New England Patriots Dog Gear: Must-Have Team Jerseys, Collars, Bandanas & Leashes For Your Dog

New England is a dynasty now thanks to the efforts of its star quarterback and team leadership. The team is a formidable competitor, and its fans go to great lengths to support their team as it rockets once again to a championship.

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Getting into the spirit of the game is a whole family affair, and that means Fido, too. Getting your dog into the spirit of the game is simple with a few key pieces, including both everyday wear and special pieces of gear meant just for that clinch game.

When your dog is in on the action, you know you’re probably a true fan. It’s the highest form of flattery, right? If everyone in your household shows spirit, even the dog, you’re a Patriots family for life.

Team gear made for dogs needs to be durable and outlast even the most rambunctious furry companion. It should last on walks, throughout the game, and probably a few explorations in the back yard. It’s hard to know what gear is meant to last and what is only a fad for this season. Make sure the Patriots know you aren’t a fairweather fan with these durable gear pieces on our list.

We’ve got everything from collars that proclaim your team’s name proudly to jerseys that dress up Fido for the championship. Let’s take a look at our comprehensive list of all the gear you must have to support your beloved Patriots.

The Best New England Patriots Dog Gear: Our Top Picks

Patriots Dog Jerseys

Jerseys are the ultimate bit of fan gear for your dog. They match the family and bring that fun spirit of support each time the game is on. Here are some awesome jerseys Fido can wear for the team.

Pets First New England Patriots Jersey

Our first jersey is a classic Patriots design. It features the navy blue with red details you see on the original Patriots team jerseys with the team name written across the back just like your dog is one of the team. It’s made of woven mesh fabric, so it’s breathable and comfortable even for dogs with a thick coat.

The jersey is officially licensed, so the logo and team name are replicas of the real thing. Woven sleeves and neck keep the jersey in place and give it a more tailored look. It’s machine washable to keep the colors bright and fresh, and it comes in a few different sizes to accommodate a variety of dog breeds. The polymesh is 100% breathable and comfortable to wear for the entire game.

NFL Premium Pet Jersey

For a fancier take on the classic Patriots jersey, this option gives your pet both the New England logo on the back as well as the team name. It has logo details on the sleeves and the classic navy blue of the Patriots’ official colors.

Woven sleeves and neck keep the jersey in place even when your dog is full of energy, and it can be washed on the gentle cycle to keep colors bright. Woven mesh fabric is breathable and comfortable for a variety of coat types while the variety of sizes gives you a better fit for your pooch. Dazzle fabric stands out among the crowd, so this jersey could be great for when the Patriots are competing for another title.

NFL Pink Apparel

Not everything is so serious. This fun pink jersey is great for pets that need something different than the traditional blue and red. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different breeds, and it can match your spouse or child who has a fun take on Patriots spirit. Woven mesh is highly breathable and comfortable for your dog, large or small, and it lays well across a variety of fur types.

It’s gently washable and designed to withstand even rambunctious dogs. Woven sleeves and neck help keep the jersey in place and give it a cleaner, more tailored look than loose jerseys. The color is bright and a unique addition to your New England Patriots gear. It features the team name and logo at the top with a sewn in “property of…” athletic tag at the bottom for easy customization.

Patriots Dog Collars

For everyday spirit, a dog collar is the way to go. Your dog has to wear a collar anyway, so why not make it Patriots themed. Show everyone your spirit and make sure they know where your dog’s loyalties are.

Pets First NFL Dog Collar

This classic collar uses the Patriots colors of navy and red to signal spirit with a comfortable design. The red border outlines the city, team name, and logo that wraps around the entire collar for a fun take on spirit wear. It features an adjustable buckle and comes in a few different sizes for a customized fit.

The plastic buckle closure is a secure, yet quick fit, and the silver D-ring attachment allows you to add a leash quickly. The hardware is sturdy and reinforced seams prevent fraying, tears, and keep the leash in place. You can wash it gently to keep the colors fresh, and it should withstand even rambunctious dogs and their plentiful energy.

Rico Industries New England Patriots Collar

This design is another classic, but it uses a sleek, minimal navy for its design. The logo and team name go around the collar, but the dark navy provides a simple background that makes the team easy to read. It’s also adjustable and comes in a variety of sizes so that your dog has a comfortable, customized fit.

The plastic buckle closure is secure and fast. Tough hardware allows you to attach a leash without worrying about safety, and the material is durable, woven nylon. It will last for years without fraying or tearing, and you can clean it to refresh the colors. Show your love and support every day with this traditional, minimal design.

Pets First Premium NFL Dog Collar

Our final collar is a dressed up version of the traditional collar. It features an exterior material that mimics the texture of a football with a comfortable woven fabric on the inside to keep things comfortable. The design uses small logos with a large team name printed around the outside and a premium buckle design with silver hardware.

It’s a limited edition collar that you don’t see every day. The fun football homage is a great way to show your support, and it wipes clean with just a wet cloth to keep it from getting dirty. Make sure you measure your dog because it doesn’t adjust as much as fabric collars, but it does come in a variety of sizes to fit different dog breeds.

Patriots Dog Bandanas

Got a dog that won’t wear a jersey? A bandana could be a good alternative for pets that can’t or won’t keep a jersey on. The bandana is simple, and there are a few different options depending on your collar preferences. Let’s take a look.

Pets First Dog Bandana

Our first bandana is attached to a fun red and navy collar. It features a white, 100% cotton bandana with the team name and logo on the back. The collar is easy to adjust and comes with multiple adjustment points. It also comes in a variety of sizes.

The bandana and collar are pretty straightforward to keep clean as long as you wash on gentle and allow to air dry. The collar is great for those who need some extra help keeping the bandana in place and don’t need or want to wear it all the time. Silver grommets are a classy touch and should allow you to adjust the bandana enough to wear comfortably even for the most skittish dogs.

NFL Pet Accessories

Our second bandana is excellent if you’ve already got a collar you like because it just slips around the collar when you want to wear it. It features New England’s classic colors with navy and red on one side and white and navy on the other. Both sides use the logo and team name, but the team name is larger on the white side while the navy has a larger team logo.

Reversible gives you more choices for how you want to represent your team. It’s suitable for occasional use or if your dog is fine with wearing a bandana all the time because you’ll have to remove the collar to get the bandana off. It’s simple to wash; just place it in the gentle cycle and air dry for best results. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit different sized collars.

Littlearth Classic Bandana

This is another bandana that slips around your dog’s collar, but this time it uses a unique striped design to highlight the large team logo. It’s comfortable and has a striking design, especially when paired with a sweet doggo!

The team name is printed in large letters across the entire band, while the team logo is big enough to see from across the room. Two football helmets complete the look. It’s easy to clean on the gentle cycle and hang dry to preserve the colors. It comes in a few different sizes so no matter what breed of dog you have, you’re covered.

Patriots Dog Leashes

A leash is a great way to show your love for your favorite team. Think about it. You’re walking around every day with your dog anyway, why not use that leash space to broadcast that you’re the Patriots’ number one fan? Here are our leash favorites.

Pets First NFL Dog Leash

Our first dog leash uses the traditional New England colors with a red background on the back and a navy background on the front that holds the team name and the logo. Red borders the outside, and the material is a durable weave material that won’t fray or tear. The clip attachment swivels to prevent the leash from getting tangled up, and it offers you a comfortable hand grip to control Fido’s energy.

The material can be washed gently, and the leash comes in a few different sizes so that your dog is comfortable regardless of breed size. It’s lightweight and offers pets enough space to explore without feeling trapped.

Littlearth NFL Pet Leash

This is another traditional design leash with an all navy styling. It uses the simple team name and logo printed on both sides so that you can proclaim your love for your Patriots while walking. The simple clip attachment is durable and swivels to keep the leash from twisting up during walks.

Nylon weave makes the leash durable, and it comes in a few different sizes for different dogs. It’s comfortable for both of you and has plenty of length to make walks easy to manage. The logo on both sides is a nice touch, and we love the minimal design choice.

Home Comforts and Moore Patriots Leash

Our final leash uses a simple, repeating team name design to broadcast your love for the Patriots each time you go for a walk. It uses the red and navy team colors stitched to a simple black background for a durable design that doesn’t show dirt as much as other leashes.

The seaming is reinforced, and the simple clip attachment won’t come undone. It swivels os your leash won’t get twisted up. It gives you up to six feet of length for a comfortable walk for both of you.

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Fuel the Rivalry

Have a friend rooting for your worst enemy? Get them some gear and send us a pic of your pooches squaring off. We’ll post it to social media when the teams match up!

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Final Thoughts

Your love for your Patriots is evident in everything you do, so why not show it in your pet’s gear as well. Our top picks are durable options that will keep their beautiful designs and let everyone know which household is the number one Patriots fan! Whether a collar for every day or that adorable jersey, make sure your pup is ready for the big game.

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