8 Best Sweaters for Pugs

One of the most amazing things about pugs is their personality. If you’ve gotten to know your pug, then you realize that their curiosity, charisma, and sense of humor are contagious.

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You’ve likely also noticed that pugs don’t enjoy the cold weather. Many pugs indeed have thick fur coats, and most love to go for walks and play outside. However, whenever the chilling temperatures emerge in the winter, pugs may struggle with the cold, humid air, wintry rain, and snow.

Pugs aren’t the biggest, and they don’t pack much bodyweight to help when the cold weather strikes. Pugs also have relatively short legs, so they don’t have much leverage when tromping around in the snowy conditions.

The right dog sweater can add just the right amount of protection for your pug when the temperatures and wintry elements get too extreme. A sweater of the perfect fit will help to make wintertime fun instead of a time of hibernation for your lovable pug.

Also, remember that pugs love to eat! Your pug probably has an enormous appetite. It’s essential to help your pug get exercise during the winter so that they don’t pack on any extra pounds. A good dog sweater can help your pug feel nice and warm when facing the wintry elements. That way, you and your pug can enjoy the chilly weather, while also helping your pug to stay as fit and trim as possible.

But maybe you’re not sure how to choose the best sweater for your pug? In this guide, you’ll get our top picks for the best pug sweater, and you’ll learn how to make sure your pug sweater fits perfectly.

Essential Features to Consider When Buying a Sweater for Your Pug

Since pugs are prone to obesity, they must get regular exercise year-round. That’s why your lovable pug might benefit tremendously from a quality winter sweater. With the right sweater, you and your pug can enjoy the fall and winter weather elements and exercise in the great outdoors year-round.

Here are the factors to consider when choosing the perfect sweater for your pug.


Choosing a sweater with thick and heavy fabric is one of the easiest ways to protect your dog during the winter. Remember that not all sweaters are equal, though. Some designs are meant to be costumes or stylish, while others help to keep your dog warm.

Pugs don’t necessarily like it when the weather is extremely hot or cold. However, your pug is rather thick, husky, and muscular. Pugs are also famous for detesting the heat. Therefore, breathability and comfort are vital for your pug’s sweater. If your pug doesn’t feel comfortable when getting dressed, then they’re much more likely to protest immediately.

For those reasons, cotton, flannel, fleece, or acrylic sweater usually provides ample warmth while still offering breathability and comfort.


As a member of the toy group, your pug’s already adorable and jovial without added decoration.

For those reasons, your pug doesn’t necessarily need the most impressive looking sweater to shine. However, even though your pug’s already a stud, there’s still a vast selection of styles available to consider. Whether you want a thick winter sweater, a holiday look, or something more casual, you can easily find a design to complement your pug’s already charming personality.


As someone with experience living alongside a pug, you realize that these small dogs are more than they appear. You know that they can roughhouse, play, and horse around with even the rowdiest of pups. Whether you’re hiking through the woods on your favorite trail or walking alongside an icy brook during mid-winter, you and your pug are game for adventure.

The durability of your pug’s sweater is essential. The last thing you want is for your curious pug to find buttons, fabrics, or accessories coming loose from the sweater. Even worse is if your lovable pug gets caught on a branch, brush, root, or stump while jogging along your favorite trail.

Also, consider that if your pug’s sweater begins to breakdown, rip, or tear, then it doesn’t offer much protection from the elements. For these reasons, you must choose a dog sweater that’s highly durable and dependable.

How Do I Ensure the Best Fit for My Pug?

Since pugs are relatively small dogs, you must exert caution when measuring your pug for a sweater. Consider that any extra slack under your pug’s arms, or over their backs can become a problem. Your pug doesn’t have very long legs, so any extra fabric can easily cause your pug to trip or get caught. It’s also vital that your pug’s sweater isn’t too tight, or your pug will quickly complain (rightfully so).

The good news is that measuring your pug for a sweater is rather simple. Most dog size charts contain the following three components:

  • Back – Length of your pug’s back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
  • Girth – Circumference of the broadest part of your pug’s chest.
  • Neck – Circumference of your pug’s neck.

Please remember that different dog clothing vendors may have slightly or wildly differing sizing charts. Never assume that “small” size is uniform across vendors. In other words, pay very close attention when viewing the size chart for any sweater, jacket, or any article of clothing for your pug!

Best Pug Sweaters for Winter

These are our top picks for the best pug sweaters.

Frisco Dog & Cat Cable Knitted Sweater: Best Overall

If you want to choose the perfect sweater for your pug quickly, then we can’t recommend the dog cable knitted sweater by Frisco enough. The sweater’s material is a super soft acrylic that has just the right balance of style, durability, and warmth. We also love the pull-over design that makes it effortless to slip the sweater on your pug.

If you want your pug to be the most relaxed dog in the park, then this sweater delivers. The knitted design looks excellent and comes in six different colors, so you can find the perfect style to match your pug’s personality.

Another thing that you’ll love about the Frisco dog sweater is the price. If you thought that keeping your pug warm had to break the bank, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

7 More Top-Rated Pug Sweaters

More of our favorite pug sweater options.

PetRageous Designs Popper’s Dog Sweater

If you want a super cute yet straightforward sweater, then the PetRageous Popper is worth considering. The sweater’s sophisticated color scheme and overall design look adorable, especially if your pug has a fun personality to match.

The sweater is 100% acrylic and is durable enough even for the wildest of pugs. The thick and tight-knit of the design provide plenty of protection from the midwinter breeze and frosty air without any struggle.

If you’re worried about messes, then you’ll love the high-cut underbelly of the sweater that allows for a hassle-free potty break. You can also chuck the sweater in the washer and dryer without a snag.

Chilly Dog Spencer Dog & Cat Sweater

If you want a thick and durable wool sweater that can help to keep your pug warm, then the spencer sweater from Chilly Dog might be one of your top choices. The spencer looks fantastic on pugs and provides plenty of protection from wintry weather.

The attention to detail that goes into these hand-knit sweaters is impressive. The sweater is of 100% natural cotton and naturally-sourced dyes from fruits and plants. If you’re worried about artificial colors, plastics, or harsh chemicals, then this sweater is worth a look.

The sweater is straightforward to put on your pug, and you can assure a decent fit as the sweater comes in eight different sizes.

Eddie Bauer Marled Striped Dog Sweater

When it comes to dog sweaters that look like something a stylish human might wear, Eddie Bauer is near the top of the list. If your pug is a classy pup who loves to engage socially, then you’ll like how adorably sophisticated your pug looks when wearing this elegantly striped sweater.

The sweater isn’t just for looks as the 100% acrylic fabric helps to keep your pug comfortably warm in the crisp wintry atmosphere. You’ll also find smart access openings on the sweater so you can easily leash your pug before you venture out for a walk.

Cleanup is easy, as the sweater is 100% machine washable. You can then toss the sweater in your dryer on a low setting to make drying a piece of cake.

Blueberry Pet Snowflake Dog & Cat Sweater

Your pug wants nothing more than to have fun! That’s why this sweater might be the most unique on this entire list. If you want the perfect entertaining, hilarious, beautiful, yet warming sweater, then you need to consider the snowflake sweater from Blueberry Pet.

The sweater’s fantastic holiday design is perfect for nearly any winter setting, get together, or a brisk walk with your pug. Don’t let the fun design of this sweater fool you! Because the acrylic fabric provides surprising durability, comfort, and protection from the winter elements.

There’s also a leash and harness hole so you can easily take your pug for a walk without any fuss. When not in use, the sweater easily tucks away in a polybag with a hang card so you can store it safely until next season.

PetRageous Designs Acadia Bear Turtleneck Dog Sweater

If you want your pug to look remarkably handsome (or cute), then this turtleneck sweater from PetRageous might become your new favorite.

The first thing you’ll notice about the sweater is that the bear design is adorable. The fabric is a heavy-knit acrylic, and the piece easily slips onto your pug without any trouble. Most importantly is that the thick fabric provides plenty of protection from chilly weather, so your pug stays cozy.

Cleanup is a synch with the Acadia bear sweater because you can easily toss the sweater in your washer without worry. You can then chuck the sweater in your dryer on a low setting, so cleanup is always effortless.

Chilly Dog Black Polka Dot Dog & Cat Sweater

If your pug loves to show off and to be the center of attention, then your search for a fantastic sweater is officially over. That’s because this polka dot sweater from Chilly Dog is easily one of the most outgoing and vibrant sweaters on this entire list.

Not only is this sweater 100% hand-knit by genuine artisans, but it’s also 100% natural wool and dyes. The fabric is thick enough to keep your pug warm and light enough not to become a burden. The craftsmanship is topnotch, and your pug is going to look like a little charmer when wearing the sweater.

You can get the sweater in eight different sizes, so you have plenty of options when finding the perfect fit.

Frisco Reindeer Fair Isle Dog & Cat Sweater

The last sweater on the list is a holiday classic that can help you and your pug get into the holiday spirit. If you’re looking for a simple holiday-look that your pug can easily pull off, then this sweater is one of the best on this list.

The sweater offers plenty of warmth with a 100% acrylic fabric to help keep your pug cozy during the cold season. The pull-over design makes it straightforward to place on your pug, and the sweater is light and soft enough to promote comfort.

When it’s time to take your pug outside, then you’ll love the easily accessed leash hole so you can safely secure your pug without any disturbance.

Tips for Getting Your Pug to Wear Clothing

Make no mistake about it. Your pug may be the cutest and most angelic creature on earth. But they have a naughty side! For that reason, it’s essential to consider the following tips to get your pug to keep the sweater on:

  1. Always reward your pug immediately after trying on the sweater. Try giving your pug their favorite treat, and be sure to tell them, “Good boy!” (or girl) in a reassuring voice.
  2. Remember that less is more. The more often your pug wears clothing, the more likely your pug is to grow tired of it and wish it removed.
  3. Try to associate the sweater with something rewarding, like going outside to play. If your pug loves to go for a walk, then try the clothing on immediately before going for a walk.
  4. Try your best to use “pull-over” or “pull-on” style dog clothing that have few moving parts and are simple for your pug to wear.
  5. Remember that your pug trusts you. Your calm demeanor and soothing words can go a far way. A bonus cookie or two always helps!

FAQ’s About Sweaters for Pugs

Is It Okay for Dogs to Wear Clothing?

It’s safe for dogs to wear clothing. Always remember that you must accurately measure your dog, so you get the best fit possible. An article of clothing with too much slack can easily get caught on different household objects, as well as objects out in nature.

Also, it’s best to let your dog wear clothing under direct supervision. When unsupervised, your dog might get a sleeve or excess fabric stuck or tangled. Your dog can also chew on any loose accessories when unsupervised, which is a concern.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Cold?

The best rule of thumb is to look for changes in your dog’s behavior. Is your dog blatantly shivering? Or, is it lifting its paws off the cold, icy, or snowy ground? If so, then you should be concerned. Remember that it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. If you feel like your dog is too cold, then always trust your gut instinct! The safety of your dog is a top priority.

How Cold Is Too Cold for A Dog?

Your dog is at risk of hypothermia if left out in the cold, just like a human. Different dogs can tolerate different temperatures. However, exposures to a temperature below 30 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended interval of time should be considered unsafe even for the hardiest and furriest of dogs.

As always, please err on the side of safety and precaution. If you suspect that the weather is too cold for your dog, then you’re probably right. Sweaters are a great way to help keep your dog warm, though they never replace your attention to detail and adult supervision.

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