Tuxedo Dog Costumes: Where To Find Them Plus DIY Tips and Dress-Up Ideas

For the human whose favorite activity is dressing up, having a dog to put in a matching outfit is probably a close second. There are endless amounts of funny, creative, and cute costumes you can buy for your dog, but today we’re going to be talking about one in particular: tuxedo dog costumes.

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Tuxedo dog costumes are incredibly versatile. They’re the perfect complement to your magician costume on Halloween, but October 31 is just one of many occasions to dress up your dog. You might need a dog tux for a ring bearer pooch, for a special birthday celebration, or your dog’s red-carpet debut at a gala. Tuxedo dog costumes are also great for cosplay.

Whatever the event, we’re here with some major tuxedo costume inspiration. We’re going to discuss everything you need to know to dress your pup in style. We’ll break down our picks for the top five best tuxedo costumes, tell you where to find them, and give you some DIY tips and dress-up ideas. Read on to find the perfect outfit for your dog.

5 Best Tuxedo Dog Costumes

Let’s start with our picks for the five best tuxedo costumes for your dog.

Rubie’s Costume Company Bowtie & Cuff Set Dog Costume

Number one on our list is this adorable outfit from Rubie’s Costume Company, which comes with an elegant bowtie and cuff set ensemble. The bowtie is made of black silk, and the two white cuffs have cute buttons. While this costume doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, its effectiveness is thanks to the simple design that’s great for dogs that don’t like to wear clothes.

Velcro fasteners make putting the costume on your dog straightforward, and for such a low price, the quality is quite good. Some reviewers did report having issues with the buttons coming off the cuff links, however, but they’re easy to sew back on if this happens.

The biggest problem with fit has to do with the leg cuffs being too big for some dogs’ legs. A common complaint was that they sometimes fall off, and you have to either put them up higher on your dog’s legs or not use them at all. The collar sizing could be improved as well with more adjustable Velcro lengths to account for different dog sizes.

Despite these few snags, this costume from Rubie’s provides excellent overall value for money that your dog is guaranteed to look smashing in.

Rubie’s Costume Company Dapper Dog & Cat Costume

Next up we have another adorable option from Rubie’s, the Dapper Dog and Cat Costume. This full-bodied ensemble comes with two pieces that are perfect for completing the dapper look. You get a black tuxedo jacket with a white collar, bowtie, and faux buttons, plus a black top hat with a chinstrap.

We recommend this fantastic-looking tuxedo costume for pretty much any occasion, from Halloween to weddings and more. It comes in a wide variety of sizes but does require you to measure your dog carefully to ensure the best fit. And despite being a more full-bodied costume, the fuzzy fasteners make dressing your dog a cinch.

One common complaint from customers is that getting the sizing right can be a little challenging, and many reviewers recommend sizing up. Other than difficulty getting the costume to fit correctly, the quality is excellent, and it’s highly rated by dog owners who are delighted with how dapper their dogs look when they wear it.

Silver Grey Dog Tuxedo Bandana

Are you looking for a lightweight design for a canine that doesn’t love to wear costumes? This dog tuxedo bandana is a fantastic alternative that pretty much any dog should be able to tolerate. It comes in satin in a wide range of colors, and you can choose either white or black buttons, as well as black or grey satin ribbons, to customize this tuxedo.

The tuxedo bandana includes a breed size guide, which will help ensure that you get the proper fit for your dog, but we recommend measuring their neck anyway to be on the safe side. Most people are quite happy with the fit and how good they look on their dog.

All the bandanas are tailor-made, and the quality is quite beautiful. For being a customizable piece, the price is excellent and allows you to craft an accessory that will stand out if you plan on having your dog wear it at a formal event like a wedding.

Doggie Design Dog Tuxedo with Matching Hat & Collar

This adorable costume comes with a matching bow tie and top hat that will turn heads—it even has formal tails! But the real reason this costume made our list, aside from being super elegant, is that it comes with either a D-ring for a leash attachment or a leash hole, which makes it perfect for moments when your dog still needs to be on a leash, such as Halloween.

The quality is excellent, and reviewers are satisfied with the fit and how well the costume stays on their dogs—both the body part and the top hat. The only minor critique of this dog tuxedo is that the top hat is a bit floppy, but if you’re looking for a costume for a fun occasion like Halloween or a party, a slightly floppy hat shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

Dog Tuxedo with Top Hat

Last on our list is a higher end dog tuxedo option, which we recommend if you need your dog to stand out for a special occasion. Indeed, it’s impossible for your pooch not to stand out when they’re wearing this customizable, fully lined tuxedo that even comes with a little rose on the lapel.

This costume is a bit pricier than others on our list, but it’s worth every penny. Customers rank it highly on fit, there’s no mention of problems with the suit staying on, and they frequently mention its superb quality. Perfect for weddings, wedding photoshoots, or any other black-tie event, this is a costume you’ll have for many years—and many occasions.

4 Accessories to Complete the Tuxedo Look

As if all these costumes weren’t enough, now it’s time for something just as fun—the finishing touches. Complete your dog’s fancy new tuxedo costume with any of our four accessories.

Rubie’s Top Hat for Your Pet

Not all dogs like having things on their head, but if you know that your dog tolerates it (or if you want to give it a try), you shouldn’t skimp on a top hat. We chose this black top hat from Rubie’s because it combines perfectly with the other Rubie’s costume options on our list, and its simple strap design is easy to secure to your dog.

We do recommend reading the pet size chart and watching the size instruction video as the hat won’t fit some breeds, and other dogs require adjustments. Reading some of the reviews might also help you get a better indication of whether it will fit your dog or not.

Fine Italian Tweed Dapper Harness

Some dogs will need to be on a leash while sporting their fancy duds. If you’re not finding a tuxedo costume that you like that allows for easy leash use, this dapper harness is the perfect solution. It’s also a fantastic way to dress up dogs that are less than fond of wearing clothes but perfectly fine with wearing harnesses.

And just because it’s a harness doesn’t mean it’s not sophisticated. The dapper harness features a fine Italian tweed jacket with a pocket square and pocket chains. You’ll need to measure your dog carefully to ensure the proper fit, but once you get the right size, not only will your dog be adequately secured, but he’ll also be the star of the show.

Dog Cuffs

Not all tuxedo dog costumes come with cuffs. If you’ve bought one that doesn’t have cuffs and you’re looking for that finishing touch, consider these spectacular dog cuffs, which are the perfect complement to any tuxedo. You can purchase them in white or ivory, and the cuffs come with a non-slip feature so that you won’t have to worry about them falling down your dog’s legs.

But besides the functional features, our favorite thing about these cuffs is that you can customize individual parts to your liking. Your pup will look their very best on your big day wearing cuffs with buttons that match their wedding bowtie.

Not only are they customizable, but the cuffs have another fun little detail: a faux buttonhole hole that adds a cute little touch to the whole ensemble.

Dog Bow Tie

If it’s Halloween or a less formal event, consider glamming up your dog’s party look with a fancy pineapple bowtie that’s sure to garner lots of attention. Pineapple not your thing (or your dog’s thing)? You can choose from several other fun patterns, all of which are made from cotton using customized prints.

All the bowties are handmade and made to order, so if you’re looking for a unique accessory for your dog, this one certainly fits the bill. Your dog will be one of a kind. They’re a fun way to jazz up your dog’s tuxedo look, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Whether you’re making the rounds on Halloween or saying “I do,” a fun bowtie will undoubtedly elevate your dog’s look.

DIY Tuxedo Costume: How to Make It at Home Yourself

If you prefer to DIY your dog’s tuxedo costume and you’re good with a sewing machine, there are plenty of homemade options online. But for those who aren’t so skilled with a thread and needle, we have this fantastic handmade option with felt that requires just a few things. You’ll need black and white felt, 3-4 shank buttons, string, scissors, white or hot glue, and clear tape.

The steps are relatively straightforward. First, you cut a vest shape from the black felt. Next, take the white felt and cut it so the black vest shape completely covers it without showing below the tails. Then you’ll cut a ½ inch strip of felt, which will be the placket you glue the buttons to.

Next, it’s time to create the placket. Make a small hole in the placket with scissors, which is where you’ll place the buttons. Then put the button shanks in the holes, and after that, you’ll need to thread some string through the shanks. Threading string through the shanks will keep the buttons secure.

The final steps are to put it all together. Fasten the placket to the white felt with glue and attach the vest. Once everything is in place, you can fix your creation to your dog’s collar using a pair of black binder clips that blend in nicely with the black of the tuxedo, and voila! You have your own DIY tuxedo dog costume.


Tuxedo Dog Costume Ideas From Around The Internet


More Ideas for Multi-Dog Families

Got more than one dog in the mix? No problem! The great thing about tuxedo dog costumes is that they go great with lots of other dress-up ideas. Here are a few coordinating ideas you might want to try out with your second fur baby or with your friends’ dogs so everyone can join the fun:

  • A bride costume to give your dog his fairytale ending
  • A Houdini partner for the perfect magic act
  • A date in formal wear like a doggy dress for a night on the town

Final Thoughts

We hope you liked our choices for tuxedo dog costumes and accessories, as well as our DIY ideas. Whatever the event, your dog is sure to look amazingly handsome in the costume you choose for him. After all, there’s nothing like a dressed-up dog to make your day—and the day of everyone around you.

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