7 Most Majestic Places to Kayak With Your Dog in the US

Kayaking is a relaxing, adventurous activity that you can enjoy with almost any dog breed. Getting outside with your dog for a day in the wilderness will strengthen your bond and create lasting memories. But don’t forget the importance of incredible photos for your dog’s Instagram account! We’ve compiled a list of the most majestic places to kayaking with your dog in the US so you can capture the most social media-worthy picture!

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Glacier National Park – Montana


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Glacier National Park is located in Northern Montana on the Canadian border. This massive national park spans over 1 million acres and is host to over 130 lakes. Glacier National Park gets its name from the hundreds of glaciers it was once preserved on. If you want the ultimate taste of wilderness and serenity, Glacier has it for you and your pup!

Glacier National Park is home to over 1,000 species of plants and animals. If catching an extraordinary glimpse of grizzly bears, mountain goats, moose and other endangered creatures while kayaking sounds amazing to you, Glacier is your spot. The incredible rugged mountain views and spectacular waterfalls are sure to make for some Insta-worthy photos. Just be sure to keep your dog safe and secure on a leash while wandering the area!

Lake Crescent – Washington


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Washington offers scenic views no matter where you journey to around the state. Of course the most picturesque areas are those among the mountainous valleys and peaceful waters. Lake Crescent is located in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. It’s said that the lake was created from a landslide over 7,000 years ago.

Lake Crescent boasts hiking trails, picnic areas and endless kayaking opportunities. Your dog will enjoy the fresh mountain air while cruising through the pristine lake waters, which are filled with native trout species. Lake Crescent is a National Park, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly!

Emerald Cove – Arizona


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When you see photos of Emerald Cove, they are magical and breathtaking. The strikingly green-looking waters are created from the sun’s reflection off the water and cavern walls. The green hue is photogenic on sunny days, when the waters look incredibly pristine.

You can rent a kayak to delve deep in the cave at Emerald Cove. The exploration is half the fun. Can you imagine the photo opportunities with your dog?! Emerald Cove is located in Black Canyon, AZ but it’s a mere one hour from Las Vegas, NV. After a stunning paddle with your pup among gorgeous emerald waters, head to the Hoover Dam for a historical adventure!

Lake Willoughby – Vermont


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Nestled between Mount Pisgah and Hor, Lake Willoughby is known for the spectacular clarity of the water. The lake is reminiscent of a fjord, offering glacial surroundings and deep water. Lake Willoughby is just one of the several charming places to kayak in Vermont.

When you’re not padding with your dog, you can take them on the shore to view gorgeous native falcons, and to sniff out the cliff areas. Lake Willoughby will allow you and your dog to explore the majestic surroundings without getting too far away from civilization.

Crystal River Reserve State Park – Florida


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Interested in kayaking among a sea of manatees?! Would your dog like to come nose-to-nose with one? Crystal River Reserve is known for access to wild manatees. This state park allows kayaking with your pup, as well as hiking, wildlife viewing, bicycling and fishing opportunities. While mountainous views don’t exist at this state park, you will experience salt marshes and diverse estuaries.

The Crystal River Preserve water is a mixture of salt water from the Gulf of Mexico and freshwater from surrounding lakes. The park has plenty of picnic areas for you and your dog to enjoy a relaxing lunch, then hop back in your kayak for the chance to greet several local animal species.

Lake Twentytwo – Washington


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Lake Twentytwo is an alpine wonder nestled in the shoulder of Mount Pilchuck. If you want to take your dog to enjoy wetlands and mountainous rainforests, Lake Twentytwo is your place. From the kayak you will be surrounded by waterfalls, bridges and small creeks. A hike through the area will be a wet one, so come equipped with booties for your dog and a microfiber towel!

Avoid Lake Twentytwo during the winter time is possible, as the area is prone to avalanches. In the summer you’ll see species of wildflower and brush in bloom for the season, which can make for some priceless photos.

Salt River – Arizona


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The famous Salt River in Arizona is the only place on our list where you are more than likely to see dozens of wild horses. The Salt River runs through the Tonto National Forest, and it boasts magnificent mountain scenery with the chance of seeing incredibly wildlife.

You and your dog can paddle alongside majestic wild horses, bald eagles, deer and great blue herons. The Salt River offers a recreational kayaking experience year round, as the Arizona weather allows. You can pick up the Salt River at several points of entrance, including from Saguaro Lake and Granite Reef Dam.

When planning your visit to any state or national park, research all laws, rules and regulations beforehand. While dogs are allowed at the places we mentioned, policies always have the potential to change. Many national parks only allow dogs on specific trails or in certain areas of the park.

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