7 Best Brushes for Pitbulls With 5 Simple Brushing Tips

All Pitbull owners know there is nothing their pup loves more than attention. Pitbulls look forward to any time their owners can devote to them, whether you spend that time playing, taking a walk, or brushing and grooming. No matter the activity, the loyal and friendly Pitbull promises to be a faithful companion with a loveable and outgoing personality.

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Pitbulls, or Pitties, are easily recognizable with their large, flat heads, broad faces, and wide jaws. Athletic and strong, they have a stocky, muscular build and a short coat. With persistent and gentle trainers, Pitbulls are obedient and capable of learning almost any command or trick taught to them. They are intelligent dogs that are sensitive to their owner’s needs.

While all Pitbulls share a compact body type, their coat color varies considerably. Red, brown, blue, black-and-white spotted, and brindle are among the colors and patterns you might see in a Pitbull. Pitbulls also range from medium-sized to large dogs, with their weight typically falling between 30 and 85 pounds.

Although a Pitbull’s coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns, it is always short, stiff, and shiny. Luckily, this makes grooming fairly easy. A bath here and there when needed and regular brushing are enough to maintain a Pitbull’s fur effectively. However, that does not mean that any brush is sufficient.

Choosing The Right Brush

Choosing the right brush for a short haired Pitbull is just as important as choosing one for a long haired breed. Even though their fur is short and never tangles, Pitbull’s still need coat care as it also benefits their skin health. In fact, brushing helps eliminate dandruff and dirt and even relaxes your dog, which promotes overall wellbeing.

Brushing your Pitbull is also a bonding activity. Because dogs find brushing a relaxing and pleasant sensation, they look forward to it and begin to associate their owners with the comforting feelings that come from brushing. So, not only does grooming encourage health, but it also enhances the relationship between you and your Pittie.

Keep reading to learn more about the specific needs of a Pitbull when it comes to brushing and grooming, including information about the different types of brushes available. Also, find top picks for Pitbull brushes that ensure a smooth, shiny coat, as well as grooming tips and tricks to help keep your Pittie looking fresh and healthy.

Different Types of Popular Pitbull Brushes

While Pitbulls do not require intense grooming sessions, brushing is essential to maintaining healthy skin and a healthy coat. Pitties are prone to skin allergies, so choosing the correct brush will remove dead hair and dirt and distribute natural skin oils that nourish the fur to increase shine and smoothness.

Rubber or Curry Brush

These types of brushes are excellent choices for Pitbulls because they are designed for short haired dogs that shed. They pull loose hair from the coat like a magnet and massage the skin to spread natural skin oils. Many curry brushes are completely rubber, so they can be used during bath time, allowing shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and hydrate deeply.

Bristle Brush

These brushes are excellent to use for daily brushing or for finishing a grooming session. Bristle brushes smooth the entire coat and also distribute skin oils that keep skin nourished and fur moisturized. For short haired breeds, like Pitbulls, brushes with short bristles placed close together are best.

Combination Brush

Combination brushes offer two different brushes on each side, making them excellent multi-use grooming tools. They typically have a pin brush on one side and a bristle brush on the other. With this duo, you can remove loose hair and grime from the fur while fostering natural oil production to benefit the skin.

Shedding Brush

Since Pitbulls are year-round shedders, shedding brushes work well for them to lift dead hair, dirt, and debris from the topcoat, restoring healthy fur. Shedding brushes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so make sure the one you choose is suitable for short haired breeds.

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes remove loose hair and dirt from your pet’s coat to cultivate shine and reduce shedding. Often the end is curved so that it contours to your pet’s body for comfortable brushing. However, be sure to use slicker brushes with caution and gentleness in short haired Pitbulls. If you are not careful, the wire bristles can damage the skin.

Overall Best Brush for a Pitbull

This is our favorite brush for maintaining a Pitbull’s naturally smooth fur.

Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Hair Dog Brush

No brush is more perfectly designed for a Pitbull than the Furbliss, which operates as both a deshedding and a massaging brush. One side of the brush provides a gentle massaging motion during brushing, while the other side desheds your Pittie’s fur and can even be used to remove hair and lint from clothing and furniture.

Pitbulls suffer from allergies that can dry out the skin and lead to scratching or redness. Using the Furbliss brush stimulates oil production for nourished fur and skin. These natural skin oils, encouraged by the Furbliss brush, ensure your Pitbull’s coat maintains its smoothness and softness without damage from allergies.

Furbliss also functions as a bath tool, collecting loose hair and massaging the skin during bath time. The massaging sensation helps create a calm environment, which is especially important when trying to relax your pet during a bath. Furbliss, with its multiple uses, offers a perfect solution for keeping your Pitbull’s coat healthy and polished.

6 More Top-Rated Pitbull Dog Brushes

Here are some other great choices to keep coats shiny and skin nourished.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

If you have trouble with your pet’s fur sticking in the bristles of a brush, the Hertzko Self-Cleaning brush offers an excellent solution. After brushing, simply release the bristle retraction button and wipe away the fur. This function helps with short Pitbull fur that is difficult to clean out of long bristles.

This Hertzko brush has curved bristles that effectively remove loose hair from your dog’s coat, leaving shinier fur behind. It massages your pet, too, which increases circulation and offers a calming sensation. Both of these attributes benefit your pet’s health and strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

While many brushes lose their usefulness jammed with hair from previous grooming sessions, the Hertzko brush solves this problem with its innovative self-cleaning mechanism. This brush works well for Pitbulls because it reduces shedding, maintains its effectiveness over time, and promises a convenient brushing experience.

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

The KONG ZoomGroom is a multifunctional grooming tool excellent for dry brushing and bathing. ZoomGroom works perfectly for Pitties during bath time to work the shampoo into the fur, which can be difficult otherwise with such short hair. Using a circular motion to distribute the shampoo also calms your pet with massaging movements.

Besides bathing, brushing your dog gently in circular motions with the ZoomGroom decreases shedding. It acts like a magnet to pull loose hair from your dog’s coat during bath time and ordinary brushing. ZoomGroom also promotes healthy skin by stimulating natural oil production that nourishes skin and fur.

Because a Pitbull’s hair is quite stiff and short, it never tangles, which makes the ZoomGroom an excellent choice. Instead of detangling, it enhances skin health and coat shine, restoring a Pitbull’s naturally smooth fur.

Safari Bamboo Pin & Bristle Combo Dog Brush 

This combination brush features a pin brush on one side and a bristle one on the other. The wire pin brush pulls loose hair and dirt from your Pittie’s coat, creating smoothness, while the bristle brush circulates natural oils that offer nourishment and shine to the coat.

Pitbulls do not require intense grooming that involves detangling knots and trimming hair, so the best brushes often work as multi-use grooming tools. This Safari brush promotes healthy skin and a healthy coat using the two distinct sides of the brush, making your grooming job much more straightforward with only one tool.

Plus, the eco-friendly bamboo handle supports your hand with a comfortable grip while you brush your pup. In this way, grooming becomes an enjoyable endeavor for both you and your Pitbull.

FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs 

The FURminator Curry Comb is a professional grooming tool ideal for shorthaired pets. Its rubber teeth are gentle on the skin, and its curved shape contours to your dog’s body, which makes brushing a more relaxing activity. The handle features an ergonomic design that conforms to your hand for extra comfort.

Even though you may not notice it, Pitbulls are year-round shedders. This FURminator specializes in minimizing shedding, removing dead hair from the topcoat along with dust and dirt, which makes it a great choice for Pitbulls. The rubber teeth also stimulate the production of natural oils and spread them evenly across the fur.

A strap across the top of the brush gives you extra control and makes it easier to mimic massaging motions that calm your pet. This curry comb guarantees a shinier coat by eliminating dead hair and distributing nourishing skin oils.

Martha Stewart Double Sided Dog Comb 

This double-sided comb has round-tipped teeth that help prevent skin irritation and also remove fleas and flea eggs. Since this comb has fine teeth, it eliminates dander, too. The lightweight handle makes brushing easy and comfortable, whether the fur is wet or dry.

Pitbulls are active dogs and love to play and run, which sometimes results in dirt and grime sticking to their fur. When bathing your Pittie, use this comb to lift loose hair and muck from the fur during the bath and afterward to enhance the glossy smoothness of the coat.

Since Pitbulls suffer from sensitive, allergy-prone skin, a multi-purpose tool like this one is an outstanding choice to maintain nourished skin and healthy fur.

Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove Dog Bath Massager 

This Four Paws brush specializes in optimizing bath time, massaging shampoo into the coat to leave your Pitbull fresh and fluffy. It allows for deep penetration of shampoo and conditioner as it gently pulls dirt and hair from your pet’s coat. You can even use this massager before bathing to rid excess hair, making grooming during bath time more manageable.

Pitbulls are excitable dogs that may become a little overzealous during bath time. This massager features a secure grip strap that fits over your hand and lends you extra control to ensure effective bathing even when your pup may be uncooperative.

With this brush, there is no need to worry about your Pittie panicking during brushing, as it massages and calms your pet, creating a relaxing and bonding grooming experience.

5 Simple Tips to Properly Brush a Pitbull

Read on for quick brushing tips that guarantee an expert grooming experience.

Choose the correct type of brush, depending on your goals with grooming. Whatever you select, make sure the brush is suitable for short haired breeds so it will not irritate or damage the skin.

Be gentle when you brush. Do not apply too much pressure as this can damage hair and skin. You should also always brush down and out, away from the skin.

Keep an eye out for signs of skin infection or allergies. Because Pitbulls are prone to skin issues, monitoring for dryness, redness, sores, or other peculiarities in your Pittie’s skin is crucial to maintaining health.

Enhance shine with a soft cloth. Wipe your Pitbull’s fur down with a soft cloth after brushing to boost the natural shine of his coat.

Use positive reinforcement to encourage cooperative behavior while brushing. Be patient with your Pitbull when starting a regular grooming routine. It may take some time for her to adapt to a new activity, but if you make it fun and enjoyable, she will come to look forward to spending this time with you.

Remember to choose a safe brush and be gentle when grooming your exuberant Pittie since their short, stiff hair makes their skin vulnerable to damage or irritation from harsher brushes.

FAQ Regarding Pitbull Brushing/Grooming

Have questions about grooming your Pittie? Check out some helpful answers below.

dHow Often Should You Brush Your Pitbull?

Pitbulls require little grooming since their fur is so short and smooth. Brushing your Pitbull once per week is sufficient to remove debris and loose hair, as well as control shedding.

Do Pitbulls Shed?

Yes, Pitbulls do shed, but it is not very noticeable since the hair is so short. While they shed year-round, it is usually worse during the transitions from winter to spring and fall to winter.

Can You Over Brush Your Pitbull?

Yes, you can over brush a Pitbull, though it is easy to avoid. With such short hair, Pitbulls do not need to be brushed more often than once per week. Brushing more frequently may result in skin damage.

Are There Any Brushes You Should Not Use to Groom Your Pitbull?

Yes. Because Pitbulls have very short, tight fur, their skin is more exposed and susceptible to damage from brushes. The brush you choose should be appropriate for short haired dogs and should not have very long or very firm bristles, teeth, or pins that could cut right through the fur and harm the skin.

For example, never use a rake brush to groom a Pitbull. Rake brushes have sharp teeth to remove mats and are meant for long haired dogs only. On a short haired dog, the teeth would surely damage the skin.

Generally, the best brushes for Pitbulls are soft rubber or bristle brushes. Most Pittie coats are perfectly managed by a simple brush that lifts loose hair while distributing natural oils over the hair coat.

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