6 Best Muzzles for French Bulldogs

Despite the various bulldog breeds out there, it’s impossible to miss the unique French Bulldog. With their trademark “bat ears” and “bug eyes,” many throughout history have found the Frenchie to be irresistible.

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Originally, French bulldogs gained their signature look after the French bred pugs and terriers together. Not only was the entire city of Paris enamored with these dogs, but many painters like Edgar Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec went as far as to depict them in their artwork.

Today, French Bulldogs are still a popular choice for dog owners around the world, but particularly for those who live in big cities. Not only will they happily follow their human companions anywhere, but these charming dogs are often well-behaved and easy to train. What often surprises many new Frenchie owners is that, despite being such a small dog, this breed isn’t usually too vocal.

However, as easy-going as these dogs may be, many owners still choose to muzzle their French Bulldogs in specific situations. When frightened or injured, a Frenchie may lash out at anyone they perceive as a threat. Yet, even if it isn’t an emergency, not all French Bulldogs may have a perfect temperament either—some of these dogs may try to nip or bite strangers as well.

What is the Best French Bulldog Muzzle?

Although muzzling may your Frenchie may seem cruel, organizations like the AKC argue that these garments won’t hurt your dog, and can even be the best way to protect them in certain situations. As long as the muzzle fits correctly, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable for your dog to wear for short periods of time.

Typically, your biggest challenge isn’t deciding whether or not to use a muzzle—it’s finding one that can fit over the flat-face and short snout of your brachycephalic French Bulldog. Not to mention, the Frenchie’s flat-face may be cute, but their exaggerated features can also cause various health issues and breathing problems too. Finding a muzzle that allows your Frenchie to breathe freely and comfortably is your biggest priority.

The good news is that you don’t need to search for the best French Bulldog muzzle alone—keep reading for an in-depth look at when to use a muzzle, the different types, and our top-rated recommendations:

Different Types of Muzzles for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs might be easygoing, but there is still plenty of situation when you may need to muzzle them. Not only can a muzzle keep your Frenchie from biting, but it also may stop them from trying to eat food off the floor too.

However, when a situation where you need a muzzle does arise, it’s important to know what your options are:

Short Snout Mesh Muzzles

These muzzles are easily-recognizable because they look like masks. In addition to mesh that covers part of your Frenchie’s face, there’s also usually nylon straps that add durability to the muzzle.

Since the French Bulldog has bulging eyes, it’s important to find a mesh muzzle that includes both eye-holes and a nose opening. Without these openings, the mesh may scratch your Frenchie’s nose or chafe against their nose.

While mesh muzzles may come in a variety of different styles, only the short snout design will be able to correctly fit your Frenchie’s flat face.

Short Snout Soft Muzzles

Unlike the mesh muzzle, a short snout soft muzzle uses fabric to cover your dog’s mouth. This material may be softer than mesh and usually won’t chafe sensitive areas of your Frenchie’s face.

For French Bulldogs that can’t fit into a mesh muzzle, a soft muzzle may offer a more custom fit.

It’s crucial to ensure that a soft muzzle doesn’t restrict your dog’s eyesight or breathing. Like mesh muzzles, a short snout soft muzzle is designed to fit the flat face of a Frenchie more easily than some other choices.

Plastic Basket Muzzles

Although it might be difficult to find a basket muzzle that will conform to the Frenchie’s short snout, it is possible. Unlike mesh or soft muzzles, the basket design doesn’t cover your dog’s mouth—it only surrounds it. As a result, your Frenchie won’t be able to bite or eat off the floor, but they will be able to bark.

If your primary goal is to stop your Frenchie from barking for short amounts of time, a soft or mesh muzzle may be the better option.

When and Why Would a French Bulldog Need a Muzzle?

If you’ve never owned a dog before, you might be unsure when a muzzle is appropriate to use. Despite what some owners might think, there are actually several situations where a muzzle can come in handy:

Emergencies or Injuries

Your Frenchie may not be aggressive, but any injured dog may immediately try and bite or lash out at anyone who’s nearby. Muzzling your dog for a few minutes may make it much easier to treat their wounds.

In some cases, you can also use a muzzle to prevent your French Bulldog from trying to lick an open wound or tear out their stitches, but usually only for a short amount of time. For an extended period, your vet may give you a cone instead.

Vet Visits and Grooming Sessions

The vet office or grooming area can be a terrifying place for your Frenchie. Not only are they surrounded by strangers, but they’re usually also around much bigger dogs as well. Vet offices, in particular, can be traumatic since your dog is also likely injured.

If you suspect your French Bulldog might act aggressively at all (or you know they have in the past), you might want to use a muzzle—even if it’s only a precaution. In these situations, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Outside Walks

Not all French Bulldogs may react positively to strangers or other dogs they pass when they’re out and about. Fortunately, a muzzle can stop an aggressive Frenchie from biting or nipping at others.

Even if they don’t bite others, some French Bulldogs might try and eat off the ground. Using a muzzle can prevent this behavior (and possibly save you a trip to the vet as well).

2024 Best Muzzle for French Bulldogs

Although there might be several great muzzles out there, only one can be the best French Bulldog muzzle. Here’s our pick:

Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Short Snout Dog Muzzle

Best Overall

Very few soft muzzles are designed to fit the short, flat snout of a French Bulldog. However, the Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Short Snout Dog Muzzle is up to the challenge. Instead of using complicated straps or multiple buckles, this muzzle uses only a few straps but is still fully adjustable.

It’s worth noting that this product has been recommended by professional groomers, and comes in seven different sizes for you to pick from (so that Frenchies of all ages can wear it). When the Four Paws muzzle gets dirty, cleaning this simple muzzle is as simple as sticking it in the washing machine and then letting it air dry.

5 More Top-Rated French Bulldog Muzzles

All dogs are different, which is why we’ve included five more top-rated products for you to choose from:

JYHY Snort Snout Dog Muzzle

Not all muzzles may fit your French Bulldog correctly, but the JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle is specifically designed for flat-faced breeds. Although the comfortable mesh will securely cover your Frenchie’s snout, you won’t have to worry about the material scratching or rubbing against his nose or eyes—the muzzle opens up in those specific areas.

In addition to the soft mesh, there’s also nylon in key areas to make sure the muzzle is durable enough to withstand a little rough play or wear and tear.

CollarDirect Basket Leather Dog Muzzle

Designed for bulldogs, the CollarDirect Basket Leather Dog Muzzle uses genuine, handcrafted leather that’s soft against your Frenchie’s snout and sturdy enough to endure most adventures. Not only does it contain two adjustable straps, but the over-the-head strap will help ensure that your dog can’t make any escape attempts.

Keep in mind that, before purchasing, you should measure the circumference and length of your Frenchie’s snout to make sure you buy the correct size. The muzzle also comes in both tan and black colors.

Barkless Dog Muzzle for Short Snout Dogs

One of the major issues that French Bulldog owners tend to have with soft mesh muzzles is rubbing or chafing. In some cases, the mesh material can end up scratching your dog’s corneas or roughly chafing their sensitive nose.

Fortunately, the Barkless Dog Muzzle for Short Snout Dogs avoids this problem by soft bumpers that will prevent the mesh from rubbing on your Frenchie’s eyes. In addition, there are actually holes in the muzzle so that it won’t obstruct your dog’s vision or their ability to breathe.

When you’re finished using it, all you need to do is press the quick-release buckle, and you can slide the Barkless muzzle off in less than a second.

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Although it can be difficult to find a basket muzzle that fits the short snout of your Frenchie, the Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle may just be capable of doing so. Once you’ve measured your dog’s snout and picked the right size, you can get an even more customized fit by molding the thermal plastic rubber after it’s been heated up.

Once you’ve got the right fit, you can use the adjustable straps to make sure the muzzle won’t slip off your Frenchie. If you need it, there’s even a removable over-the-head strap for more security.

BWOGUE Anti-Bite Dog Muzzle

For a soft mesh muzzle that can prevent your dog from biting the vet, groomer, or curious strangers, the BWOGUE Anti-Bite Dog Muzzle may be exactly what you need. Unlike some other choices, this mesh muzzle won’t rub or scratch your Frenchie’s eyes and nose. Not only is there an opening where they can breathe freely, but there are blue “glasses” to prevent the muzzle from scratching the corneas too.

The unique tri-glide design includes an adjustable slider and a quick-release so that you can pull the BWOGUE muzzle on and off whenever you need to. On hot summer days, the breathable mesh can help stop your Frenchie from sweating while the durable nylon will ensure the muzzle holds up.

5 Tips to Properly use a Muzzle with a French Bulldog

  1. Let your Frenchie warm up to the muzzle first. Most dogs don’t react well to having something just shoved onto their face—French Bulldogs included. Before putting the muzzle on your dog, place it on the ground and let your Frenchie sniff it. When they do, give them a treat.
  2. Try dropping a few treats inside the muzzle and allowing your Frenchie to gobble them up. Once they do, make sure you’re the one who pulls the muzzle away (otherwise, your dog may learn that it’s okay to eat the treats from the muzzle and just walk away). You can even practice having your Frenchie keep their head inside the muzzle for short increments.
  3. Once your Frenchie is comfortable with the muzzle, you can start putting it on them. Don’t forget to continuously feed your French Bulldog treats while they’re wearing it. This can help your dog view the muzzle as a positive thing, and gain their cooperation.
  4. Let your Frenchie adjust. Before venturing outside, you may want to let your dog wear the muzzle in the house for a few minutes. Since your home is a safe space, your Frenchie will feel more comfortable.
  5. Don’t forget to make their first trip with the muzzle outside memorable. Getting your Frenchie to view the muzzle in a positive light is crucial. The first time you go outside, try taking your Frenchie to their favorite spot.

When you’re training your French Bulldog to use a muzzle, positive reinforcement and patience are your greatest assets.

FAQ’s Regarding Muzzles for French Bulldogs

Is it cruel to make my French Bulldog wear a muzzle?

Despite what some may tell you, making your French Bulldog wear a muzzle is not cruel or inhumane. In many cases, a muzzle may be able to keep other people safe and prevent your Frenchie from doing something they’ll regret.

When should my French Bulldog wear a muzzle?

If your dog has a history of aggressive behavior, it may be in your best interest to make them wear a muzzle at the vet or during a grooming session. Even if they aren’t prone to biting, using a muzzle during a walk can prevent your Bulldog from trying to eat scraps off the ground.

How long should my French Bulldog wear a muzzle for?

Muzzles can be lifesavers, but they should never be worn for long periods of time. Depending on the situation and the type of muzzle, you’ll usually want to keep your dog muzzled for less than an hour. French Bulldogs that have breathing problems should wear them for even less time than that.

What is the best french bulldog muzzle type?

The answer might vary from dog to dog, but a short snout mesh muzzle or well-fitting plastic basket muzzle are usually the best choices. Not only can these garments make it easier for your bulldog to breathe but they may also allow them to pant or drink water too.

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