6 Best Basket Muzzles – Top Cage Muzzles for Easy Breathing, Drinking and Eating

Muzzles are sometimes necessary for the safety and wellbeing of your dog. Some muzzles are intended for very short periods of time, great for emergencies or those nail clippings that never seem to go well. Other muzzles are meant for wear during longer periods of time when you might need some protection during a walk or other activity.

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Basket muzzles are excellent because they allow your dog some freedom of movement for the jaw. The dog can pant, open and close its mouth, and sometimes even eat or drink while still wearing the muzzle. Your dog is a little more comfortable yet still prevented from biting or chewing.

Cage style muzzles come in all shapes and sizes, but their main attraction is the barrier. They don’t force a dog’s mouth closed. Instead, the basket piece stands between your dog’s teeth and some unsuspecting dog’s leg or your groomer’s fingers. The cage is a great way to add a protective layer without making your dog really uncomfortable or preventing panting during hot parts of the day.

What is the Best Basket Muzzle?

Basket muzzles are also great as training aids when you have a dog that’s just a bit too spirited. They’re comfortable and may not cause as much panic as a slip muzzle, and they’re highly adjustable for a great fit. They come in a range of sizes for small to large dogs, and there are even options for your flat nosed breeds that are typically hard to fit.

We’ve got a list of excellent basket muzzles for you. Plus we’ve answered some questions you may have about how to choose the right basket muzzle and what to expect once you have selected the right one. Let’s take a look at what this unique muzzle type has to offer.

Different Types of Cage Muzzles

Not all basket muzzles are precisely the same. There are a few different options, so let’s take a look at what might fit your dog the best. Remember, a well fitting muzzle can help ease the transition and make your dog more likely to wear one without a fight.

Traditional Basket

The traditional basket is made for dogs with standard muzzle sizes. It fits around the snout and hooks in the back to create the bite barrier. They come in a few different materials, including metal, plastic, and things like rubber or silicon. They’re great for a dog with a pretty typical snout length and often have custom adjustment points for a better fit.

Flat Nose

Flat nosed dogs are notoriously difficult to fit for a muzzle. Their snouts are so small that you can’t keep a typical basket muzzle on them. A flat nose muzzle considers a snub nose dog’s unique face shape and fits around the chin and head to stay on better throughout the activity.

Extra Long Basket

For dogs with super long snouts, like Greyhounds or Bull Terriers, an extra long cage is necessary to keep the muzzle in the correct place. Look for an extra long basket for friends who can easily get their snout out of typical baskets and make sure there are plenty of adjustment points for the correct fit.

When and Why Would a Dog Need a Basket Muzzle?

Muzzles may look odd or cruel, but in reality, some dogs don’t have another option. Here are a few really common reasons your dog may benefit from a muzzle and why you shouldn’t fear the option if it’s the right one.

Emergency Care

In emergencies, seconds count. You don’t want to waste time trying to get your aggressive dog to calm down while an emergency care worker is trying to administer some kind of treatment. You want to know that your dog will comply.

Basket muzzles aren’t typically in use for this scenario, but if it’s all you have and your dog is used to it, it’s better than nothing. Make sure you don’t have to wait for care because your dog is biting everyone trying to help.

Build Trust

Muzzles do help keep some anxious dogs under control when being introduced into a new situation. When your dog is worried and likely to lash out, a muzzle ensures control. That way, your dog isn’t missing out on crucial socialization or new experiences simply because you’re afraid of what might happen.

Enjoy Normal Activities

Things like walks can be nightmares if your dog is nipping and trying to bite while on a walk. A muzzle lets your dog experience things more like other dogs without having to miss out. It puts you in better control and protects your dog from the negative consequences of biting a human or really hurting another person’s smaller animal.

2024 Best Basket Muzzle

We’ve got our favorites, so let’s take a look at some really great cage muzzles you can start with. We’ve chosen based on performance and durability, and there should be a good option no matter what breed you have.

Baskerville Ultra Dog Cage Muzzle

This unique muzzle fits most standard dog snouts. It uses a durable yet comfortable plastic rubber combination that can be heated and reformed for an exact fit for your dog’s face. It has a small hole so that your dog can eat and drink and the wide basket allows your dog to open the mouth for panting. It’s a wonderful, all-purpose cage style muzzle that should fit all snouts except for truly flat-nosed breeds. Plus, it’s affordable and comes in a wide range of sizes. Two adjustment points improve the security so it won’t come off, and it makes an excellent muzzle for activities like walking or exercising.

5 More Top-Rated Basket Muzzles

The rest of our list is dedicated to more specific circumstances. Read on to find out if one of these muzzles might provide better performance for your dog.

OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle

Although many muzzles claim to be high-quality, not all of them can back up those claims as the OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle can. Made in Italy, the OmniPet muzzle uses polyethylene and leather straps that are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Even when it’s blazing hot outside, your pit bull can still stay comfortable.

If you need to, removing the front grills is painless, and slipping this muzzle onto your pit bull will take less than a few seconds.

Another factor to consider is color. While it may not affect the muzzle’s function, the OmniPet muzzle does come in tan and black varieties.

Coastal Pet Products Soft Basket Dog Muzzle

Designed with specific breeds in mind, this Soft Basket Dog Muzzle is a gentle way to help restrain your dog when she needs a little assistance. It features padded straps that are soft and neoprene-lined and a flexible silicone basket that helps prevent excited nips, chewing and barking.

It is adjustable to achieve the perfect fit and is available in multiple sizes to help fit different breeds. Adjusting the muzzle is easy so that your pet will be comfortable and still able to pant and get drinks of water as needed.

Collar Direct Leather Basket Style

For those of you who prefer a slightly softer look, the leather muzzles offer comfort, style, and durability. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but this pit bull terrier option is adorable. It uses genuine leather with hardware details that help keep things in place. They’re comfortable and won’t accidentally break and send metal flying. The leather is reinforced with quality stitching and rather than sizes, it comes in a few different options for different breed types. This one is for a bulldog.

Alfie Pet Quick Fit Adjustable Muzzle

These come in a few sizes, but the style really shines for small or toy breeds. It’s a durable, yet flexible plastic that allows your dog to pant freely provided you’ve got the right fit. The bright plastic is easy to find and clean, while several adjustment points at the head help make sure the fit is exactly right. You won’t have to worry as much about your small dog slipping out because the muzzle has so many sizes and adjustment options. It’s an excellent choice for those of you who have dogs with overall tiny bodies.

Ju and Ju Soft Silicon Basket Style

Ju and Ju’s soft silicon is suitable for tough to fit breeds because it fits well over your bull terrier’s large head. It’s designed to fit the wider brow of your bull terrier’s unique snout while allowing a more customized fit by heating up the plastic and remolding it. It may be one of the only comfortable options out there for your breed, and it stays out if the eyes for full vision and less irritation. It’s an excellent option for those hard to fit breeds and allows you to get the right fit.

5 Tips to Properly Use a Basket Muzzle

Your pet can get a lot out of wearing a cage muzzle, but you may have to start slow. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin this journey.

  1. Always consider first if your dog actually needs a muzzle at all. Muzzles aren’t a replacement for training and making sure that your dog has received all the training you can give could help better than any muzzle. Some dogs, however, need some help with the process and should always have a muzzle to discourage compulsive biting. It’s a good option for those of you who can’t find another solution, so consider everything carefully before deciding.
  2. Choose the right muzzle for the job. Cage muzzles are excellent options, but if you only need something quick and easy for a fast nail trim, the hassle of a basket muzzle may not be the right choice. However, having a muzzle for walking or for meeting new dogs and friends means some freedom to choose what you want to do. Basket muzzles are suitable for this type of activity and offer secure protection in times of uncertainty.
  3. Start small. A dog that hasn’t worn a muzzle yet may be reluctant to start. Give your dog some time to get used to the muzzle by leaving it around for your dog to sniff and explore. It could reduce some of the anxiety your dog has, and you can begin rewarding behavior you’d like to see. Going slow and starting small can help prevent some of the fear your dog may feel initially.
  4. Reward good behavior. Your dog can develop good associations with a muzzle if you’re careful. When your dog sniffs the muzzle, reward it. If it allows you to put it on its head buckled or not reward it. All positive interactions should be praised so that your dog learns that the muzzle is something positive.
  5. Avoid punishments or harsh tones for behavior you don’t like. It’s ok if your dog rejects muzzle at first. Go slowly and try not to make things a bigger deal than they are. Most dogs will begin to warm up to the concept as long as you are calm, and they understand the situation is all positive.

FAQ’s Regarding Basket Muzzles

Is it cruel to use a cage muzzle?

Some people don’t like to use muzzles for fear it makes the dog suffer, but in reality, a muzzle can protect some dogs from having bad things happen to them. A poorly time circumstance can cause bites and injuries, putting your dog at risk for serious consequences.

Basket muzzles allow your dog freedom of movement, and many allow your dog to drink water and even eat. As long as the muzzle is comfortable and you aren’t restricting your dog’s water or breathing for long periods, you should be fine. A muzzle is much better than the alternative.

Does my dog need a muzzle?

Aggressive dogs or anxious dogs can benefit from a muzzle because it allows them to participate in activities they’d normally never get to do. A good muzzle can be a great way to help your dog get out and be more active. It protects other animals so that your dog can get proper socialization to relieve some of the anxiety. It’s an excellent way for your companion to gain new experiences without all the worry and the risk.

Participate in proper training first, but if your dog doesn’t seem to get rid of the biting instinct, a muzzle could be the answer. Consult your veterinarian or a professional if you think your dog may be a candidate for a good muzzle.

Can a muzzle make dogs more aggressive?

As long as the muzzle is comfortable, it shouldn’t. Muzzles that cause pain or suffering could make a dog anxious, and anxious dogs are more prone to issues with aggression. Be sure to get the right fit and the correct type of muzzle for the situation, and you should be fine.

Should I muzzle my puppy with a basket muzzle?

Puppies don’t typically need muzzles because they’re still learning what’s going on. Changing to a muzzle too quickly could make it difficult for your puppy to train. Instead, go through training and take the time to teach your puppy what’s the right thing to do before you jump directly to a muzzle.

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