Reindeer Dog Costumes: Where To Find Them Plus DIY Tips and Dress-Up Ideas

If you’re planning to dress up as Santa for the holidays, it’s important to bring your favorite reindeer along for the ride.

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However, regardless of whether you’re headed to a Halloween party during Christmastime or a cosplay event in the middle of the summer, a reindeer costume may be the perfect choice. Not only are reindeer easily recognizable, but this costume will match perfectly with whatever outfit you choose for yourself.

Finding the right Reindeer costume may be a bigger challenge than you might think. Not only do you need to find one that actually looks like a reindeer, but you also have to make sure it’s comfortable for your pup to wear and durable enough to last through as many parties as you need it to.

Fortunately, you don’t have to work alone—we’ve already done the legwork and compiled a list of our favorite Rudolph-inspired costumes below. Keep reading for a closer look at our recommendations, how to make a costume yourself, and even more festive costume ideas.

5 Best Reindeer Dog Costumes

Interested in dressing your dog up like Rudolph? Here are our favorite costumes:

Outward Hound Holiday Antler Reindeer Costume

For dogs that may refuse to wear dresses, t-shirts or capes, the Outward Hound Holiday Antler Reindeer Costume may be the most practical solution for dressing your pet up during the holidays.

The festive headband includes plush brown antlers and adorable fuzzy ears that will catch anyone’s attention. To ensure the headband doesn’t fall off the minute your pup begins to move around, there’s an elastic chin strap that you can adjust for the perfect fit.

Although the headpiece comes in three sizes, the headband itself is flexible enough to stretch over the head of a larger dog if it needs to.

To make the outfit a little more convincing, there’s even a red-and-green plaid elastic collar that fits comfortably around your dog’s neck. The four bells on the collar serve two purposes: not only will they add decoration to your pup’s already-festive outfit, but they may also keep your dog from wandering off. If you think your pup might be lost, all you need to do is listen for the jingling bells.

Rudolph Holiday Sweater

Ugly sweater contests are a staple among the holidays, and there’s no reason your dog shouldn’t be able to join in on the fun. Not only will this Rudolph Holiday Sweater instantly transform your pup into a reindeer, but it’ll be sure to make him the center of attention too.

The extra-thick acrylic knit sweater has two purposes: although it’s a festive outfit for holiday parties and events, it’s also bulky enough to keep your dog warm throughout those cold winter months. Even if you don’t have any holiday plans, you can still dress your pup in the Rudolph sweater and take them on a walk throughout town.

The simple pull-over style helps ensure the process of getting the sweater on is painless. Instead of trying to wrangle with zippers and buttons, all you need to do is pull it over your dog’s head.

Keep in mind that the sweater comes in a variety of sizes so that all breeds—big or small—can participate in the holiday fun.

Rubie’s Costume Company Reindeer Costume

Some reindeer outfits can be overly-complicated, but the Rubie’s Costume Company Reindeer Costume keeps things simple by using an easy hoodie design. This brown fleece hoodie has two major advantages: while it’s thick enough to keep your pup warm on chilly nights, it’s still lightweight enough that they won’t have any trouble wearing it at parties or holiday events.

The fabric antlers and red-nosed Rudolph face on the back of the hoodie make this costume all the more convincing—nobody will have to guess what your dog is supposed to be.

The entire outfit is designed so that you can easily slip it on and off your pet whenever you need to. Although you can slip it over your pup’s head, there’s also fuzzy fastener closures to ensure that your dog won’t be able to pull it off by themselves.

Before ordering the reindeer costume, it’s important to measure key areas of your pup’s body and refer to Rubie’s sizing chart.

Midlee Reindeer Dog Costume

If you’re looking for an outfit that can keep your dog warm throughout the winter, the Midlee Reindeer Dog Costume may be just what you need. This hoodie-style reindeer get-up is one-piece and designed to make putting the costume on as effortless as possible.

For fidgety dogs that may complain or try to get away when you put the costume on, all you need to do place your dog’s legs through the holes, and use the velcro fasteners to close the costume. Even if you can put the outfit on in a matter of seconds, it’s unlikely that your dog will be able to pull it off easily.

One interesting advantage this costume has over some other choices is its “realistic” look. Since the soft material on the outside resembles fur, your reindeer costume may be more convincing than anyone else who has the same idea. To complete the look, there are even plush brown antlers and faux ears on top of the head as well.

Friends Forever Reindeer Dog Costume

If you truly want to go all out this holiday season, the Friends Forever Reindeer Dog Costume is just what you need. Made with acrylic material, this costume will help keep your pup warm when the weather outside is frightful, but also won’t be hot enough to make them sweat.

Configuring this outfit is easy: there’s a buckle strap that goes around the neck and a velcro band that fits against the waist snugly. The costume even doubles as a harness since there’s a ring on the back you can attach your leash to. Once you’ve got it on your pet, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to maneuver out of it anytime soon.

Keep in mind that this costume may be a better choice for toy, small, and medium breeds rather than large or giant ones. After your tiny pup has worn the costume all night long, it’s recommended that you wash it by hand to avoid ruining any of the beautiful colors or embellishments.

It’s worth noting that if you do find any issues with the product, there’s a satisfaction guarantee so that you can get a full refund.

4 Accessories to Complete the Dog Reindeer Look

Now that you’ve got your reindeer costume, it’s time to add a few accessories. Here’s what we recommend to complete the look:

Holiday Antlers

Not all costumes come with antlers that stand up or look as convincing as you’d like. In that case, it might be time to add your own! The Outward Hound Holiday Antlers make the perfect addition to any reindeer costume and are sure to stand out in photos.

The giant, plush antlers are stuffed with material to ensure they stand up tall, and there’s an adjustable chin strap to make sure they won’t fall or slip off when your pup starts to move around. Although these antlers are flexible, there are two sizes to pick from.

Reindeer Toy

At any party, it’s not uncommon to bring a few toys for your dog to play with while you’re socializing with friends. This time, you can make your pup’s party toy Rudolph-themed.

The Outward Hound reindeer toy includes inventive squeakers that are made to keep on making noise even if your dog bites through one. Although the toy is designed for extra durability and rough dogs, no stuffing will come out if your dog does manage to bite a hole in the toy. This also means no mess to clean up either.

Depending on the size of your dog, there are two sizes you can pick from.

Reindeer Sweater

You might have the perfect reindeer antlers, but are missing a matching sweater to go along with them. Fortunately, the Menpet Holiday Sweater is an ideal accessory for any reindeer costume or antlers you have.

Since the sweater is made with acrylic yarn, it’s less likely to irritate your pup’s skin, and can even help them stay warm on chilly winter nights. With Rudolph’s face on the back, nobody is going to mistake your dog’s costume for anything else either.

The reindeer sweater does come in six different sizes so it’s crucial that you measure your dog’s chest, neck, and body before ordering.

Reindeer Bandana

Bandanas are always in season, and this Reindeer bandana can add a little extra style to your dog’s reindeer costume. Or, if you don’t need it, you can always put it in someone else’s stocking during the holiday season.

The designer handmade felt is applied to cotton fabric and includes a stitched edge so that your dog can wear the bandana for even longer. There are two sizes you can choose from, and measuring your dog’s neck beforehand can help ensure you get the best size.

DIY Dog Reindeer Costumes: How To Make it At Home Yourself

If you don’t have the funds to invest in a pre-made costume (or just don’t like anything you find), you can always make your DIY Reindeer costume. To do so, all you’ll need is a yard of fabric (color choice optional), a pair of yard scissors, fiberfill, and thread.

Your first step is two cut two pieces of “F” shaped antler out of your fabric, and sew along the edges of the material. Once you’ve done that, you want to gently turn the fabric inside out and fill the antlers with fiberfill.

You can then sew the stuffed antlers onto a hat or stiff piece of cloth. If you want to, you can even use a flexible headband that you know will fit around your pup’s head. However, if you do use a hat, you’ll want to cut out an area for your pup’s ears to come through. This part of the costume will serve as your base.

After you’ve sewn the antlers down, you can sew a rope onto two sides of your base. Whatever method you’ve chosen (hat, cloth, or headband), you’ll want to make sure that there’s enough room for your pup’s ears to stick through.

With the final step down, you can then place the homemade reindeer costume on your pet and see if it fits. When you go out to parties or events and your friends ask about the costume, you’ll get the satisfaction of telling them that it’s handmade!


Reindeer Costume Ideas for Dogs From Around The Internet

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More Ideas for Multi-Dog Families

No reindeer flies alone, and there’s no reason for your pup to either! If you’ve got another dog or know a friend who does, here are three outfits that will complement your dog’s costume perfectly:

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume, you can’t go wrong with a reindeer. However, there’s no reason your pup’s Rudolph-inspired costume needs to be limited to one month a year: not only can you show your dog’s reindeer outfit off at cosplay events, but you can even use Rudolph sweaters to help keep your pup stay warm all throughout the winter.

The real challenge can be finding a costume that suits your needs. Not all reindeer outfits may be comfortable or easy to put on your pet. Luckily, we’ve got you covered on that front. If you can’t figure out where to start or which costumes are high-quality enough to show your pup off in, feel free to try one of our recommended products above or make your own by using our step-by-step guide.

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