8 Best Sweaters for Pitbulls

Pit bulls as a breed can have strong personalities, and they also enjoy playing when they’re in the mood. When the temperatures change, however, it can become tricky to have them stay outside long enough to get their feel of exercise.

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Dog sweaters can make an excellent solution to this problem. Just like when we get dressed, adding an extra layer does a lot to keep your dog warm and cozy.

However, not all sweaters are high-quality enough to last. Additionally, you want an option that’ll provide enough warmth while also being a good fit for your breed’s specific needs. Otherwise, you might end up with an uncomfortable sweater.

To help pit bull parents of all kinds, we’ve compiled a guide to our top pit bull sweater recommendations, as well as what to look for, how to find the best size for your dog, and more!

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Sweater for Your Pit Bull

Though they can have negative reputations, a well-trained pit bull can be just as loving as any other pup. They also enjoy getting regular exercise, and playtime can be excitable. While they can be content staying inside to play, heading outside is great to let your pup get some fresh air and let them take care of business.

Since pit bulls can be smaller and often stay closer to the ground, keeping them warm in the winter months is going to take a sweater that can keep in the warmth and stand up to regular use.

Fabric Choice

When shopping for ourselves, the fabric options we consider can make a fashion statement. That’s far less of a concern for your pup, as the goal is to keep them warm. However, you don’t want a fabric so unbreathable that it will cause your pit bull to overheat while getting exercise. Because of this, cotton and flannel balance these concerns well.

Additionally, any dog sweater you purchase should be flexible. This factor helps out in two significant ways, the first being getting your pup dressed and undressed with ease. Fabric that’s too tight will also restrict your pup’s movement, and likely make them uncomfortable and unwilling to wear the sweater.

Another thing about the fabric that can make your pit bull more uncomfortable is if the material is scratchy. You don’t like the feeling of uncomfortable clothes, and neither will your pup. Head the problem off by choosing wisely.


As we’ve said, style isn’t something your dog is likely to care much about. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ignore this factor. After all, what’s more fun than dressing up your pup for comfort and style?

Of course, there are some safety concerns to think about. Pit bulls as a breed tend to enjoy chewing on things, and that might include their sweater if you’re not careful. Some dog clothes may even add accessories like buttons, which can create a choking hazard for your dog. Be sure to avoid these or remove them before dressing your dog!


On the note of pit bulls enjoying chewing, you want a sweater than can stand up to regular use. You don’t want to find your pup’s clothes ruined after a few uses. Paying attention to fabric choice as we’ve discussed above is one way to alleviate concern about this issue.

Additionally, the construction of the sweater will determine how long it can last. Weak stitching won’t last long when your pit bull is active outside. Regularly replacing shirts that won’t last isn’t a fun way to spend your time.

Aside from the money factor, you want your sweater choice to be durable for the sake of your pit bull’s safety. Just like with accessories, if the sweater starts to come apart, it can create a choking hazard or get tangled up in your dog’s legs as they play.

That’s part of why we built this guide: so you can have your pick of design you like for your pit bull without stressing about if the products are of high quality or not.

How Do I Ensure the Best Fit for My Pit Bull?

Before we move on to our best picks, though, there’s one more area you should consider when it comes to getting a quality sweater for your pit bull: the size. If the top is too big, it won’t keep in heat well, plus it can get in the way of your dog’s movement. If it’s too tight, your pit bull is going to be uncomfortable the whole time.

So how do you know what’s a good fit? You can take measurements right from your own home. The three factors that usually come into play are your dog’s:

  • Body length, measured from the base of the neck to the bottom of the tail
  • Girth, measured around the broadest part of the chest, and
  • Neck, measured loosely around the neck

It’s essential that you do not measure too tightly around the neck, as doing so can make your dog very uncomfortable when in a sweater. Most dog sweaters do use these three core areas in their sizing guides, and you can compare sizes to the measurements you have. Additionally, if your dog is between sizes, you’ll have much better luck getting a good fit.

However, you shouldn’t stop there. You’ll have an even better fit if you have your dog try on the sweater as well. Most pet shops will allow you to try on shirts before purchasing, and some online retailers will enable returns after try-ons as well.

To start, work on pulling the sweater over your dog’s head, and check how it fits around their neck. You do not want this to be too tight or a struggle to put on, which can be a challenge with pit bulls. The next stage is to pull it over the front paws, checking for movability. Finally, pull it over the rest of the body, checking for fit around the stomach and if might get in the way while they use the restroom.

Aside from checking your fit, let your pup walk around it in and see how they feel. Are they comfortable? Can they move freely? There’s no better way to tell if your dog is happy with a sweater then to let them try it on!

Best Pit Bull Sweaters for Winter

Frisco Dog Cable Knitted Sweater: Best Overall

For a soft sweater that your pit bull should enjoy, we recommend Frisco’s cable knitted sweater. Overall, it’s affordable, letting you receive an excellent deal for your dog without needing to overspend for quality. Frisco’s size chart is simple to navigate, and their sizing is also accurate when it comes to the available choices. The acrylic-based material is comfortable, easy to put on and off, and simple to clean over time.

From a design perspective, you have six core colors to choose from, giving you options to dress up your pit bull however you like. The cable knitted adornments add some texture, without causing any health risk to your dog. And with all that considered, there’s not much else you can ask out of the best available sweater for pit bulls.

7 More Top-Rated Pit Bull Sweaters

Is our top pick not quite your style? Consider these other excellent sweater choices for pit bulls!

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

Chilly Dog has a lot to like as a brand for dog sweaters. The wool fabric is excellent for staying breathable while retaining heat, and it’s stretchy enough to allow for plenty of flexibility when getting ready or whenever your pit bull is on the go outdoors. Overheating isn’t something that your dog will be at risk. The darker gray color also means you won’t have to worry when your pup stays close to the ground.

However, what really makes Chilly Dog stand out is their commitment to creating sustainable and all-natural fabrics. The wool is one-hundred percent all-natural, while also being non allergenic for dogs with sensitive skin. The natural color dyes don’t involve any artificial colors. Finally, Chilly Dog’s sweaters are handmade, so your pit bull will have a one of a kind design to keep them warm.

Eddie Bauer Two Tone Cable Dog Sweater

For another brand that you can trust, look to Eddie Bauer. We like the design and how simple it is to dress and undress your dog as necessary. Even better, the sweater comes with a hole in the back, intended for use with connecting a leash to a collar or harness without having to navigate around the shirt awkwardly.

This sweater uses an acrylic material, suitable for standing up to whatever your pit bull gets into. It’s also machine washable, which makes cleaning up as necessary a breeze. With this cable-knitted design, you can choose between two available color schemes, each with look classy on your pup. If you can, do try this sweater on your dog before purchasing, as the sizes can sometimes run a bit on the larger side.

Chilly Dog Buffalo Plaid Dog & Cat Sweater

Another offering from Chilly Dog, with plenty of the benefits of the other option! You get the same all-natural wool and dye choices together in a sustainable package that’s safe to dispose of after it’s worn out. However, you can expect the design to stick around, especially since the material is dirt resistant—an excellent option when buying for a pit bull that likes to play.

Overheating is also not an issue, same as the other option. Two significant areas make this one different from our other recommendations, the first of which is the plaid design. These bold colors are an excellent match for the outdoors and colder seasons. This sweater also comes with a small pocket on the back, excellent for carrying dog bags, stowing treats, or just making a cute addition to your pup’s style.

Frisco Dog Argyle Style Sweater

Speaking of double brand recommendations, we have another offering from Frisco in their argyle style pattern. The design gives a charming style that’s sure to make your pit bull look dapper while wearing it. Frisco’s reliable sizing chart once again saves the day, and you don’t need to worry about the body area being too right or pulling along the ground.

If it does come in contact with the dirt, though, there’s no need to worry: you can toss the sweater in the wash and be on your way. The knit polyester is also the exact level of stretchiness you want to let them move around freely and to get them dressed to head outside. The main pattern comes in two different color options, and there’s a leash hole ready in the back for easy collar access.

PetRageous Designs Corbin’s Cable Knitted Dog & Cat Sweater

PetRageous is responsible for the next sweater on our list, and the cable-knitted and other subtle design choices make for a classy-looking option. We also like the use of flecked yarn, which adds a bit of sparkle without creating an uncomfortable experience for your pup. All material is soft to wear, even for all three of the available color choices.

The pullover design helps out a lot when it comes to getting your pup dressed to head outside, and the European design ensures no issues whenever your dog needs to use the restroom. While there isn’t a convenient leash hole, the neckline does fold down to give you easy access for your leash. The material is safe for throwing in both the washer and dryer for simple cleaning.

Eddie Bauer Snowflake Fair Isle Dog Sweater

If you live in an area where winter is more chilly than freezing, then you may not need to break out the heavy-duty dog sweaters. For those that fit into this category, Eddie Bauer’s Snowflake Fair Isle Dog sweater will handle the job well. The acrylic material is both flexible and warm enough to keep your pup cozy and make dressing and undressing a breeze.

One of the things we like a lot about this sweater is that it holds its shape well, even after multiple washes, so you don’t have to worry about issues like stretching. It’s even safe to go through the dryer, which not all washer-friendly dog sweaters can handle. You’ll also have the convenience of a leash and harness hole, making going for a walk simple.

Chilly Dog Monkey Hoodie Dog & Cat Sweater

And to wrap up our list, Chilly Dog wins out again with this cute and playful design. While overall simple in terms of color, the adorable sock monkey on the back helps it stick out. There’s even a small hood, which, while not the most practical option for a dog to use, does have some monkey ears as well for an extra tough. They’re integrated into the knitting, so you don’t have to worry about them creating any hazards for your pit bull.

As we’re sure you’ve guessed, there’s plenty of other things you don’t need to worry about, such as your dog having an allergic reaction to the fabric. Once again, all-natural wool and dyes make for a quality product, along with the handmade construction keeping the design sturdy. That material combo is also a perfect fit for keeping any pit bull warm, even in the coldest of months.

FAQs About Sweaters for Pit Bulls

How do I know if my dog is cold?

Since your dog can’t outright say “I’m cold,” it can be tricky to judge whenever they start to feel the chill. You can get a good idea of their temperature by checking if their ears are chilly, though, which can give a clue of when it’s time to head inside. If your pup is very uncomfortable, they’ll start to whine, try to keep their paws off the ground or otherwise fidget, or slow down.

How cold is too cold for a dog?

Some breeds are better at handling the cold than others, but there’s still some standard guidelines all owners can follow. Forty-five degrees Fahrenheit is usually when small-medium breeds like pit bulls will start to feel uncomfortable and need a sweater to stay cozy. When temperatures become freezing, you’ll want to be careful with how much time your dogs spend outside.

Is it okay for dogs to wear clothing?

So long as you monitor your pup correctly, there’s no reason not to let your dog wear clothes. However, items like sweaters shouldn’t be worn inside heated areas, at it can cause your dog to overheat.

With these facts in mind, you can shop for a quality sweater option for your dog in peace—and these high-rated products are here to make your job even simpler!

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