Elf Dog Costumes: Where to Find Them Plus DIY Tips and Dress-Up Ideas

Stumped for an idea for a costume? Ride the tide with the popularity of all things magic and Harry Potter with an elf costume for you and your dog. Dressing up for Halloween is a terrific way to join the fun that the holiday brings. You’ll be in good company, with over 50 percent of Americans planning on doing it too. There’s an excellent reason why adult costume spending now exceeds buying for children.

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But cosplay isn’t just for Halloween. Many towns host pet events to celebrate the dog days of summer. What better way to put your pet in the spotlight than by winning the best dressed-up pooch contest? Or how about making that Santa Claus visit for the kids extra special with some of Kris Kringle’s helpers there too?

You could even bring your pet along to a Dungeon and Dragon-themed murder mystery party. Maybe he can help you sniff out some vital clues. You’ll find all you need to know whether you choose to buy something premade or go the DIY route. We have you covered for ideas to make it fun for everyone.

What are the best elf costumes for dogs?

5 Best Elf Dog Costumes

Outward Hound Holiday Elf Hat Pet Costume

Sometimes less is more which is exactly what the Outward Hound Holiday Elf Hat proves. The red and green striped hat is adorable with ears that point up to complete the look. The material is soft and won’t irritate the skin of even sensitive dogs. An elastic band fits under your dog’s chin to keep it in place. It is snug to keep it on so that you can get a few photographs.

The hat comes in three sizes: small, 8 inches high by 5 inches wide; medium, 9 inches by 7 inches; and large, 11 inches by 8 inches. The product is well-made to last. Some pet owners had issues with it staying up when their dog is wearing it, especially with the large one. A bit of tissue paper stuffed inside is a quick fix.

However, it’s an excellent option if your pet is used to wearing a full costume. You can’t beat the price even if your dog only lets you put it on him once.

The only downside is that the design and colors limit its use to a Christmas theme if you had a different purpose in mind.

Rubie’s Costume Company Santa’s Helper Dog Costume

The Rubie’s Costume Company Santa’s Helper Dog Costume is the complete deal with a pointed hat with stand-up ears and blazoned with “Santa’s L’il Helper” on it along with a light green tunic with a black belt. It comes in six sizes from extra-small to XXXL. You’ll need to take three measurements of your pet’s chest, neck, and body length for proper fitting.

A size chart provides info on suggested sizes based on breed. However, the differences between the body lengths for each size are far apart, which can make getting a good fit difficult for some dogs. The product also runs small, so keep that in mind too. Overall, the costume looks cute. You won’t be able to keep from smiling once he’s ready to go. It is also well-made to hold up while you get it on your pet.

Velcro enclosures along with an elastic chin strap for the hat will help ensure that it stays on while you snap a few pictures. However, you’ll have to handwash it for the new photo shoot. The elf dog costume is affordably priced with a larger size not much more expensive than the smallest.

Midlee Dog Elf Costume

If you’re looking to go all out, then the Midlee Dog Elf Costume is the product you want for your pet. It comes with the obligatory pointy green hat with red trim and a pompom on top. There is also a tunic festooned with jingle bells for a bit extra whimsey along with a pair of red and white striped pants. It is made of soft, plush material.

The elf dog costume also has Velcro enclosures for the outfit and an elastic band for the hat. It comes in six sizes from extra-small to XXXL. Like the previous product, you’ll need to measure neck, chest, and back length to get the right fit. This one also runs on the small side. On the positive front, they are closer together without large gaps in inches.

The quality is there, which is a good thing since it is more expensive than the previous ones. And there’s no denying how charming the costume is. However, we’d call this an advanced choice since it requires a cooperative pet to get it on and keep it in place. The addition of the bells is welcome, but they may frighten some dogs.

Bud the Elf Dog Outfit

The Bud the Elf Dog Outfit takes a departure from the usual red and green with a costume that is green, yellow, and white. It comes with a pointy hat with adjustable chin straps and a one-piece tunic with a green coat and yellow pants. It comes in eight sizes from XX-small to 3XL. The sizing chart gives a suggested weight and body length to help with the fit.

Sizes XL through 3XL only include the coat, which is probably an excellent idea. The costume is made to order so that it will take a couple of weeks for delivery. Nevertheless, that is a strong selling point if your dog is a mixed breed or overweight if you need a custom size. It is a bit more expensive than other premade products, but it’s not a dealbreaker considering the other points.

You can use it for other events or holidays because the costume doesn’t have an overt Christmas theme. And that is a minor point given how sweet it is. The jersey knit outfit is also machine-washable. The seller makes a full line of pet products, so you have the assurance that your purchase is well-made. They also accept returns and exchanges.

Large Dog Christmas Elf Costume

The Large Dog Christmas Elf Costume is a sensible option if you’re sure how your pet will handle wearing a full outfit. It includes a pointy, green felt hat decorated with red pompoms around the brim and on the top. You can get optional jingle bells too. There is also a matching red and green color with the pompoms on the points. Although it’s simple, it still is darling.

The hat has an elastic band to keep it on and measures 10 inches tall. The felt fabric is stiff enough to keep it standing. The collar is adjustable between 18 and 22 inches. The elf dog costume is handmade to order. You can plan on one to two weeks for shipping and delivery. Like the previous seller, this one makes a full line of both cat and dog products along with clothing for people too.

The seller will work with customers if there are any issues. However, there are no returns on custom orders, which is understandable. However, the costume is spendy compared to machine-produced products but not out of line since it is handmade.

4 Accessories to Complete the Elf Look

The costume is only the beginning. You can get some extras to your pet’s ensemble to make him stand out in the crowd. They’re also an excellent alternative if your dog refuses to wear any kind of outfit. Sometimes, it’s the small touches that speak the loudest.

Mirage Pet Products Chevron Small Dog & Cat Bow Tie

The Mirage Pet Products Chevron Small Dog & Cat Bow Tie adds a classy touch to the elf dog costume with the appropriate red and green colors for the holiday. It is made of a silk-like material with an elastic band that will fit dogs with necks of 9 to 16 inches. It’s a smart addition to the Outward Hound Holiday Elf Hat we discussed earlier.

The tie measures 3 inches wide by 2 inches high. It’s small enough for dogs that are used to wearing costumes, yet big enough to get noticed. It’s an affordable accessory that makes a bold statement.

DroolingDog Dog Christmas Shirt

The DroolingDog Dog Christmas Shirt is an excellent option if your pet will wear coats but doesn’t like anything on their legs. You can think of it as a t-shirt for dogs. We love it because it’ll likely stay clearer, longer since it’s well above the ground. It comes in four sizes from 8 to 14 inches in body length. The material is lightweight

The green and red shirt has a black Santa belt on it with a candy cane treat. The colors are bright and eye-catching. The collar and sleeves are double-stitched for added reinforcement.

Rubies Leprechaun Elf Boots Cuff Set

The Rubies Leprechaun Elf Boots Cuff Set takes it to the next level with an adorable pair of booties for an ideal dog costume. They are so darn cute with their pointy toes. The set also includes a matching mat. If your dog won’t wear the boots, the hat is a great accessory on its own. They come in three sizes with suggestions for breeds each one will fit.

The product is an excellent option if you’re looking for a non-Christmas look. It’ll work if you’re going to the Harry Potter or D&D party.

Christmas Dog Bandana

There’s no reason why your pet can’t get into the holiday spirit just because he doesn’t like hats or tunics. A Christmas Dog Bandana will have him styling with all the other pooches. It is made of green and red felt with black and gold for the belt. Your dog can wear it through his collar to keep it in place. There are no worries about losing it.

The bandana comes in seven sizes from XX-small to XX-large. It’s well-made with bright colors that pop. It’s a great way to accessorize an elf hat without the bother of a full-length costume.

DIY Elf Costume. How to Make It at Home Yourself

There’s no rule saying that you must buy a costume. You can make a handmade one with a few materials and some creativity. The easiest way is to begin with something that already exists like a baby’s onesie, an old t-shirt, or a jacket that your child has outgrown. Choose something made with some extra room to make it quicker to put on your pooch.

Then, begin by measuring your dog’s back length, chest, and neck. You can cut it to size using a pattern, not unlike a baby’s bib. You may need to get a few more strips to go around his belly, depending on your pet’s girth. Velcro is the best way to go for fasteners. They’re quick to use, and you can adjust the fit on the fly.

If you want to make an elf dress for your little girl, this pattern will help you create a cute costume that is sure to turn heads. If you’re looking for something simpler, making a bandana is about as simple as it gets even if sewing isn’t your strong suit. This project involves measuring your dog’s collar with an extra couple of inches for some give.

After cutting the material to size, you will then sew a pocket to slip the collar in, not unlike what you’ll see on curtain valances. It’s quick, and your pet won’t lose his costume no matter how much he objects to wearing it.

Elf Costume Ideas From Around the Internet


More Ideas for Multi-Dog Families

Of course, a theme is in order if you have more than one pooch. Fortunately, you’ll have lots to choose from to capture the look and feel of the holiday season.

  • Santa Claus
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Final Thoughts

Making your pet part of the festivities is easy with an elf dog costume. Whether you find a treasure online or make one yourself, it’ll bring cheer and laughter to your gathering. And as long as your pooch will put up with wearing something, why not make everyone smile and get your best friend star-billing in the next family photo. It’ll make the cutest Christmas card you’ve ever sent.

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