6 Best Muzzles for Greyhounds When Safety is a Priority

With long legs and slender frames, many consider Greyhounds to be the Olympic athletes of dog breeds. Not only are these common race dogs, but they’re also the fastest dog breed as well. Some estimate that, at top speed, Greyhounds can reach up to forty-five miles an hour.

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As sighthounds, greyhounds were bred to hunt with their sight rather than their nose.

Historically, greyhounds were more than just racers. In Ancient Egypt, greyhounds were swift hunters and many believed that these dogs actually descended from the gods. With an elegant greyhound by their side, rulers like Alexander the Great hoped the divine beauty of these dogs would rub off.

What is the Best Greyhound Muzzle?

Today, when greyhounds aren’t winning races, they’re usually snuggled up against their human companions. As far as aggression goes, greyhounds aren’t typically a temperamental breed. Unless they’re provoked, it’s unusual for these dogs to growl, snarl or snap at others.

However, because they tend to be easygoing, some owners may overestimate their greyhound’s patience. Even if they aren’t intentionally aggressive, anxiety tends to be a bigger issue in greyhounds—especially current or retired race dogs. When terrified, a greyhound’s first instinct may be to bite or snap at the perceived threat.

It’s for this reason that many owners choose to muzzle their greyhounds in situations that they know will cause anxiety—such as the vet’s office, grooming sessions, or even just a walk outside. Muzzling your dog might seem cruel or brutal, but it’s often what keeps a challenging situation from turning into a dangerous one.

The American Kennel Club’s official stance on muzzles is that, while they shouldn’t be used all the time, they can protect your dog and those around you in specific circumstances. In reality, your biggest challenge isn’t usually deciding on whether or not to purchase a muzzle—it’s finding the right one for your dog.

The good news is that you don’t have to guess what the best Greyhound muzzle is—we’ve already done it for you. Keep reading for a closer look at the different types of greyhound muzzles, when to use them, and our favorite products:

Different Types of Muzzles for Greyhounds

Whether you’re at the vet, a grooming appointment, or in the middle of an emergency, it’s important to know which type of muzzle you should use.

Plastic Basket Muzzle

Some owners may instinctively shy away from the plastic basket muzzle because it looks barbaric. However, in most cases, the plastic basket muzzle is the most humane choice. Unlike a soft muzzle, the cage-like design of a plastic basket muzzle still allows your greyhound to drink, eat treats, and pant.

The plastic material also let owners “mold” the muzzle into a more comfortable shape if they need to. Since greyhounds often have long, slender snouts, this feature can come in handy.

If you plan on making your greyhound wear a muzzle for any length of time, the plastic basket muzzle is usually the way to go. Along with giving your greyhound more freedom, it tends to be more comfortable too.

Wire Basket Muzzle

A wire basket muzzle uses the same design as a plastic basket muzzle but uses metal wire for the “cage” instead. This change does two things: it prevents you from molding the muzzle into another shape and makes the device more durable.

In extreme weather or conditions, a wire basket muzzle is unlikely to melt or crack the same way a plastic basket muzzle might. However, the only downside is that you’ll have to find one that fits your greyhound’s snout well since you won’t be able to mold it later on.

Soft Muzzle

Although some owners prefer basket muzzles, they may use a soft muzzle if they can’t find a basket one to fit their greyhound’s snout. Unlike plastic or metal wire basket devices, the soft muzzle fits over or around your greyhound’s mouth. As a result, they’re usually unable to open their mouths.

Since it hinders your greyhound’s ability to pant or drink water, a soft muzzle might be good in a pinch, but not an ideal choice for long periods of time. Depending on the design of the soft muzzle, it may prevent your dog from biting more effectively than a basket muzzle.

When and Why Would a Greyhound Need a Muzzle?

Although muzzles don’t work well as training implements and should never be used as a form of punishment, there are still several situations you might need one in:


When injured, any dog’s immediate instinct would be to lash out and defend themselves from anyone who gets too close. In the case of an emergency, you may need to muzzle your greyhound in order to make treating their injuries or wounds easier.

The same is true after an attack. If another dog has attacked your greyhound (or vice versa), your pup’s first instinct may be to bite anyone nearby.

Vet Visits

Vet visits can be traumatic for any dog—especially for the easily-anxious Greyhound. Not only are these in close proximity with other dogs, but they may not like being poked and prodded by a stranger either.

If you suspect that your greyhound could lash out, muzzling them may be the best way to stop an accident. Even gentle dogs won’t hesitate to bite if they’re terrified.

Keep in mind that some vet offices may even require that large breeds like the greyhound be muzzled for appointments.

Grooming Appointments

Grooming may be beneficial for your dog, but that doesn’t mean your greyhound will enjoy it. If you already know that your dog doesn’t react well to getting their nails trimmed or coat scrubbed, you may want to muzzle them for any grooming sessions.

Not only will this keep your greyhound from doing something they’ll regret, but it may make the groomer feel more comfortable as well. Like vet offices, some salons may demand that certain breeds be muzzled beforehand.

Required by Law

Your dog may not have an aggressive bone in his body, but you may still have to muzzle him in certain places. Although many places are now overturning these laws, some states may still require large breeds like the greyhound to be muzzled when they’re off private property.

Before heading anywhere new, it’s a good idea to check whether or not the area will force you to muzzle your greyhound.

Overall Best Muzzle for a Greyhound

Many greyhound muzzles might work well, but only one can be the best. Here’s what we’ve picked:

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Best Overall

If you prefer a basket muzzle, the Baskerville Ultra Dog muzzle may be an ideal choice. Not only can it fit comfortably over most snouts, but the thermal plastic rubber provides owners with the chance to “mold” the muzzle into a more comfortable shape if they need to (to do so, you’ll need to heat up the rubber).

Along with adjustable head and neck straps, the Baskerville muzzle also has a “treat-friendly” design so that you can still feed your pup a slab of peanut butter or their favorite wet food when they’re wearing the muzzle.

5 More Top-Rated Greyhound Muzzles

Why stop with just one? Here are five more top-rated greyhound muzzles to pick from:

Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle

Not many muzzles manage to be as affordable and comfortable as the Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit muzzle. If you find that your Greyhound is becoming too anxious (or just too excited), slipping the Four Paws muzzle on only takes a second. There are also seven different sizes so you’ll always be able to find a perfect fit.

Not to mention, since the muzzle is made of durable nylon and is machine washable, you don’t need to worry about your Greyhound trashing it.

Beyond simplicity and convenience, many professionals also recommend the Four Paws muzzle as a go-to option for dog owners.

Ewinever 5-Piece Anti-Biting Dog Muzzles Suit

Speaking of muzzle suits, it would be a crime not to mention the Ewinever 5-Piece Anti-Biting suit. There are five different muzzles included, and all of them are made with durable, breathable material. Regardless of what size or age your Greyhound is, you’ll likely find one piece that fits them.

Putting this muzzle on is painless too—since there’s an adjustable strap and quick-release buckle, you don’t have to worry about your greyhound slipping out of it.

It’s worth noting that, if the Ewinever muzzle suit doesn’t work for your dog, you can always use the money-back guarantee to get a full refund.

CooZero Dog Muzzles Suit

Greyhounds come in a variety of sizes included—which is why the CooZero Dog Muzzles suit can help fit greyhounds of all ages. With seven different sizes, these soft muzzles can easily slip over your dog’s slender snout in a matter of seconds.

Once you’ve placed one of the CooZero muzzles on, you can use the adjustable strap and buckle to make sure it fits correctly. In addition to being convenient, these muzzles are made with durable oxford cloth so that they can withstand any crazy adventures your Greyhound might go on.

Keep in mind that purchasing this product comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it doesn’t work well for your greyhound, you can always get a new replacement or full refund.

BronzeDog Dog Muzzle

For a muzzle that’s specifically designed to fit large breeds, the BronzeDog muzzle might be the perfect pick. With its wire basket design, your greyhound will still have the freedom to pant, drink water or eat their favorite treats (while keeping your dog from biting or eating off the ground).

Besides four different adjustable straps to get the right fit, you might also appreciate how durable this device is. Unlike some soft or plastic basket muzzles, the metal wire can withstand extreme temperatures much better. Regardless of what your greyhound does, this muzzle is unlikely to break just because of a little wear and tear.

Mayerzon Soft Dog Muzzle

Whether you’re at the vet or in the middle of a grooming appointment, not all muzzles can prevent your greyhound from biting as well as the Mayerzon Soft Dog Muzzle. Although it lacks the basket design, this soft muzzle will still allow your dog to pant and breath easily. There’s also plenty of adjustable straps to ensure the muzzle snugly fits around the girth of your dog’s snout.

While some muzzles may be heavy, the Mayerzon muzzle intentionally uses a lightweight design to ensure it doesn’t “weigh” down your greyhound. Keep in mind that, in addition to the product itself, every purchase also comes with a guidebook that includes directions for wearing the muzzle.

5 Tips to Properly use a Muzzle with a Greyhound

  1. Be sure to use positive reinforcement when training your greyhound to wear a muzzle. It’s crucial that your greyhound sees the muzzle as a positive thing rather than a negative, and feeding them treats along the way is a good way to instill that.
  2. Check whether or not your greyhound has worn a muzzle before. If you adopted your greyhound as a puppy, you may already know the answer. However, if you adopted the greyhound from a shelter or somewhere else, they may already know how to wear one. A retired race dog, for instance, may already be accustomed to a muzzle since they usually have to wear one while racing.
  3. Place treats inside the muzzle. For greyhounds that are unfamiliar with muzzles, it’s a good idea to let them “discover” the muzzle on their own. Once they’ve eaten all the treats, you can practice keeping your dog’s nose inside the muzzle for short periods of time (without actually putting it on).
  4. Once you can strap the muzzle on your greyhound, don’t forget to take them somewhere they enjoy. Doing so will help your dog associate the muzzle with positive memories—not negatives ones.
  5. Don’t forget that patience is key. Most greyhounds, unless they’ve worn one before, won’t take to the muzzle immediately. It may take a while before your dog is completely comfortable wearing one.

FAQ’s Regarding Muzzles for Greyhounds

Does my greyhound need to wear a muzzle?

While you shouldn’t just “keep” your greyhound in a muzzle, there may be certain situations where you need one. Anxiety-inducing situations like vet visits, grooming sessions or crowded walkways can cause your dog to lash out.

Is it cruel to use a muzzle on my greyhound?

While a muzzle might look harsh, these devices are usually comfortable for the dog to wear. As long as they aren’t worn for long periods of time and fit correctly, there’s nothing cruel about making your greyhound wear a muzzle.

Will wearing a muzzle make my greyhound more aggressive?

Muzzles are meant to rein dogs in, not cause more aggressive behavior. As long as you’re using a muzzle correctly, it shouldn’t make your dog any more aggressive.

What is the best greyhound muzzle type?

While identifying the best greyhound muzzle might vary from dog to dog, greyhounds usually do well with basket muzzles. Since your dog can still pant and drink water, the device can be more comfortable to wear. However, if you have issues fitting your greyhound’s snout into a basket muzzle, the soft muzzle may be the better option.

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