8 Best Sweaters for Shiba Inus

Winter comes and brings with it chillier temperatures. For dog owners, this can pose some challenges. All breeds need regular time outside, both to do their business and get some exercise. The cold can pose a problem in getting that activity, though.

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Shiba Inus, in particular, are an active breed, and they love being outside, thanks to their roots as small game hunting dogs. If they’re not busy, they can quickly become bored, which isn’t what we want for them.

Thankfully, Shiba Inus do have thicker coats of fur, so they can handle colder temperatures than other similarly sized breeds. Even so, when the temperatures do drop down hard, a sweater can be just what they need to stay warm and still get the exercise they need.

To get the best option for your dog, though, you need to consider plenty of factors. Luckily, we have all the info you need for Shina inu clothes, from buyer’s tips to FAQ’s and even our recommendations for the best sweaters currently available on the market!

What Is the Best Shiba Inu Sweater?

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Sweater for Your Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus have strong personalities, mainly thanks to their breeding history as hunting dogs for small prey. This focus on their genetics means that they need plenty of activity to stay engaged—and that means trips outside. Their smaller size does mean colder temperatures can be tough on them, though. That’s where sweaters come in.

However, not all sweaters are equal, and you should keep an eye on these features for a top that will last.


Your Shiba Inu is going to want a lot of exercise, so strength is going to be a must. Any dog sweater you get for your pup will need to stand up to any regular activity, and that can come in a few different forms. First, the construction in the sweater is going to play a significant role, and durable stitching is essential to keep it in one piece.

Fabric choice also plays a role, in that it should be strong enough to stand up to your Shiba Inu’s exercise habits (and we’ll cover more about fabrics in a bit). Since you want to replace a sweater once it starts to come apart, a longer-lasting piece of dog clothing will save you some money in the long run.

Durability is also essential for your pup’s safety, since frayed threads or torn off pieces can create choking hazards to cause accidents whenever your dog is playing. As a medium-small breed, Shiba Inus are particularly at risk for choking. A well-constructed sweater will keep these risk levels down.

Fabric Choice

Now, as promised, we’re going to look at fabrics. As mentioned, the material used in a sweater plays a significant role in how long it will last. Additionally, you’ll want something flexible, both to make it simple to get your pup dressed and also to allow them to move about without much restrictions on their body.

Another core factor is how much heat the fabric keeps in. Since you want your pup to be comfortable, the material should keep warmth in, but if it retains too much heat, your dog may overheat while it’s active. To prevent this issue, breathable clothes are the best, such as cotton and flannel.

Lastly, comfort is another essential. If the fabric is scratchy, then your dog won’t like wearing a sweater. An uncomfortable top will make it more likely that your Shiba Inu will fight you when trying to dress them to go outside, which no one wants.


As a final point to consider, you can look at the style of the sweater. Now, your pup may not think much about how it looks when dressed up, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t shop for design. The right look can make your dog look even cuter than usual.

The design of a sweater does play some practical points as well. Some shirts can have extra accessories, like pom poms or buttons. These, unfortunately, can cause a safety risk for your dog if they chew them off, so you should avoid them.

When looking for a dog sweater, once you consider the essential practical factors, you can have fun finding the best choice for your pup!

How Do I Ensure the Best Fit for My Shiba Inu?

Before you pick out sweaters without any consideration, you should also think about how the clothing will fit your dog as well. Without a properly fitting shirt, your dog will likely be uncomfortable. One that’s too tight can restrict their movement, while one that’s too loose won’t keep the heat in and may even become damaged faster—especially for smaller size dogs.

To get the best fit, you should try on a sweater first. However, you’ll have even better luck if you take measurements first. So long as you have a measuring tape, you can take care of these steps at home. The three core areas you want to measure are:

  • The measurement around the neck.
  • The measurement around the broadest section of the chest (girth)
  • The measurement from the base of the tail to the bottom of the neck (body length)

As you measure the neck, you should be careful not to pull it too tight around your dog’s neck. Keep your measuring tape loose, so you don’t end up with an uncomfortable fit for your Shiba Inu. You can use these numbers to compare to sizing charts for sweaters while shopping.

Even when comparing numbers, though, having your dog put on the sweater is the best way to ensure it will fit them well. Doing so allows you to see how easy it is to dress your dog. If shopping online, you should check to see if the retailer provides returns after trying the sweater on or not.

When checking for fit, you’ll need to slip the sweater on over your Shiba Inu’s head and check how it fits around their neck. The next step is to get it over the front paws. At this stage, you should make sure they can still move their legs freely. Finally, you can pull the sweater over your pup’s body. You want a close fit, but nothing too tight, and there should still be room for them to use the bathroom.

Once you’ve gotten the sweater on, you should let your pup walk around to be sure they’re comfortable with their new clothes. If they seem uncomfortable, you may need a different fit.

Best Shiba Inu Sweaters for Winter

Frisco Dog Cable Knitted Sweater: Best Overall

When it comes to the best sweater option for Shiba Inus, we recommend Frisco’s cable knitted dogs sweater design. As the name suggests, the core cable knitted design adds some fashion elements without providing anything dangerous for your dog to become caught on. The choice of six different colors also means you can have some personalization when dressing up your pup.

The price point on this sweater is accessible for dog owners of all kinds, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Even so, it’s a quality product, and once you get the right fit, it will stay comfortably snug around your pup’s torso while leaving plenty of room to use the bathroom without incident. This sweater uses an acrylic material that’s comfortable for your Shiba Inu to wear and easy to take on and off as necessary.

7 More Top-Rated Shiba Inu Sweaters

Want some new variety in your top sweater options? Here are seven more choices you can consider to keep your pup cozy during the winter months!

Chilly Dog Buffalo Plaid Dog & Cat Sweater

Another brand you can count on when it comes to dog sweaters is Chilly Dog. This company focuses on organically sourced wool for their products, and their dyes are all-natural as well. This factor isn’t just helpful for the environment, but it also helps make sure your dog won’t have any allergic reactions to getting dressed.

The wool is also breathable, so there’s no reason to worry about your Shiba Inu overheating while you play outdoors, so long as you’re monitoring their use. The fabric is also dirt resistant, so your pup can enjoy playing as they like. The overall plaid design is appealing, and there’s also a small pocket on the back—convenient for storing poop bags or treats when out for a walk.

Frisco Dog Argyle Style Sweater

Frisco gets another recommendation from us with their argyle dog sweater design. For this sweater, Frisco uses a knit polyester material, that’s machine washable for whenever your Shiba Inu gets it dirty. The fabric is also comfortable and flexible enough to make dressing and undressing your pup easy while making the sweater cozy to wear.

This sweater’s sizes are easy to determine which is the best for your dog thanks to the sizing chart. Once you get the right option, it’ll stay snug enough to your pup’s body without risking dragging along the ground. If you need to leash your dog, the sweater comes with an open hole in the back for convenience. This pattern is available in two color options.

Eddie Bauer Two Tone Cable Dog Sweater

Eddie Bauer’s two-tone cable dog sweater us another option to consider. While the design is primarily white, there is a black accent, and there’s also a blue and black choice as well. If that color combination doesn’t seem smart for an active dog, the sweater is machine washable, so you won’t need to worry about cleaning becoming a hassle. The comfort level of the acrylic material is also high.

The design is well made for dressing and undressing your dog for ease of getting ready. There’s also a leash and harness hole in the back of the neck for ease of access when gearing up for a walk. One thing to note, though, is that the sizes on this sweater can sometimes run on the larger side. Keep that in mind with purchasing so you’re not picking out something oversized for your Shiba Inu!

PetRageous Designs Corbin’s Cable Knitted Dog & Cat Sweater

PetRageous Designs Corbin’s Cable Knitted dog sweater choice puts a lot of thought into the more significant design aspects of the top to make your life easier. First up is the pullover design, which simplifies getting your dog dressed. The European-cut style also ensures your Shiba Inu won’t accidentally pee on their sweater when using the restroom. Lastly, the collar folds down for quick access for attaching your leash whenever necessary.

Of course, practicality isn’t all this sweater brings to the style. The flecked yarn adds a bit of flair to the design without being overbearing, and all three of the available colors are appealing. The yarn itself is soft and comfortable, keeping your dog comfy and cozy when wearing it. This cable-knitted option pretty much does everything you could want from it.

Chilly Dog Monkey Hoodie Dog & Cat Sweater

Chilly Dog stakes out another spot on our list with their Monkey Hoodie design. As the recommendation before it, the use of all-natural wool and dyes without any artificial ingredients is notable, so your Shiba Inu won’t be uncomfortable or have any allergic reactions when dressed. The handmade quality ensures the sweater is given care and consideration when made.

The design is also playful, with an adorable sock monkey on the backside. To add to the theme, the hood also has some monkey ears, so your pup will match up with the design and look extra cute when dressed up. Unlike some other add-ons you can find on dog sweaters, the ears are part of the knitting, eliminating any risk for your dog. We also love the sustainability of this product for the sake of the environment!

Eddie Bauer Snowflake Fair Isle Dog Sweater

Speaking of brands we like enough to give multiple spots on the list of our top picks, Eddie Bauer’s Snowflake Fair Isle design is another excellent option to consider. While you don’t have various color choices, the motif is simple and suitable for colder months with its snowflake motif, which also works well for the holidays. The design also has a leash and harness hole for ease of access.

The acrylic material is flexible, making it suitable for quickly dressing and undressing your dog, as well as playing as your Shiba Inu sees fit. The fabric is soft to the touch, too, ensuring comfort, and you have your pick of three appealing color choices. We will note that it’s not the thickest option on your list, though, which can make it more suitable to mild winters, rather than intense ones.

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

To wrap up our list of sweater options is another choice from Chilly Dog. Like the other pick from this brand on our list, the fabric used is a one-hundred percent all-natural wool that’s non-allergenic. All color dyes are also natural as well, with no use of artificial colors. The hand-knit design gives a clue to its quality, and the sweater itself is dirt-resistant, for more available time between washes.

The neck area is stretchy enough to make dressing your Shiba Inu simple, and the primarily gray design has a few stylish accents. There’s also plenty of length in the back to cover your pup’s back without getting in the way of using the restroom. The breathable fabric and knit allows for plenty of outdoor activity without risk of overheating.

FAQs About Sweaters for Shiba Inus

How cold is too cold for a dog? 

Each dog breed has its comfortable temperature range, generally dependent on their size and coat thickness. Shiba Inus have thicker coats of fur, so they can handle colder temperatures, even for their size. Even so, around forty-five degrees F is when most breeds will start to feel uncomfortable. Once temperatures become freezing, dogs shouldn’t spend too much time outdoors.

How do I know if my dog is cold?

Most dogs will make it known whenever they’re starting to feel uncomfortably cold, either fidgeting, slowing down in their movement, holding their paws off the ground, or whining to go inside. You can also check by touching their ears; as a dog’s body temperature starts to drop, their ears will often become cold first.

Is it okay for dogs to wear clothing? 

While clothes may not be the most natural thing for an animal, they still are safe for pups to wear. While their natural fur can help with warmth, sweaters are helpful for trips outside whenever the temperatures are cold enough to make things uncomfortable. However, wearing a shirt for extended periods, especially indoors, can pose a danger.

We hope that the answers to these questions and the other information we’ve given you have made your feel knowledgeable about picking out the best dog sweater for Shiba Inus!

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