6 Best Muzzles for Pitbulls : Bite Protection for Bully Breeds

If there’s ever a breed that gets a bad rap, it’s the pit bull. With stout frames and dark eyes, these dogs may “look” aggressive, but they’re usually anything but.

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Descended from the English bull-baiting dog, pit bulls were bred to protect livestock and “bait” bulls. During the 19th and 20th century, pit bulls were frequently used in dog fighting rings and even bred for their fighting ability. This is partly where the pit bull’s poor reputation stemmed from, and why many people still consider these dogs a “dangerous breed.”

Another factor that has contributed to their spotted history has been random breeding. Many pit bulls stem from random breeding, which can result in a variety of different temperaments and traits. Yet, those who actually own a pit bull know what loyal and friendly companions they can be. When they aren’t begging to go on a walk, they’re most likely trying to cuddle up to you.

In many cases, pit bulls make the perfect family dogs. Not only are they gentle with children, but they’re fierce protectors as well. If they perceive someone or something as a threat, the courageous pit bull won’t hesitate to guard their loved ones. However, the pit bull’s overprotective tendencies and unpredictable history are often why many owners choose to muzzle their dogs in certain circumstances.

A visit to the vet, an intrusive grooming session or even passing by another dog may be all it takes to set your pit bull off. Despite muzzles remaining controversial, reputable organizations like the American Kennel Club state that these devices can keep everyone safe in dangerous or unpredictable situations.

Unfortunately, deciding whether or not to use a muzzle is only half the battle. In fact, the most difficult part is often finding the best pitbull muzzle for your pup to wear. The good news is that you don’t have to search alone—we’ve already compiled a list of the top-rated products for you. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the best pitbull muzzles, the different types, and when to use them.

Different Types of Muzzles for Pitbulls

Even if they look similar, not all muzzles are created equal. While some might prevent your dog from snapping at the vet, others will keep him from barking at pedestrians. The right muzzle for your pit bull often depends on the situation:

Wire Basket Muzzles

One of the most popular muzzle types for pit bulls is the wire basket muzzle. Many would describe these muzzles as “cage-like”—and for good reason. The muzzle forms a basket-like barrier around your dog’s mouth and prevents them from biting those around him.

However, wire basket muzzles also usually have a small opening so that pit bulls can freely open their mouths, pant, and even eat any treats you feed them through the holes.

While no muzzle should be worn for long periods of time, the freedom of a wire basket muzzle means that it can support your pit bull for longer amounts of time (and may be more durable than some other choices).

Plastic Basket Muzzles

Like the wire basket, you could compare a plastic basket muzzle to a cage. Although your dog won’t be able to bite or eat food off the ground, they can still eat anything you give them—as well as pant or drink water.

Panting, in particular, is crucial to ensuring your dog doesn’t overheat. If you plan to muzzle your pit bull while they’re out on a walk, a plastic basket muzzle may be a much better choice than a restrictive soft muzzle.

In addition to freedom, a plastic basket design also gives owners the ability to “mold” the muzzle for a better fit.

Soft Muzzles

Soft muzzles may not be the go-to choice for most pit bulls owners, but they do have their advantages. Since they use fabric rather than plastic or wire, a soft muzzle may be more comfortable for your pit bull to wear.

Not all soft muzzles allow pit bulls to open their mouths. While walking or in extreme heat, this can cause ventilation problems—and even make your pit bull overheat.

Although a soft muzzle may be appropriate for a vet visit or grooming sessions, it may not work well if you’re planning to take your pit bull on a walk.

When and Why Would a Pitbull Need a Muzzle?

Muzzles aren’t necessary all the time but in specific situations, they can provide your pit bull with the safety and comfort they need. While there might be other circumstances that require a muzzle, you’ll most likely need one in these scenarios:

Legal Requirements

Your pit bull may be the sweetest dog in the world, but in some states, you’ll still need to muzzle him when you’re not private property. The state of Massachusetts, for instance, has already passed a mandate that “dangerous breeds” like the pit bull must be muzzled when they’re out and about.

Despite the controversy that these laws cause, pit bulls owners will still have to follow them. Before traveling anywhere new, don’t forget to check whether or not that area has restrictions on pit bulls.

Vet Visits

During a vet visit, pit bulls are in a vulnerable state. Not only are they most likely injured or ill, but they’re also surrounded by other distressed dogs. Even gentle, non-aggressive dogs may lash out when a vet pokes and prods them.

If you suspect that your pit bull could react unpredictably to the vet, muzzling them may be the safest option. At the very least, you can keep a muzzle with you to use if necessary. Keep in mind that some vet offices may already have rules that require large breeds like pit bulls to wear a muzzle during the visit.

Grooming Sessions

Like a trip to the vet’s office, grooming sessions aren’t always a positive experience for pit bulls. Although some dogs may love getting their nails trimmed or their coats brushed, others may try to snap or bite the groomer.

If your pit bull has a history of biting or doesn’t cooperate well at grooming appointments, using a muzzle can prevent a dangerous situation. In some cases, the groomer may even demand that your dog wears a muzzle during the session.


Using a muzzle when your pit bull is injured might seem odd, but it may actually be the best thing for your dog. In an emergency, your dog’s senses are on high alert and they may try to snap or bite anyone that’s nearby.

This can make tending to your dog’s wounds difficult—which is why a muzzle may be able to keep everyone, including your dog, safe.

2023 Best Muzzle for Pitbulls


There are tons of muzzles that may fine for your pit bull, but only one of them can be the best. Here’s the product we recommend:

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Best Overall

When it comes to basket muzzles, it’s difficult to find a higher-quality product than the Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. Not only can it provide a better fit over the pit bull’s wider nose, but owners can also adjust the muzzle if they need to.

By heating up the thermal plastic rubber, you may be able to “mold” or “craft” the muzzle into a shape that fits your pup better.

Although the rubber may look uncomfortable at first glance, the Baskerville muzzle uses neoprene padding against your dog’s skin (as well as lightweight material).

5 More Top-Rated Pitbull Muzzles

There’s no reason to stop with just the best pitbull muzzle—here are five more choices to pick from:

OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle

Although many muzzles claim to be high-quality, not all of them can back up those claims as the OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle can. Made in Italy, the OmniPet muzzle uses polyethylene and leather straps that are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Even when it’s blazing hot outside, your pit bull can still stay comfortable.

If you need to, removing the front grills is painless, and slipping this muzzle onto your pit bull will take less than a few seconds.

Another factor to consider is color. While it may not affect the muzzle’s function, the OmniPet muzzle does come in tan and black varieties.

CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle

Not all muzzles are designed specifically for pit bulls, but the CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle is. This basket muzzle uses genuine leather that, not only may be more comfy, but also more durable.

Since it fits snugly against your dog’s snout, the CollarDirect muzzle may be able to prevent your dog from biting more effectively than some other basket muzzles. In addition to its snug fit, there are adjustable straps to make sure it isn’t too loose or too tight on your pup.

Keep in mind that, while the muzzle is designed for a pit bull’s mouth, it’s still important to measure the circumference and girth of your pit bull’s snout before ordering.

BronzeDog Metal Wire Dog Muzzle

For those that prefer a metal wire basket muzzle, there’s no better choice than the BronzeDog Metal Wire Dog Muzzle. While stopping your dog from biting, the muzzle surrounds your dog’s snout with a wide metal barrier that still allows them to pant, drink, or even eat treats.

In the heat, your pit bull is unlikely to deal with ventilation problems or discomfort. Although they can pant all they need to, the four adjustable straps ensure your dog won’t be able to slip out of the muzzle either.

SlowTon Nylon Dog Muzzle

Make your pit bull stand out with the colorful SlowTon Nylon Dog Muzzle. The SlowTon muzzle is all about comfort. With soft flannel padding that can fit around short and long snouts alike, there’s no risk of chafing.

When out on a walk, you can easily attach the muzzle to your pit bull’s collar to ensure a secure fit. Speaking of walks, if you frequently take your pit bull out at night, the SlowTon muzzle also contains a reflective stripe to keep your dog visible.

When adventure time is over, cleaning the muzzle is as easy as popping it into the washing machine and letting it air dry.

Niteangel Quick Fit Nylon Dog Muzzle

For a muzzle that combines both durability and comfort, try using the Niteangel Quick Fit Nylon Dog Muzzle. Unlike some choices, this particular product uses tear-resistant nylon to make sure it withstands playtime. On outside trips, the muzzle includes a D-ring that allows you to directly attach the collar.

Your pit bull may still be able to eat, drink, and pant with the Niteangel muzzle, but he won’t be able to bite or snap. It’s worth noting that, while you should measure your pit bull’s neck and snout beforehand, there are a few adjustable straps to ensure it fits your dog comfortably.

5 Tips to Properly use a Muzzle with a Pitbull

  1. Let your pit bull approach the muzzle first. No dog would react well to someone forcing a muzzle onto them—and that includes pit bulls. To avoid a negative reaction, let your pit bull make the first introductions by sniffing the muzzle. When he gets close to it or looks at it, don’t forget to reward him with a treat.
  2. Let your pit bull getting comfortable with putting his nose inside the muzzle by wiping a dab of peanut butter or wet food onto the inside edge. Once he’s licked it up, practice keeping your pit bull’s nose inside the muzzle for short periods of time.
  3. Once your dog is comfortable with letting you put the muzzle on, don’t forget to keep feeding him treats. This will teach your pit bull that the muzzle is a good thing.
  4. Take your pit bull on a short walk outside. Since most pit bulls love walks, they may begin to think of the muzzle as a precursor to going out.
  5. Patience is crucial. Pit bulls can be stubborn, and the process may take a little time. The important part is not to lose hope.

FAQ’s Regarding Muzzles for Pitbulls

Does my pit bull need a muzzle?

Figuring out whether or not your pit bull needs a muzzle often comes down to one question: is there a chance my pit bull could bite someone? If the answer is yes—as it might be at a vet visit or grooming session—then your pit bull will need a muzzle. In some cases, your pit bull might not be acting aggressively, but your location might require that he wears a muzzle anyway.

Will a muzzle make my pit bull aggressive?

Muzzles will not make your pit bull any more aggressive. Muzzles can prevent a dog from biting, but they won’t change your pit bull’s temperament.

What is the best pitbull muzzle type?

Although the answer can differ from dog to dog, most pit bull owners prefer to use a basket muzzle. Since it allows your dog more freedom, there’s less concern about overheating or ventilation.

When should I not use a muzzle?

Don’t use a muzzle as punishment. Not only will this be ineffective, but it will also only teach your dog to fear the muzzle. Muzzles can keep a dog from biting, snapping or eating off the floor, but they aren’t training tools.

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