Cowboy Dog Costumes: Where To Find Them Plus DIY Tips And Dress-Up Ideas

Dog costumes are fun, festive, and a great way to show off you and your furry friend’s personalities. No matter what time of year it is, there is always a good excuse to let Fido sport a cute, funny, or halloween-themed outfit.

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Are you headed to a Cosplay festival? No matter what character you plan to dress as, there’s sure to be a complimenting costume for your dog. Don’t let Fido show up to the watch party of your favorite sports team, movie, or TV show without his own themed outfit! He’s sure to be the star of the party.

Bring a sparkle of laughter and fun to a nursing home, children’s hospital, or other facility by dressing up together and heading down for an afternoon of socializing. There are countless celebrations and opportunities to break out the dog costumes or even dress up together throughout the year. For example, did you know January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

As you purchase outfits and costumes for your canine companion, it is important to make sure it fits properly and is comfortable. This will help ensure your dog enjoys dressing up time and time again. Every costume should allow your dog to move all four legs, their head, and tail naturally and freely.

If your dog is prone to chewing or not accustomed to wearing outfits, be sure to supervise him. Some costumes have small buttons or accessories that seem like fun items to chew on but they might be dangerous to your pet if ingested.

What Are The Best Cowboy Costumes for Dogs?

Our Top Picks: Cowboy Costumes for Dogs

Ready to “saddle up” and dress up your dog up like a cowboy? Here are our top picks.

Frisco Walking Cowboy Dog & Cat Costume

Transform your pup into an adorable buckaroo! This cowboy costume set comes with an adjustable hat with ear loops, chin strap and toggle for a secure fit, plus a built-in bandana and faux lasso. The front walking style makes it look like your dog or cat is actually walking up to the rodeo. Plus, it doesn’t get in the way of a collar and leash so you can giddy-up for a walk.

Of course, measure your pup and follow all the sizing instructions so that your cowboy dog will be comfortable and enjoy the costume as much as everyone who sees it.

As with any costume, make sure that your pup is not left alone so that they don’t chew or choke on any small parts!

NACOCO Cowboy Dog Costume with Hat

This adorable doggie cowboy costume is too cute to keep just for Halloween. Bring the Wild West to town any time of year by dressing your pooch up in this high quality costume made with several types of fabric. It’s designed to make your dog look like he’s wearing a traditional cowboy outfit, complete with sewn-on sheriff’s badge and cowboy hat!

Make sure to follow the measurement instructions carefully to measure your dog’s chest circumference and neck length. The manufacturer recommends adding at least ½ inch for measurement error. Customers report this costume runs very small and recommend sizing up considerably. It seems best suited for smaller dogs and even some cats.

The cowboy hat does not have ear holes and stays on with strings sewn to the underside of the hat. Many customers report that it’s difficult to keep the hat on their dogs except for photo opportunities and other short periods. Customers say even without the hat, this costume brings laughter and fun to any western-themed party or Halloween gathering.

To keep this costume looking fresh, hand wash it in cool water and lay it flat to dry.

NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

“Ride ‘em, Cowboy!” This hilarious costume turns your dog into a wild bronco with a bronc’ bustin’ cowboy doll hanging on for dear life. As your dog runs, the cowboy rocks back and forth hilariously. Everyone will get a laugh out of watching your dog run around in this adorable costume.

The stuffed cowboy doll is sewn firmly to the saddle so it won’t detach easily, even when your dog shakes and runs around. However, the costume is not designed to endure rough-and-tumble play or other dogs chewing at the costume.

This costume comes in a variety of adjustable sizes. The Velcro straps are soft and not too snug. The whole costume is made with soft, breathable, skin-friendly cotton and polyester fabrics. Your dog will stay cool and comfortable through the entire party, parade, or outing.

Be sure to follow the measuring guide carefully and use the size chart. Many customers report this costume runs small but the adjustable Velcro straps on the chest and belly area make it more adjustable than many other pet costumes.

A few customers commented that the cowboy doll tends to slip to one side on their dog but that this only adds to the hilarity of the overall look.

Toy Story Woody Dog Costume

Who doesn’t love the character, Woody from Toy Story! Dress your dog up for your child’s upcoming Toy Story birthday bash or for Halloween ( or just because) in this adorable, handmade costume.

The costume is a cotton yellow shirt with blue jean bottoms and a brown ribbon for the belt. It is lined in flannel for comfort and warmth. The Velcro closures are easy to use on even squirmy pups. Add the cow print vest and red scarf with their own Velcro attachments to complete the look.

Each Woody costume is custom made to fit your dog so you won’t have to worry about which size to choose. The pattern can accommodate dogs from 9 lbs. all the way to 40lbs. Just include the appropriate measurements and wait about two weeks for your order to arrive.

Customers love that this costume fits their dogs to a T and is made with high quality, durable materials. Machine wash and dry the costume to keep it looking sharp year after year. You and your pooch are sure to win this year’s local dog show costume contest dressed as Woody and Buzz!

Red Plaid Cowboy Dog Costume

This handsome cowboy costume is made of red and black cotton for the shirt and has artificial leather fringes. A little plastic sheriff’s badge and gun in a holster complete the look. Put the finishing touches on with the matching artificial leather hat and your dog will be saying, “Stick ‘em up and hand over the treats!”

The Velcro closures make it easy to dress and undress your dog. Customers rave about how well this costume is made and how satisfied they are with the ordering experience. The costume does ship worldwide from Spain, so added shipping time is necessary. Be sure to order well in advance of when you plan to use this costume.

To find the right size, measure your dog’s length and width. The Velcro straps allow for some adjustability.

Because of the plastic accessories and faux leather fringes, we advise not leaving your dog unsupervised while wearing this costume to avoid any chance of him chewing on the costume and ingesting small pieces that might make him sick. However, with supervision this costume is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Cowboy Dog Costume with Fringe Vest

This handmade cowboy costume is made from cotton fabric, cotton denim, fringe, and a jute trim. It’s perfect for both cowboy or cowgirl pups. The included cowboy hat has an adjustable elastic chinstrap cord.

This costume is designed so any dog can use the potty without needing to be undressed. The maker keeps your pup’s comfort in mind in all the details and features. It even fits some cats! This costume is more suitable for wearing around the house and for longer periods of time than some of the other costumes on the market.

The pattern is designed for small dogs, 6 to 8 pounds with chests between 8 and 12 inches wide. Make sure to measure your dog and consult the size chart to ensure the best fit.

Customers give very high marks to this handmade costume! Not only is it well made and comfortable for their pets to wear, the seller is easy to work with and is open to customizing the order for your special needs. Buyers say the costume fit as advertised when they used the proper measurements. There are a number of repeat customers giving five star reviews to this product!

4 Accessories To Complete The Cowboy Look

Need to complete the look? Consider these accessories!

Tail Trends Wrangler Western Dog Bandana

Add a little western style to your dog’s wardrobe with this cowboy bandana. It is a handsome 100% cotton flannel print with blue denim details and metallic buttons. The bandana is machine-washable and designed to last year after year.

You’ll want to make sure Fido doesn’t have a chance to chew the metallic buttons off this bandana. Inspect them regularly to make sure they aren’t at risk of falling off.

This bandana comes in two sizes. When measuring the circumference of your dog’s neck, be sure to add a few inches to tie the bandana comfortably.

Ruby Reba Red Cowboy Dog Hat

This ruby red cowboy hat is the “paw-fect” finishing touch to any cowboy-themed ensemble. It is made with felt. Star studs adorn the band and leather fringe straps on the back are a great finishing touch An elastic chinstrap chord and chord stopper keep everything looking authentic.

Choose from a variety of prints and colors to make sure this hat matches your pup’s costume perfectly!

The size is determined by the chord length, not the size of the hat itself. Make sure to measure from the lower chin to the top of your dog’s head to purchase the most comfortable size. Contact the seller for custom size options!

The Real Deal. Sheriff Star and Bullets Dog Collar

Are you looking to make your dog sheriff of the house? This leather dog collar is handmade out of top-quality leather and hardware that is guaranteed to last. This collar is made to look vintage and worn. Each collar is adorned with a sheriff’s star and made to look like a gunslinger’s belt, complete with shell-casings.

This is the perfect cowboy accessory for you and your dog’s authentic western ensemble. Each collar is handmade to fit your dog’s neck. It includes adjustable holes so your dog can grow into the collar if necessary.

Cowboy Mini Hat

This handmade velvet hat is the perfect accessory for your dog’s country-western outfit. Whether you’re headed to a country BBQ or out trick-or-treating, your dog will look dapper in this comfy mini sheriff’s cowboy hat.

Western meets elegant in this adorable little hat that stays in place with an adjustable elastic band. The band is made long so you can easily adjust it to fit your pet’s head. Each hat is custom made and the artisan gladly accepts custom orders to ensure the hat is the perfect finishing touch to your dog’s costume.

DIY Cowboy Costume: How To Make It At Home Yourself

If you are especially crafty or feeling adventurous, you can try making your own cowboy dog costume. There are a number of patterns and “How-To guides” online for cute, handmade cowboy costumes and western-themed accessories.

A very simple handmade cowboy dog costume only requires a trip to the dollar or craft store for a t-shirt that will fit your dog, some fabric puff paint, and a few plastic, western-themed accessories like a sheriff’s badge, pistol, and holster.

Cut the shirt to fit your dog, if necessary. Some people prefer to cut the front of the shirt open and glue ribbons to tie the shirt around your dog. Cut fringes around the hem of the shirt and sleeves if you want to give your dog the fringed look.

Use the puff paint to draw on buttons, pockets, and a belt in the appropriate places on the shirt. After the puff paint dries, use fabric glue or a hot glue gun to attach the sheriff’s badge, holster, and pistol to the back of the shirt. And just like that, your dog is ready to be the new sheriff in town! Order a little cowboy hat and you’re ready for the rodeo.

Make sure your dog doesn’t chew on the plastic accessories, as ingesting small pieces of plastic can be harmful.

Cowboy Dog Costume Ideas From Around The Internet


More Ideas For Multi-Dog Families

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, cowboy-themed birthdays, or other gatherings, we say the more the merrier! Whether you have several furry friends or a number of human and furry friends wanting to coordinate their costumes, here are a few ideas to make sure everyone gets to dress up and be in on the fun.

  • Cowboy and cow
  • Woody and Buzz Lightyear
  • Cowboy and Cowgirl
  • Sheriff and Robber

Whether are heading out to watch or participate in a parade, hosting a cowboy or western-themed party, getting ready for family photos, or just getting into the Halloween spirit, don’t leave the dog out of the costume fun!

Handmade or store bought, every costume is fun, festive and brings laughter and joy to everyone around. There’s always a good occasion to break out the cowboy dog costumes and accessories to keep everyone smiling.

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