12 Best Indestructible Dog Toys in 2023

Some dogs are harder on their toys than others. If your dog is a strong chewer or spends a lot of time outside with toys, you’re probably sick of replacing toys. Many toys are not made for strong chewers, and they fall apart, but companies are starting to make considerations for those pets.

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You can find durable toys now in a variety of options. If you need more wear out of toys, but you don’t want to sacrifice variety, there are quite a few options. They use durable materials, but each is safe for your dog to chew and play with.

Enthusiastic dogs need solutions that allow them to get out that energy without being dangerous. Strong chewers can splinter plastic, tear holes into stuffed toys, and cause the rubber to crack and break off. It’s vital that a toy can withstand this kind of energy or you could find yourself in big trouble.

If you aren’t sure where to find your indestructible toys, we’ve got you covered. Our list of indestructible toys will give your dog plenty of enrichment and cut down on the number of toys you’re having to replace each month. The toys are safe and don’t have all the materials and chemicals that could endanger your dog’s health. Let’s take a look to see what toys might be suitable for your high energy dog.

Different Types of Indestructible Dog Toys

Your dog needs a variety of toys to help alleviate boredom and ensure enrichment. Different types of toys address different needs and help focus that energy in ways that are healthy instead of destructive. Here are a few common types.

Chew Toys

These are the toys on everyone’s mind. Dogs have a natural desire to chew, and these help them focus that desire on things that are not only safe but that they’re allowed to chew. Chew toys help alleviate gum pain and discomfort and also keep the teeth cleaner in between brushing.

Active Toys

Dogs need proper exercise, but more than that, they want time with you. Active toys allow them to get that particular time without always having to run yourself. They can play fetch with things like balls or frisbees and get all that energy out in a healthy way while bonding with you.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzles are great for alleviating boredom. They’re useful for building critical thinking skills and keep dogs entertained while you cook dinner or finish up some work. They give dogs a range of skills and for particularly intelligent ones, could be the difference between a bored and destructive dog and a content one.

Soft Toys

Soft toys can be tricky because they usually aren’t indestructible, but they can be made with sturdier fabrics and reinforced seaming. However, they’re suitable for comfort, especially when you have a new puppy that needs more cuddles than most.

What to Look for in a Good Indestructible Dog Toy

Strong chewers or dogs that spend a lot of time outside, like hunting dogs, may need toys that can withstand the elements and powerful chewing. Tearing up toys is fine if you’re supervising 24/7, but that can’t always be the case. Instead, toys that resist tearing and cracking give you more peace of mind if your eyes can’t be on your dog all the time.

Dogs without stimulation can be bored and destructive. Toys allow them to learn new skills and safely build on old ones. They also give dogs the chance to explore the world and just have fun no matter the circumstances.

Heavy chewers need more than just your average toy. They need materials explicitly designed to withstand that much power. Otherwise, they break or splinter and could cause difficulty with digestion or choking. Toys that crack can also damage delicate gums.

Look for heavy-duty rubber and materials like nylon webbing. These are much more durable than regular plastic or typical cotton toys. Durable seaming can keep the inside of toys where they belong. Regular toys may not cut it, but once you know what you’re looking for, you can finally get some things that will stand up to your dog’s unique energy.

Don’t be fooled by the size. Just because a toy is bigger, it doesn’t mean your toy is indestructible. Toys can be on the smaller side and still built to withstand some power chewing and high energy. The most important thing is to focus on the materials and not the size.

Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Your dog’s toys need to last a long time to keep up with your dog’s aggressive chewing, but don’t worry. This list is made of toys that can handle a little more power. Let’s take a look.

Nylabone DuraChew Peanut Butter Flavored Textured Toy

Best Overall

Nylabone uses highly durable yet safe materials that can stand up to a lot of energy. The textured sections help massage gums and soothe irritation. It also helps keep teeth cleaner in between brushing.

The Nylabone material is highly durable and meant for long term chewing. However, it won’t stain your sheets or cause a lot of odor the way long chew bones typically will. They’re peanut butter flavored to keep dogs interested long term and are an excellent size for a variety of dog breeds. Make sure you check your toy regularly for signs of sharp points that could cause pain. However, the DuraChew is a wonderful, all-purpose chewing bone.

Kong Tires Extreme Chewer

Best for Aggressive Chewers

The Kong Tires toys are great for extreme chewers. The tire design can take a lot of abuse without crumbling and can give dogs that satisfying feedback as they chew. The textured sides are great for massaging irritated gums and for keeping the teeth cleaner while you’re waiting for the next brushing.

The toy is made of durable rubber material that doesn’t crack or break. It’s highly affordable and can double as a fetching toy. It will bounce erratically, giving your dog the chance to chase and run around getting out energy. Make sure you keep an eye on it for signs of wear, but it can really transform a game of fetch or chewing.

Kong Extreme Classic

Most Durable Kong Toy

The extreme toys series is built for extreme chewers. It uses a highly durable rubber material built into three tiers that can withstand a lot of power. It bounces all over the place when thrown and wobbles like a charm. You can even put some treats in the middle to help keep your dog’s interest, but many dogs love the design so much they don’t need it.

Kong is typically a sturdy toy anyway, but the extreme version takes special consideration for power chewers. It can be an excellent tool for puppies that spend time outdoors or your big baby that can’t stop chewing on your shoes.

PetZone IQ Puzzle Ball

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

The IQ ball dispenses little treats as your dog moves it around. It’s a fun little toy made of durable plastic. Fill it with small pieces of kibble, and every time your dog chases it around, it gives rewards in the form of tiny food. This keeps dogs entertained and enhances critical thinking skills.

You can take it completely apart to clean and make sure it’s sanitized. Also, be sure you’re considering any extra calories your dog consumes in the form of treats. If your dog has trouble with excess weight gain, you might reserve a small portion of the meal to put into the ball. Your dog gets plenty of interest and stimulation and can practice critical thinking.

Chuck-It Ultra Ring Launcher

Best Dog Launcher

The Chuck It Ring launcher is an excellent toy for highly energetic dogs. It allows you to get some height in your fetch game without wearing your arm out. The ring is a fun upgrade to the classic ball toy, and it will bounce in a lot of different directions. It can send your dog running all over the place, and once the ring is caught, it can stand up to some chewing.

It uses bright colors in the design to keep it eye-catching and easy to find. The materials are safe for your dog, and it can also double as a fun toy to chew. While your dog is running all over the place trying to chase it down, you can sit or stand wherever you are and conserve energy.

Mammoth Cotton Blend

Best Rope Toy

Rope Toys are great for the chewing instinct as well as a fun toy to keep around for activities. The rope is extra large with plenty of knots to keep it together, and the fabric is natural cotton dyed to fun colors. Your dog can begin to unravel the rope slowly, but it should take a long time before that actually happens.

It’s 100 percent cotton and helps keep your dog’s teeth cleaner in between brushing. It’s durable enough for larger dogs or for a substantial activity that happens outside. The sun and other elements can be hard on a rope toy, but this one can withstand a bit and last a while.

Pet Stages Challenge Ball

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

The treat-dispensing toy is made of durable, natural rubber. It dispenses little treats as your dog moves the ball around, but the material can also withstand some chewing along the way. The fun colors help you see it even if it rolls under furniture and it has three stages of difficulty.

It’s easy to clean and should keep your dog entertained for a while. It also makes a great fetch toy without the treats. If you’re feeding your dog treats regularly, make sure you consider how many calories you’re giving, or reserve pieces of your dog’s meal to put into the ball. It builds critical thinking skills and offers a lot of fun.

Dogzilla Squeaky Toy

Best Squeaky Toy

The Dogzilla squeaky toy is a great chew toy with lots of texture to help massage gums and keep teeth cleaner in between brushing. It’s a bright red color and made of a durable rubber that can withstand some chewing and powerful play.

You can add treats to the middle to make it more interesting, but the fun sounds along with the texture of the toy are excellent for energetic dogs. It’s durable and comes in two different sizes for medium to large dogs. It relieves your dog’s natural urge to chew safely.

USA Bones and Chews Rope Toy

Made In The USA

The USA Bones and Chews rope toy is a delightful addition to any toy collection. It uses rope to hold together the bone pieces, something dogs love. They can be a fun chew toy, but the bones are smooth and won’t produce splinters as much as healthy bones will.

The rope toy is durable and won’t unravel the way traditional rope toy will. The entire toy is made in the United States from US materials. It’s a great way to invest in our local economy while giving your dog something to do.

Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Puppies

Puppies need toys just as much as adult dogs do, but strong chewers need help with more durable toys. These are a great place to start.

Nylabone Teething Toy

Best for Teething

Nylabone makes teething toys specifically for enthusiastic puppies. It’s textured to help massage irritated gums and keep teeth a little cleaner between brushing. It’s safe for your puppy’s growing teeth and can help keep that chewing energy in something more constructive.

Nylabone is made of a durable material that can withstand aggressive chewers, and the design is easy for your puppy to get into those back teeth. The four sections of the chew toy give your puppy plenty of space to chew and stay interested without it getting destroyed. It won’t stain your flooring, but make sure to check it periodically for sharp parts.

Fido Puppies First Bone

Another Great Teething Toy

Another excellent bone is Fido’s. It uses a tough material to hold up to excited chewing, and the textured exterior helps keep teeth a little bit cleaner. It also massages gums and helps soothe any irritation. It’s a simple design, but it does help get into the back of the mouth to those stubborn teeth.

It’s easy to rinse off if need be and it lasts a really long time. It won’t stain your flooring and doesn’t produce a smell the way bone toys will. It uses a slightly flexible material to help protect growing puppy teeth, and it’s easy to hold for a variety of dog breeds.

Frisco Flat Plush Squeaky Toy

Best Plush Toy

The Frisco flat plush toy is an excellent option for puppies that need some comfort but have trouble destroying all their other toys. It has a squeaky middle to keep your dog’s interest and uses a durable yet soft material for comfort. It’s a great option for both rough play and comfort at the end of the day.

It has very little stuffing in the middle, so there’s less for your dog to throw around the house or ingest. It’s easy to clean and has four different squeakers for plenty of excitement. It’s a larger size and can be used as a fetch toy as well.

Tips for Playing With Your Aggressive Chewer

  • Your dog may be a powerful chewer, but play is still a vital part of your dog’s life. Play helps teach your dog how the world works and can also encourage bonding. If you want to get the most out of your play sessions, here are a few tips.
  • Your dog may be energetic, but make sure you check periodically for heat exhaustion or fatigue. Your dog can quickly over run if you aren’t careful. Offer plenty of water and periodic breaks.
  • Change up your toys for more fun. If you have a collection, hold some back and switch them out periodically. This helps distribute wear and tear and keeps your dog interested without having to purchase toys all the time.
  • Your dog wants to spend time with you, so things that can do more than one thing are fantastic. A toy can move from fetch to tug of war to cuddles, and your dog will be the absolute happiest it has ever been.
  • Toys can be great ways to train your dog. If you need to teach your dog to return to you quickly, the promise of a sweet toy could make that happen. If you need to teach your dog to wait, the same thing could happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What toys are best for aggressive chewers?

Since you can’t just avoid all toys, durable materials are a must. They need to withstand a lot of abuse without tearing up. Little pieces that come off can cause digestive problems or choking. You must keep an eye on them.

What toys are best for puppies?

Puppies need toys to help curb chewing and prevent damage to your things. Also, the toys are suitable for your dog’s sensitive gums. They also help with training and teaching your puppy what’s up.

Can toys prevent my dog from chewing my things?

A lot of chewing is caused by boredom, so make sure you’re spending enough time with your dog. If your dog is bored, no amount of toys can help when you aren’t around to bond. Chew toys can help direct that energy, but it won’t replace time spent with you.

How do I keep my dog happy during the day?

Aggressive chewers are just like other dogs, but they need durable toys. The variety of toys is a big part of your dog’s learning life and an excellent way for a dog to blow off steam. They’re critical, and when you get the right indestructible toy, your dog can enjoy things without you worrying.


Your aggressive chewer can still have toys as long as you find materials and fabrics that can withstand that kind of power. The toys on our list should cover all your bases and help your dog get plenty of entertainment and enrichment.

It’s frustrating having a toy that lasts only minutes, but these should give your dog plenty to work with. The most important thing is to remember that your dog wants to spend time with you.

Using toys as a way to bond or play can be a critical part of your relationship. Plus, the right toys can redirect energy to something safer and less heartbreaking than your favorite shoes. Make sure you have the right gadgets in your arsenal, and your aggressive chewer can grow up happy, healthy, and full of life.

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