While our guide focuses on good choices for larger dogs in general, a little research goes a long way toward making a happy pup.

Overall Best Giant Dog Toys

Now that you know what to look for to pick out the best available dog toys for large breeds, it’s time to get into our recommendations. Let’s start with our overall top choice!

KONG Classic Dog Toy – Best Overall

KONG is a well-known name in the dog toy circle—and for a good reason. These chew toys are highly durable, and they come in multiple large sizes and you can pick out the most suitable option for your dog’s breed. KONG also makes an “extreme” version of their classic dog toy, which can stand up to heavy chewers for extended durability.

To help encourage your dog to sink their teeth into this toy, there’s also a treat compartment you can fill. You can even safely freeze this toy to let snack paste or peanut butter last longer. This toy is also bouncy, which can make it suitable for enjoyable games of fetch or even just entertaining your dog as they enjoy the toy on their own.

Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Duck Dog Toy

Plush toys can make for a fun cuddle companion for your pup, but those with stuffing can quickly turn into a mess once a dog’s teeth breach the surface. Frisco has helped take care of this problem by making a flat toy with no stuffing inside. Instead, this toy has a cute duck design that’s soft on the outside and has four squeakers to catch your dog’s attention as they play.

Thanks to its somewhat larger size for a plush, it’ll be an excellent size for your dog to enjoy. It can also double as a fetch toy thanks to its flat design that makes it tossable like a frisbee. Take note that, while this toy is suitable for some breeds of large dogs, it won’t stand up as well to heavy chewers. You should also observe your pet while they play if a squeaker pops out of the toy.

Nylabone DuraChew Textured Ring Flavor Medley Chew Toy

For heavy chewers, finding toys that can stand up to their habits can be difficult. Nylabone focuses on making flavored chew toys, and the toughness of this option can last for quite some time, even with regular use. Because of its toughness, it doesn’t serve the best as a fetch toy, but it will quickly give your dog plenty of entertainment, and the circular shape means it’s easily able to roll across the floor.

While the name is “flavor medley,” the first taste for this toy is chicken, which can help entice your dog to play with it over chewing on other items in your home. It also uses plant-based natural flavoring. The multi-textured surface also helps keep your pup’s attention while helping control plaque from building on their teeth. Nylabone makes this product entirely in the USA.

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Volcano Puzzle Toy

For large dogs that like interactive toys, Frisco’s Hide and Seek Plush Volcano makes for an appealing option. The base volcano has three holes to hide the plush dinosaurs in, and your dog can have fun pulling them from their places. Each dino has a squeaker inside for extra enjoyment, and they can also be enjoyable standalone toys.

The set comes with six total plush dinosaurs, so there are ready replacements on hand. Frisco also sells replacement packs to keep the fun going, even after the original dinos are no longer in playable condition. If you have a heavy chewing breed, this toy will likely not hold up to regular use. However, so long as you observe your dog during playtime, it makes a fun mental game.

Overall Best Giant Dog Toys for Puppies

Even if they’ll one day grow into larger dogs, puppies need a bit of extra consideration when picking toys for them. Here are our recommended picks.

KONG Puppy Flyer Dog Toy

KONG’s notable durability comes together with a fun disc design suitable for puppies. Even large breeds that are heavy chewers will still need a toy that won’t damage their developing teeth, and the toughness on this product is excellent for that. Whenever it becomes chew time, you can trust the frisbee to hold its own in your pup’s jaws.

Since this toy is a disc, you can use it to help get your pup used to playing with a frisbee. Thanks to this design, keep your dog active with a fun new option in their play roster. The flexibility of the design means it can also bend without any worry of breaking. This toy comes in two color choices, which ship at random.

Mammoth Braidys 2 Knot Rope

Rope toys can allow for chewing, games of fetch, and tug of war—which makes them an excellent choice for puppies, as they can help with getting their energy out and give them something to sink their teeth into. Mammoth’s two-knot rope is highly durable, giving even tough jawed puppies something to chew on while staying soft enough not to hurt their teeth.

Mammoth uses 100% natural cotton in their rope, making it safe for your puppy to play with. The fibers also assist with flossing your dog’s teeth as they play, helping reduce plaque and other buildups. Aside from tug of war, this toy is also tossable in games of fetch for extra fun. As with any other toy, you’ll want to supervise your dog as they play with this toy so you can remove it from play once it wears down.

KONG Puppy Dog Toy

Sometimes puppies just need a toy that they can reliably chew on without chewing up everything around them. KONG’s puppy variant of their classic toy provides that option. The large size makes an excellent fit for a giant breed’s jaws, and the overall durability means that it can stand up to strong jaws while remaining soft enough not to harm developing teeth.

As with the adult dog version of this toy, you can let it serve as a chew toy on its own or use it in fetch games. The unusual size gives it an extra bounce, making it fun and unpredictable as your puppy chases it. You can also fill the interior with treats. This toy is also safe to put in the freezer. Not only will this make snack pastes inside last much longer, but the coolness can also help alleviate teething pains.

Tips for Playing with Your Large or XL Dog

After picking out toys for your pup, all that’s left is to get ready for playtime. Even so, you want to make sure you’re playing safely. To help out, here are some tips to keep in mind as you play:

Supervise your pet when they use toys.

Yes, dog toys can be a good distraction when you need a moment to yourself, but even durable toys meant for larger dogs aren’t indestructible.

By keeping an eye out for your dog, you can easily take any toys that break, cutting back on the risk that they may swallow a torn off piece.

Be careful when you play.

Even dogs with the gentlest of dispositions can unintentionally harm when playing if they’re a larger breed. Quickly stop any roughhousing that goes too far early on so they can learn how to play safely.

Know how much exercise your dog needs.

Different breeds of large and XL dogs need different exercise levels throughout the day to stay healthy. Staying aware of the proper amount of playtime your pup needs and working it into your schedule is part of proper dog care.

Learn indoor games.

Going outside is essential for dogs, but some days the weather won’t encourage much playtime. Teach your dog indoor games, like hide-and-seek, for these times. Interactive puzzle toys and ropes for tug of war make excellent toys for staying entertained while still inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are some of the answers to help you make the most of your toys and playtime.

How often should I replace my dog’s toys?

There isn’t a concrete timeframe based answer to this question, as your dog’s play habits will impact how long their toys last. A good rule of thumb to work with is taking a toy away once pieces start to break off. If you give your dog rawhide bones, replace these as soon as they begin to unravel.

How do I know if a dog toy is safe to use?

As we’ve mentioned before, you should always check the materials used in manufacturing so that your pup isn’t at risk of ingesting anything dangerous. Additionally, you should always buy toys appropriate for your dog’s size. All the toys in our top picks are safe, but you can always consult with your vet whenever shopping on your own.

Does my dog’s age impact the types of toys I should buy?

Generally, puppy toys are more suitable for growing dogs’ still-developing teeth. As they grow, larger breeds often need more durable toys to keep up with their strong jaws—and the size of toys becomes a factor, too. As your pup starts to become a doggy senior citizen, you should pick out toys that will keep them active, such as discs or balls for playing fetch.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to larger sized dogs, you need toys that can stand up to their strength and energy levels. With this guide, we’ve gathered the best giant dog toys for large and XL dogs, ensuring that our picks are safe, fun, and highly rated. From here, it’s up to you to pick your favorites and have fun with your pup!

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